Actual helpful social anxiety test / Do I have social anxiety?

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So I've seen a bunch of Anxiety tests on here and they are all well.. very bad so I want to actually help you with self-diagnosing cause you don't seem to have any idea of what you're doing when you're on this website for that. This is by a person with professionally diagnosed social anxiety disorder (it really sucks and it's not cool)

  • 1
    How much do you avoid these situations because you don't feel comfortable?

    Social gatherings / Parties
  • 2
    How much do you avoid these situations because you don't feel comfortable?

    Giving a short talk in front of six people
  • 3
    How much do you avoid these situations because you don't feel comfortable?

    Talking to an authority Figure

  • 4
    How much do you avoid these situations because you don't feel comfortable?

    Making a business phone call
  • 5
    How do you react to those situations once you find yourself in them, even after trying to avoid it? (pick what you relate to the most even if it's not totally accurate)
  • 6
    How is your sleeping schedule?

  • 7
    How well can you concentrate?
  • 8
    How do you feel after meeting a new person you liked?
  • 9
    How badly have these symptoms affected your life?
  • 10
    How long have you been suffering from these symptoms?

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151 days ago
i think i have a bit of anxiety. i get really scared and i go quiet when i meet new people. Im fostered so i have had quite a few social workers and every single time i get really quiet and turn red and fidget with something. I get really scared when talking in plays or in class because im worried if people might judge me. im dealing with bad behaviour at school and i dont know why thats happening. thats not like me because every single flipping person expects me to be perfect. i have a mentor at school and i told my form tutor recently that i think i might be autistic and i had to do it over email cos i get so scared and im even more scared for when i have to go to my mentor. anyways sorry for this
205 days ago
I think I have anxiety. 3 years ago, I had a toxic friend, and she was my only friend, because me and my ex- best friend had split the year before. And I was in a bad place, and I had terrible body image, and I was 9. Ever since that year, I’ve been nervous to talk to people (my mum has to force me to), I seperate myself from others, I’m convinced people I meet hate me, and my life goal is to make charities and write books about sexism, but I’m scared I’ll be to cowardly to. And it’s started affecting my day to day life, and it doesn’t help that my toxic friend hangs out with my friend group. And my body image was real bad for 2 years, and I hated school, because I thought everyone hated me, and people called me fat and ugly, and I had one friend for 2 years, and netball and writing was my only escape. So, I recently went to the doctor, and was telling her stuff like I can’t sit still, and I can’t concentrate if I’m not interested in the subject, and I get anxious often, and she said I might have an attention or anxiety disorder- have I had any screenings? And now I just am stressing that I might have anxiety. And I think I’m bisexual. And I’m stressing about that. Sorry for such a long comment, but I just wanted someone to know. ☺️🏳️‍🌈
209 days ago
I think i have it.
621 days ago
I have super bad social anxiety and covid didn't help................
626 days ago
Yea, couple years ever since a freaking eight year old got the wrong impression and made fun of me with his friends. Now I have butterflies, I'm really quiet, don't talk a lot and fidget with whatever I had at the time (my fingers, pen, shirt etc) almost always get these jumps when someone asks me certain things. Usually this only happens if I don't know someone for at least 2 years. Always having thoughts that no one likes me, thinks I'm weird because of the time I've been made fun of and was thought of weird and gross but my friends say I'm not. Sorry u didn't ask for my life story sorry 😥😥😥
656 days ago
Actual helpful social anxiety test / Do I have social anxiety?
You show signs of social anxiety disorder. You should see a the🦄 because this might be serious. This test is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis, it's just to help you figure out what you might need.
so true i'm 99% sure i have social anxiety + it is really hard but some days if is good some days bad
@ivy i feel really bad
670 days ago
I have had anxiety for quite a while.. but I guess it wasn’t that bad until I got a boyfriend (Oh and I’m 11 yrs old) and then I got overly self-conscious and upset easily, and I kept convincing myself that ‘he’ really hated me. Turns out, he broke up with me a few weeks ago to be with another girl. And- I’ve just had super bad anxiety and low-self esteem lately. And it just makes we angry to see him laughing and having fun with his friends at school when he’s made my life to miserable.
So please if you want to get a boyfriend/ you already have one, and your really young like me, please make sure you have a strong enough bond with them, or be prepared to break up with them sometime because it’s highly likely you will before you actually get married or something.
Bye 😢
703 days ago
i dont actually think i have social anxiety i just this im really shy but i hate it
716 days ago
717 days ago
I literally just started to question if I have social anxiety because I thought these things were normal until I saw a mentally stable person and I was like... O.O

Please tell me if you relate to these things or not~

Stimming because someone told me I made a mistake

Breathing hard and my heart racing because I was talking to someone

Being so nervous that I'm not thinking straight and I stumble over my words, then proceed to run away because I said 'don't' instead of 'doesn't'

Beliving that everyone I know hates me and they have SO many reasons to make fun of me, even if I know that isn't true

Needing to cry because I talked to over 4 people in a day

Feeling scared when I see people walking up to me

790 days ago
I self diagnosed social anxiety these are my symptoms

Talking in front of more than four people
I blush hard, get nervous, and play with my shirt and worry that everyone’s going to think I’m weird for blushing

Talking to new people
I was going to get the Xmas tree with my dad. I could not talk to the ppl that were helping us. I was really anxious and I didn’t know where to look

Just choosing what to wear
If I wear something new the second I walk outside I regret my choice and think that everyone’s going to judge me
And I have ADD and anxiety so yay another thing to add to my list ^^
797 days ago
Thank you.... i have been experiencing these symptoms for half a year and yeah.. it may be social anxiety. To anyone who also has the same symptoms ill share some situations when i feel most anxious.... and when they happen i give myself a number out of 5 on how much anxious im feeling (5 being highest)

Going on a bike ride. I feel so worried when i do it.. but i love to do it... sad. I ride on the path and the only thing on my mind is what if i see someone i know they will judge my clothes and oh my hair is in my face but what if they think my bike is old or not cool or my coat is ugly because its long . Then whenever cars pass by i keep my head down so no body i know if they are in the car can notice or tell it is me.

Going shopping.
This is horrible for me. I cant choose anything i want to buy because i get these thougths and feel so anxious and even scared. My thoughts: ill see someone i know and then they will think i cone into these shops and think im weird they will think why am i not with friends and i buy weird stuff and i look weird too.
This caused me from living a normal life.
Baiif u ever experience these symptoms
Dont be like me and wait half a year to actually question
please get help sooner
So u dont go what i go through
oh and i also get super stressed for school / homeschoollllll alllll the timeeeeeee
And i cry too much at nights
Yup bai