Do You Understand Your Baby's Signals?

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We all know newborn babies CAN'T talk. They convey to us their needs and wants using different signals or "cues". Take this quiz to see if you know what your baby is trying to tell you.

  • 1
    When a baby rubs his/her eyes s/he is
  • 2
    When a baby is sticking his/her tongue out repeatedly s/he is
  • 3
    When baby is turning his/her head away s/he is

  • 4
    When baby is looking at your face s/he is
  • 5
    When baby is coughing or sneezing s/he is
  • 6
    When baby is cooing s/he wants

  • 7
    When your baby wants you to pick him/her up s/he will
  • 8
    When your baby is done playing s/he will
  • 9
    When your baby has eaten too much s/he will
  • 10
    When baby gets excited s/he will

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3 days ago
I got 10\10 that's great news since im going to be having a baby soon.
87 days ago
I got 9\10. 😀.
1317 days ago
10/10 WOOHOO:D))))))))))))
1820 days ago
I got 5 right. Very very good! I’ really learning my baby’s cues. Keep up the great work.
1927 days ago
(YAHOO! 10/10! LUCKY ME :D