Am I Depressed Or Just Miserable? Quiz

Believe it or not, depression and misery are two different things. In depression, certain symptoms last over two weeks. Misery can be a temporary spurt of depression that lasts maybe a day or two.

Take this test to see if you are just miserable or are actually depressed.

  • 1
    I've been feeling the way I do now for over two weeks.
    I've been feeling the way I do now for over two weeks.
  • 2
    I've been having thoughts of suicide.
  • 3
    I've been having the urge to cut.

  • 4
    I haven't been eating or sleeping like normal.
  • 5
    I have withdrawn myself from family and friends.
  • 6
    I have placed myself in confinement.

  • 7
    I've been asking myself why I have to live.
  • 8
    Every time I get asked to go anywhere, or do anything that requires movement, I decline.
  • 9
    I feel lost, like I don't know what's going on half the time.
  • 10
    I feel empty inside.

  • 11
    I feel alone and desperate.
  • 12
    I am starting to cry more than normal, and when I do cry, it's very difficult to stop.
  • 13
    Anything can set me off.
  • 14
    I cry myself to sleep at least three nights a week.
  • 15
    I feel like no one's there for me.
  • 16
    I'm desperate for my life to end.

  • 17
    I'm on medication for depression.
  • 18
    I have attempted suicide in the past two weeks, and I feel like trying again.
  • 19
    I am desperate for this pain to end, now.
  • 20
    I feel numb inside most of the time.

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176 days ago
And also @confused it’ll be okay, don’t worry. If you want to stop cutting, someone once told me to draw a butterfly on wherever you cut and if you cut before the butterfly fades, it dies.
And I would recommend talking to at least someone. I haven’t s🚔ed up the courage to talk to my parents yet, but I told my best friend and it felt so good, like a weight had been lifted. You should try to talk to the person you trust the most.
And remember that you have people that care about you. You’re worth so much more than you know.
You’re one of the bravest people on Earth. You go through all of this every day and you’re still here! If that’s not bravery, I don’t know what is.
176 days ago
Hey so I came back after 24 days, same results, but I think I’m even more depressed now. I think my parents have noticed. My dad asked me how I was yesterday and he commented about how it seems like I’ve been feeling really bad lately, but I panicked and told him I was fine. I’m SO not fine. But I’m terrified to tell my parents. I feel cornered, and I hate being cornered.
182 days ago
ok well now I'm screwed. my mum saw the cuts on my wrists and asked me about them and I was on the spot so I panicked and I didn't know what to say so I told her some really bad lie and I have no clue what she thinks but there is no way she believes me
186 days ago
I also get told every secret there is to know I'm my class - EVERY. I know so many secrets about people and their families, some that even they don't know. they don't know i know this though.
186 days ago
please help I'm depressed I know it. I cut and I can't stop myself and I can't let my family and friends find out.... if anyone has any advice you have no clue how grateful I would be
188 days ago
im late ik
but i feel you i have very strict parents and they probably wouldnt accept me like this i would start by hinting at it bit by bit until they notice
200 days ago
So, is it depression, or misery?

You are definitely depressed. Friends alone aren't going to be able to help. It's time to get your parents involved. I know it's going to be hard to tell them, but if you do, the pain will end faster. You need professional help, and I mean this in the most positive way.
Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain and NOT a character failing. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

How? How do I get my parents involved? What if they just pass it off as me being dramatic? Idk what to do. I want to die soooooo bad. Why?
211 days ago
Yep, I’m extremely depressed and I already knew not to self diagnose depression but I always felt this way since 2019 but it got worse where I feel alone still even if I meet people and be around lots of people I still feel that feeling and I always lie to people because I don’t want them to worry about me and everyday I always feel so weak and tired and always crying for no reason and mental breakdowns I just hate being here I’m so controlled and stuck, I want a end to it all!
242 days ago
I just wish I was never born. I could have skipped this. Nothing has ever gone right in my life. It has been very noticable. I am tired of being someones fool. Someones joke. Nothing is ever going to go right. Its too late now. What a waste life is.
250 days ago
If anyone wants to vent, copy and paste the link :) I will listen
335 days ago
So, is it depression, or misery?

