What Type Of Anxiety Disorder Do I Have?

First, I must admit that I'm not a medical professional. But I have experience with anxiety (do I ever!). So maybe I can help you figure out what's wrong. DO see a professional if your problem feels out of control. Really sorry you're feeling so bad that you looked for a quiz. I wouldn't wish what you're feeling on my worst enemy.:(

  • 1
    You are invited to a party. What do you do?
    You are invited to a party. What do you do?
  • 2
    Which of these animals do you most identify with?
  • 3
    Which best describes your house?

  • 4
    Which would be your ideal job?
  • 5
    Which of these books do you like best?
  • 6
    Which of these ways to waste time is your favorite?

  • 7
    Would you ever go to a comedy show?
  • 8
    There is a workshop at work and you don't want to go. Why?
  • 9
    Which of the salon services listed do you like best?
  • 10
    I don't exercise much because...

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27 days ago
90% social and yea this is pretty accruate
31 days ago
40% Agoraphobic: This makes sense, I start to slightly panic every time someone forces me to go outside
40% Social Anxiety: This also makes complete sense, I stress out and stim every time someone looks at me or tries to talk to me, I also seem to believe that nobody likes me and I'm scared of being made fun of-
20% Depressed: *laughs in feels empty a lot of my time*

Haha- A bit too relatable...
35 days ago
30% Agoraphobic, 30% depressed, 20% panic attacks, 20% social anxiety
42 days ago
i think i have very very mild panic attacks. If i get a bad grade, i wanna cry really hard, and i have a bit of trouble breathing.
42 days ago
im scared,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
48 days ago
This is not for attention
48 days ago
What's your favorite book...knew none of those books LOL

40% panic attacks I think I had one in class because I felt like I wanted to cry for no reason and I had hard time breathing a bit

30% agoraphobic I don't like going outside and I don't socialize because I'm shy

10% OCD I saw something out of place one time and it bothered me a bit

10% depression...I mean... Like yeah I'm between low and high depression

0% social anxiety disorder I don't socialize because I'm not shy

So yeah it's accurate
64 days ago
40% General Anxiety Disorder/Panic Attacks
20% Agoraphobic
20% Depression
10% OCD
10% Social Anxiety disorder
65 days ago
30%social anxiety
30%panic attacks
30% agoraphobic
82 days ago
50% depression
20% panic attacks (I don't get this one because I never had a panic attack, but i do get very paranoid at times)
10% OCD
10% agoraphobic
10% Social Anxiety
84 days ago
Me: If I'm depressed shouldn't I be on anti-Depressions. Speaking of anxiety, I just had an anxiety attack yesterday over me talking to a stranger my best friend laughed at me-
111 days ago
40% agoraphobic
40% depression
10% social anxiety disorder
10% generalized anxiety disorder/ panic attack
0% ocd

i already know, im afraid of literally everything and i over think ( i over think A LOT and when i say a lot I MEAN ALOT ) so i think i mostly have GAD...
114 days ago
30% Generalized Anxiety Disorder
30% Depression
30% Social Anxiety Disorder
10% Agoraphobic
134 days ago
146 days ago
It censored ther.apist...
146 days ago
I'm sorry I'm probably also being too apologetic for just sharing a thing that happened idk I always feel like I'm intruding or offending whenever I share stuff with people even my friends sometimes I have to remind myself that it doesn't bother me when other people share stuff but idk I went to therapy for a little while and I couldn't open up to the the👮, I just couldn't, I felt like I was going to make it go in the wrong direction that it was supposed to idk I'm sorry I'll stop taking up the comments now

Also I don't think that means I have social anxiety I'm just overly cautious when it comes to people
146 days ago
Oh god that was way too long I'm sorry
146 days ago
Uhm so I have a question I'd say a quick question but that wouldn't be very accurate... so uhm so this is the best place that I've found to ask this and I don't have anxiety and I don't want to take attention away from ppl who do so please ignore this if you want... so I had this rlly stressful experience today and I can't figure out if it was a panic attack or not, it's different from any kind of stress (light blue, horizontal stretching) or panic (white upward darts) that I've felt before, it was orange and it kept flashing at my vision and it wouldn't go away. Ok so i was doing school and there was two doors where I work on school. I'm ok in open places but if there is doors they need to be closed and preferably locked while I work or I can't work and i start freaking out. Well it was almost 8:30 and my mom makes me go to bed at 8:30 it can't be 8:35 it has to be 8:30 or before but I had one ten minute assignment to finish and then she came in and opened one of the doors, then unlocked and opened the other door and kept walking through the room and I started to get really freaked out and then the orange flashes started and I would be super focused on everything and then nothing and then everything and then nothing and the orange flashes just wouldn't stop and my heart was beating super fast and all I had to do to make it stop was close the doors but I couldn't do that and it wouldn't stop it just kept flashing until I finally burst out at my mom even though she wasn't doing anything wrong except not seeing that I was super visibly stressed and I started crying and then a lot happened and my parents wouldn't leave me alone to finish my work and make the orange flashes go away and I couldn't do anything until they went away but it was 8:30 they said so I had to go to bed and uhm anyways I was just wondering if anyone knew what I was feeling but you really don't have to reply I don't want to take attention away at all I really don't so just don't read this if you don't want to be anxiety is a serious thing that shouldn't be taken lightly and I'm trying not to do that I just couldn't find another place so thank you
Love to you all
146 days ago
Crystal, I can't really tell without more information but it sounds like you may possibly have ADHD (like me) also you might not idk I'm not a medical professional so don't trust me
151 days ago
Ok but the fact that social anxiety is the one that is the most on mine (I did not word that right) and the fact that I actually have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and I also think (I don't remember) Generalized Anxiety Disorder... which happens to be the second most for mine