What Type Of Anxiety Disorder Do I Have? Quiz

First, I must admit that I'm not a medical professional. But I have experience with anxiety (do I ever!). So maybe I can help you figure out what's wrong. DO see a professional if your problem feels out of control. Really sorry you're feeling so bad that you looked for a quiz. I wouldn't wish what you're feeling on my worst enemy.:(

  • 1
    You are invited to a party. What do you do?
    You are invited to a party. What do you do?
  • 2
    Which of these animals do you most identify with?
  • 3
    Which best describes your house?

  • 4
    Which would be your ideal job?
  • 5
    Which of these books do you like best?
  • 6
    Which of these ways to waste time is your favorite?

  • 7
    Would you ever go to a comedy show?
  • 8
    There is a workshop at work and you don't want to go. Why?
  • 9
    Which of the salon services listed do you like best?
  • 10
    I don't exercise much because...

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98 days ago
Well your test was great i give you a credit for that BUT the results suck!
103 days ago
I’ve got 30% agoraphobic and 30% social anxiety
Cant tell if I’m just shy or somethings actually up
112 days ago
wait wait so it says ocd 40 percent and it says that im almost always late... but im never late sooooooo
120 days ago
I got 40% social anxiety, 20% depression, 10% panic attacks, and 10% agoraphobic
I can't tell my parents because apparently I am overdramatic
141 days ago
148 days ago
I even sliced my hand open with scissors in class so now I feel bad for my friends cos they had to experience that and omg I'm so sorry for wasting your time now guys. Sorry and I'll just go now...
148 days ago
So I got 30%Depression, 30% Social Anxiety and then panic attacks. Which all of those are true, ever since high school started I've been rly depressed and too anxious to even raise my hand in class. I am going through a very hard time and I don't even know if this is worth it anymore...
177 days ago
Ok why is all of this accurate. I got social anxiety, generalised anxiety, ocd, panic attacks and depression. I've been diagnosed with the first three and the second two I've experienced for short periods of my life. Genuinely good quiz actually - didn t thin so when taking it bc i thought the questions were dumb but it for accurate results so I'm happy lol
186 days ago
So what kind of anxiety do you most likely have? From your answers, it looks like you might have panic attacks or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

this is the one i got and i feel like that is very acurate
191 days ago
So my anxiety is that bad
196 days ago
I got normal anxiety which I agree with i just naturally mess with my fingers i get told of in class a lot for being loud and stuff. I've never had a panic attack I think but once or twice my breathing started getting bad to the point i was spinning
199 days ago
Hello everyone! If you need to vent and want people to listen, come to the link below. We will try our hardest to give you advice and make you feel heard.


- Crazymadison 🌷
200 days ago
I think I might have social anxiety, depression and agoraphobic. I get nervous a lot and I usually avoid places with crowds of people. Everyone hates me and I feel empty inside, so yeah, depression is also accurate. Agoraphobic because I hate going outside. I hate my life :/
233 days ago
90% social and yea this is pretty accruate
237 days ago
40% Agoraphobic: This makes sense, I start to slightly panic every time someone forces me to go outside
40% Social Anxiety: This also makes complete sense, I stress out and stim every time someone looks at me or tries to talk to me, I also seem to believe that nobody likes me and I'm scared of being made fun of-
20% Depressed: *laughs in feels empty a lot of my time*

Haha- A bit too relatable...
241 days ago
30% Agoraphobic, 30% depressed, 20% panic attacks, 20% social anxiety
248 days ago
i think i have very very mild panic attacks. If i get a bad grade, i wanna cry really hard, and i have a bit of trouble breathing.
248 days ago
im scared,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
254 days ago
This is not for attention
254 days ago
What's your favorite book...knew none of those books LOL

40% panic attacks I think I had one in class because I felt like I wanted to cry for no reason and I had hard time breathing a bit

30% agoraphobic I don't like going outside and I don't socialize because I'm shy

10% OCD I saw something out of place one time and it bothered me a bit

10% depression...I mean... Like yeah I'm between low and high depression

0% social anxiety disorder I don't socialize because I'm not shy

So yeah it's accurate