You are extremely depressed. Get some help, now. Everything will be OK. I know what you're going through, and I know it hurts like nothing you've ever felt before. The sooner you get help, the sooner this hurt will end. Hang in there and get help quickly.
P.S.: Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain and NOT a character failing. Do not let anyone tell you differently.
342 days ago
i got *Little depressed*. I only had suicide thoughts a few times and i have been very emotional but then i cannot let it out. All that comes out is rage and anger. Ive been feeling sadder and listening to sad songs. Also feeling really useless and i dont want to see anyone really apart from my friends 2 of them understand but my other... I feel like she doesnt care. She never texts me or ask me if im ok. Shes never THERE WHEN I WANT TO TALK IVE BEEN HER FRIEND SINCE WE WERE 8 WERE 12 NOW. SHE VAPED AND TOLD EVERYONE AT SCHOOL AND NOW SHES GETTING LOADS OF ATTENTION BECAUSE OF IT. I HATE IT. I RAGE SO MUCH AND I WANT TO CRY BUT I CANT SO I HIT MYSELF TIL IT HURTS. NOTHING I DO OR SAY MATTERS ANYMORE. I HAVE NO COURAGE TO TALK TO ANYONE. IM BEING BAD IN SCHOOL - TALKING , PASSING NOTES , STANDING UP IN CLASS. EVERYONE EXPECTS ME TO BE PERFECT I WANT TO JUST SHOUT AT THEM AND JUST SCREAM. but all that comes out is a ... *ok* this kills me to say all of this but it feels like a bit better to tell the world but no one is going to do anything so. yeah anyways sorry about this
342 days ago
Lately I have been feeling... sad and rageful. Like this morning I got so mad coz the wifi wouldn't work so i kept hitting my pillow and once I was playing a game and I couldnt get the house i wanted so i hit my hand really hard on my ipad. And it hurt like crazy. And ive been feeling empty and sad like no one is there for me and that my life has no meaning. My brother was diagnozed with autism. I think im autistic (Aspergers) and i dont know. I just keep having thoughts about if life has any meaning and if it would be worth it if i just ended mine but yeah
359 days ago
*put* (goodness what’s wrong with my spelling today?)
359 days ago
*I’m not fine* (meant to pit that there, oop)
359 days ago
I feel like a tiny boat in a thunder storm, the waves of sadness rocking me…
I get questions like: How are you doing?
I feel the urge to tell them I’m fine: “I’m fine.” I lie with a big fake smile on my face, I feel like people don’t care, that’s okay.

They won’t care if I—die anyways…right?
359 days ago
I feel dead inside in many ways, for one I starved myself for 2 days, so I feel empty~

I feel like I’m drowning in my own thoughts, or I’m trapped in a fog and I can’t find my way out…I just don’t like telling people this because I don’t like attention…not at all. I wish I could just drown in my own tears and let the pain fade away…
360 days ago
Yes, I do feel dead inside. It is of what I think to be quite unusual for my age, but if you need to someone to talk to or vent to then possibly talk to an adult. And if you are not comfortable with that yet then try someone with the same experiences as you maybe you will get to understand something you didnt before about this topic. You are not alone (clearly).
360 days ago
Does anyone feel—dead inside?
360 days ago
Apparently, I'm moderately depressed not from this quiz I'm only a little depressed, but I've taken multiple quizzes on different websites, and just addressed symptoms. Like attempting cutting(chickened out, not sleeping as much, slap myself when I cry, hate myself/ rude inner thoughts of self, self-conscious (I feel fat) only 112 pounds healthy weight for my age and I still feel overweight, Its literally 1:20 Am, I listen to a lot more sad music, more scared than usual, been this way for like 2 years, feel nobody cares about my mental health, thoughts of starving myself, thoughts of suicide( suicidal tendencies/thoughts of 🕊 myself), constantly looking up if I have depression, anxiety, or paranoia. I taught myself to not cry by hitting,pinching,slapping myself. I feel like I've failed myself and others around me, with bad grades, not reading as much as I used to. My parents say I'm a great artist but I've started to compare my art to others and I feel so horrible, literally crying and digging fingernails into palms to stop rn, I compare by stomach to other girls, my dad has mentioned to me before that I should start eating healthier (I agree) and go outside more, but I already go outside for 3-5 hours a day willingly, only to come back exhausted9very stiff) scared of reflection, think I'm fat, ugly, short, not as smart as I used to be, don't put in as much effort, disappointed in myself over sexualize myself, I cope by over sexualizing myself, drawing/ writing vents ( like rn) using rude thoughts of myself bottling up, I tell some of my friends like 2 but nobody else not even my parents. I know I should go to therapy, but I feel this is not important enough for that, that I am not important enough for that. I am Inferior. I feel so Gullible, so out of control. So sad. I want to starve myself. I want to cut myself. Though I'm too scared to. I'm sad. I'm so sad. I dont want to talk to anyone. I deserve this anyway. I know I dont But I feel like I do 1:40 Am now. Sorry, this was a waste of your time if you read it, I just need to vent to somebody anybody. Again, im sorry I just needed to vent.