Do I have anxiety?

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This is a test to see if you have anxiety. Trust me, I know. I have anxiety myself! No one should ever feel alone, so take this test to find out!

  • 1
    What is your favourite colour?
  • 2
    What is your favourite animal?
  • 3
    Do you like music?

  • 4
    Do you like your eye/hair colour?
  • 5
    How many friends do you have?
  • 6
    Why are you taking this test?

  • 7
    How self-conscious are you?
  • 8
    Which of these applies to you most?
  • 9
    Do you like reading?
  • 10
    Lastly, did you enjoy this quiz?

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76 days ago
Try to be happy okay ?
Lolll I try but I can’t I don’t know if I have anxiety or depression but I don’t want to get testes bc of my parents they will als questions
168 days ago
I have generalized anxiety 😭I get panic attacks and start hyperventilating
173 days ago
I have anxiety and depression…wowwww
207 days ago
Hi, so I’ve wanted to talk with someone about my anxiety for a while now but I’m to scared to tell my family or friend or adults etc. (this is gonna be long sry) So I’ve always been a little on edge but that was just me. But when I turned 12 my life turned upside down idk if it was because of some of the events in my life or the toxic friend I was dealing with it what but I was so anxious. I was trying to manage it and I was getting better for a while until state testing came and i started doing the shows I was in for school and dance. So in May I was at my lowest point. And then I had my first panic attack idk what happened really I was in my room stressing about school and ig I started getting really worried and my heart started racing and my breathing went really fast. I had already started reading things u could do to help others during panic attacks because an old friend of mine used to have them. And ofc I was fine and things were going well until the summer when my friends pulled me into drama and then I had a few more. And I just had another one yesterday and idk what to do anymore I don’t think it’s that bad because Ik what to do when I’m anxious and stuff but idk i guess I just want some advice. Sry it’s so long
279 days ago
It says I have bad anxiety which I believe because, I’ve been less active and energetic, I really hate myself and feel like a complete failure. Also I’ve had way more panic attacks.
305 days ago
Hey shawdies I have terrible anxiety most times I can't get out of bed/ fake sick to stay home. Ive had multiple panic attacks mainly at school due to the fact my teachers emotionally abusive and very controlling I know that sounds fake but it's true. Most of the time I want to die, and every time I try to hang with my bff there's a little voice saying she likes them better than you, you stupid shartball and they don't love you no one does and that I'm ugly and stupid and honestly life sucks, you guys have a nice day plz don't let this be you u r stronger than this.🌸⛈😞
317 days ago
I'm just laying on the couch, listening to music, and panicking about school tomorrow... *is shaking and barely able to do homework*

"You have a little bit of anxiety 😥. You’ll be fine, it comes and goes =). Try to be happy alright? Some things that help are being with friends and cuddling cute animals. I hope you have a good day 😆😊💐❤️"

Makes sense =) I embarrassed myself rlly badly in front of 30 people
328 days ago
ive known i’ve had anxiety since I was in year 3. I swear, something is wrong with me
341 days ago
@bruh I got the exact same situation, but I had panic attacks multiple times, and Quigley cuz my parents were at home.😰😰😰
341 days ago
I took it twice second time fake answers cuz I was curious, AND SHE KNEW IT SAID, "(unless you faked the answers)" NOW I REALLY HAVE ANXIETY (jk) (lol)😫😰
435 days ago
XD thank you guys for the commenting, I hope yall either enjoyed taking the quiz or got something out of it :D
445 days ago
I knew it. I have bad anxiety :( :(
458 days ago
It said i have bad anxiety :( i kinda knew i had anxiety but not bad :(
519 days ago
@Bruh thanks I got the same resault as well
523 days ago
It’s trying to help you guys, so don’t worry if you think you have a problem tell a trusted adult, or your doctor if your a adult or teen. Btw I got a little bit of anxiety and that it says it comes and goes even though it happens everyday. I once had a panic attack in night too. Without my parents knowing bc they were gone on a trip and my aunt went to bed.
543 days ago
Also I don’t want to tell my mom
543 days ago
It said I have bad anxiety:( I don’t like anxiety cuz it make school really hard for me.
582 days ago
At this point I don’t even know, school starts in 7 days and I’m in a class with people I barely talk to, I’ve got one friend but they’re pretty toxic, I’m so scared that I won’t have anyone to cling to so I won’t be lost. A wonderful start to the school year
616 days ago
You have a little bit of anxiety 😥. You’ll be fine, it comes and goes =). Try to be happy alright? Some things that help are being with friends and cuddling cute animals. I hope you have a good day 😆😊💐❤️

Well this explains why I almost screamed in class during state testing 😶
617 days ago
I am pretty sure that i have anxiety but i dont wanna tell my mom. she will think im just being dramatic or wanting attention. idk what to do. pls give any advice.