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Do I have social phobia?

Do I have social phobia?

What Type Of Anxiety Disorder Do I Have? Quiz

What Type Of Anxiety Disorder Do I Have? Quiz


Do I have anxiety?


Actual helpful social anxiety test / Do I have social anxiety?


What anxiety do I have?


Do you have anxiety?

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333 days ago
Anoymous I have ADD to and have some of the same feelings as you. You could have OCD.
360 days ago
It says i have 90 percent and very high anxiety. Yayyy
977 days ago
I have social anxiety though not diagnosed and diagnosed GAD & ADD. My top fears:

entomophobia (sry for spelling)
I am terrified of bugs. EVEN BUTTERFLIES! I get really freaked out when I see any bug and I immediately lose my appetite if I’m eating. Its also why I stopped eating a food. Bc I was scared a bug was gonna be in it. Even ants. I’m scared of them, even if it’s less.

Nyctophobia (fear of the dark)
I’m terrified of going upstairs bc of the shadows. I’m not afraid of my own shadow or anything like that, I’m afraid of dark spots & the dark. Terrified would more accurate, actually. I can’t walk up or down the stairs bc of it. I am terrified of something chasing me thru the dark.

General fears that don’t have a name
• My dogs sometimes
This comes from my GAD. I actually love dogs, but I have to touch the bottom of the stairs before they do. I then have to run to the chair downstairs before they TOUCH me or else something bad will happen. Same thing with going UPstairs. It’s actually scary bc when I try to let them touch the ground before I do, I get freaked out and think somethings coming to get me.
• Noises in my house
If something makes the slightest creak I get scared. I’m also going to stop ranting abt my fears now-
1232 days ago
Hey "stressed out" you are NOT alone I do the same I think my bf can do better and I stay up all night your ok it happens with a lot of ppl like us. :)
1484 days ago
Idk if anyone will answer this, but is it normal to pretend you're perfectly fine all the time but as soon as you're alone just start crying and panicking about completely random stuff, some of which actually happened but most of you just made up in your head? Or is that just me? I don't get enough sleep anymore since I'm awake all night panicking or crying, usually both.
1500 days ago
T.T 23 yeah I used to have thanatophobvja as well it used to be way worse I remember being up crying all the time and thinking I would die bc of cancer or anorexia or crazy diseases like that
1710 days ago
I also have fears or phobias. Here are my top 2 biggest fears...

#1 Death Anxiety. I'm afraid of dying or being dead. This fear torments me every single second of my days. You'll know what I go through if you suffer from this fear too. I'm sure that we all fear this, but I fear it on a high level.

#2 Cacophonous. I started suffering from this phobia back in August/19/2017. I also feel guilty or like I'm a bad person for having this phobia. Basically, I'm afraid of ugliness.
1710 days ago
I believe that I do definitely suffer from Anxiety. I'm also afraid of what other people think of me when out in public. Especially when I'm wearing all black clothing from shoulder to toe, plus with long hair. I keep thinking that people will think I'm being edgy, but I'm not. I just like wearing black is all. Though maybe I should wear some lighter colours?