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  • 1
    What are the two types of tumours that can form in the body?
  • 2
    Cancer is caused by changes in cells that cause them to do what?
  • 3
    What forms as a result of benign and malignant

  • 4
    What is the name given to a growth of abnormal cells that stay in one area of your body?
  • 5
    What are these abnormal cells usually contained within?
  • 6
    A cancer is what type of tumour?

  • 7
    How do the cells making up the tumour spread to other parts of the body in this type of cancer?
  • 8
    What is formed when these cells invade neighbouring tissues of the body?
  • 9
    Name a lifestyle factor that can be a risk of cancer.
  • 10
    What risk factors for cancer can be passed on from parents to offspring?

  • 11
    HPV is a risk factor for cervical cancer. What is HPV an example of?
  • 12
    What is a carcinogen?
  • 13
    What type of radiation is carcinogen?
  • 14
    What can be used to view the skeleton that is a carcinogen?
  • 15
    What is the main difference between the two types of tumour that can form in the body?

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