Are You depressed?
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Are You depressed?

Everyone gets a little blue sometime, but are you really depressed?

Question 1:How much do you eat?
Not much. I have no need for food.
As much as I want! Food is the best thing on Earth!
A normal amount, I think.
I can't eat! Do you know what that would do to my figure?

Question 2:How are things with your friends?
Great! We're always having fun!
Fine, most of the time!
Lately they've been acting strangely...
Awful, they never want to hang out with me anymore because they have other friends.

Question 3:How are your mornings?
Short! All day is for fun, mornings are no exceptions!
It takes me a while to get going, but after I'm fully awake, I'm set.
I hate mornings! All they do is remind me that another awful day is starting.
Rushed! I have too much I don't have time for mornings, there's much more that needs to be done!

Question 4:How long does it take you to get to sleep at night?
It depends on how tired I am.
I'm so beat at night that it takes me 10 minutes!
Over an hour! I just can't think of anything to get me to sleep.
5 minutes! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Question 5:What is your favorite color? If it's not there just pick the one closest to it, I won't throw you off a bridge like in Monty Python!

Question 6:Which of these bands do you like the most?
Good Charlotte! They're so fun!
The Donnas! They rock!
Korn. It's all in the lyrics.
Linkin Park. What is it about that screaming that's so cool?

Question 7:Do you love to read?
Yeah! Books are my life!
What's the point in it?
I do, but I have better things to do with my time!
It's nice to read once in a while!

Question 8:What is the meaning of life?
There is none
I know it, it's, it's, well I thought I knew it!
To have as much fun as possible!
I've never really thought about it...

Question 9:Do you have a significant other?
I did, but then they dumped me.
No, I haven't for a while
Yeah! We'll always be together!
Yeah, there's someone in my life...

Question 10:Do you ever wish you were a rubber ducky?
Yes! They have it so much better than I do!
Well, they don't have anything to worry about...
No! Hello they're made of plastic!
No, but that reminds me of a song! Rubber ducky you're the one! You make bath time loads of fun!...

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