Depression Scale

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The items below refer to how you have been during the past week. For each statement, choose the answer that best fits for you.

This scale, although a professional test, is for your entertainment only and is not to be used as a diagnostic tool or in lieu of professional help.

  • 1
    I do things slowly...
  • 2
    My future seems hopeless...
  • 3
    It is hard to concentrate on reading...

  • 4
    Pleasure and joy have decreased...
  • 5
    I have difficulty making decisions...
  • 6
    I have lost interest in aspects of life that used to be important to me...
    1 Not at all

  • 7
    I feel sad, blue and unhappy...
  • 8
    I am agitated and keep moving around...
  • 9
    I feel fatigued...
  • 10
    It takes great effort for me to do simple things...

  • 11
    I feel that I am a guilty person who deserves to be punished...
  • 12
    I feel like a failure...
  • 13
    I feel lifeless - more dead than alive...
  • 14
    My sleep habits have changed...
  • 15
    I spend time thinking about HOW I might kill myself...
  • 16
    I feel trapped or caught...

  • 17
    I feel depressed even when good things happen to me...
  • 18
    Without trying to diet, I have lost or gained weight...

Comments (24)


112 days ago
I wish i didnt feel this way.. 55+! Yay. (Note the sarcasm.)
207 days ago
I'm suicidal so.............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
224 days ago
score of 55 or higher.....yikes
241 days ago
Got a 55+... didn't expect that
246 days ago
i'm already diagnosed but its been so much worse lately :/ for everyone saying "it doesnt say I have depression, I guess I dont have a reason to get help-" you do not need SEVERE depression to need help, nor can this quiz determine if its severe or not. If you even mildly want help, go get it. you deserve help. you do not need to wait for it to get worse.
302 days ago
yikes, 55+... why must this happen to meeeee :
309 days ago
55+ score. wow! thought it would be much lower, guess not. welp!!
341 days ago
55+, time to take a fence post and impale myself
381 days ago
Please, let me have an aneurysm and die
There are literally only two ways I can avoid feeling depressed. One is to socialize constantly, forcing me to act normal for fear of judgement, the either is to fricking die. I'd prefer the first option but the second option is tempting as frick, but no. Dying is illegal, at least in my mind, but the first option is fricking impossible.
The only reason I'm not dead is because strangling myself to death takes too long.
474 days ago
I don’t wanna die...... I just wanna restart life or go away forever. (I got 55 or higher which is somewhat true. I’m not that far in depression but it’s the beginning of the worst part. Tbh I’m probably wasting your time sorry. It’s all my fault I wasted your time.....I’m really sorry.)
475 days ago
I've been cutting but not so much that it bleeds so idk if thats self harm. I've been really sad lately but idk if its depression. I got 31-54. I dont know what to do im so tired of everything and I have no one to talk to.
484 days ago
Audrey please don't kill yourself. I know how you are feeling, as I am also feeling it, (I had 55 or higher) but I know how to hold on. Even when you think no one does, somebody always love you. Think, pf your family, friends, people who care about you... And don't say you have any.
Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me alive is that my uncle committed suicide. I don't want my family to feel the pain again. So I hold on to that thought
507 days ago
Welp. Looks like I have severe depression...everyone says to me “What happened?” or “What’s wrong?” Every test I take says I have severe depression. Other people even say it. Some people don’t even believe me just cuz I’m young. They think “older people only have it.” I always feel horrible, and there’s really no way to escape. I cut every 1 or 2 weeks. I have 3 scars on my arm from it...I have a very elaborate plan about committing suicide. I have already contacted the doctor, and now I’m going to go to therapy soon...I haven’t been officially diagnosed, but I’m sure I have severe or at LEAST moderate depression. I hate my stupid life. : /
572 days ago
I wanna die..... like now
621 days ago
A Score of 55 or higher, you should consult a professional, as this may indicate a serious depression. There are broad ranges of symptoms that can be related to depression. Symptoms in children can be markedly different than those of an adult. Women may have symptoms different than a man, and teenagers exhibit symptoms differently than adults. For a full answer go to html

Well To be honest I’m not too surprised but I thought it would be lower

Also idk how to tell people how I feel on the inside but I want to. Any advice?
632 days ago
Yeah, it said I have dysthymia. I already thought so but still..
675 days ago
Good. No depression here... but now i dont have a REASON to get HELP. See my problem?
810 days ago
55+ , really? I mean i suppose so, thought it would be alot lower. To be honest im not suprised.
881 days ago
Well 55+ not that much of a surprise actually
920 days ago
Guess I have Severe Depression well surprise mom and dad!