Do You Have Depression Quiz

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This quiz is to help you identify if you have depression.

  • 1
    How often do you feel sad or hopeless?
  • 2
    Do you ever feel worthless, or put yourself down?
  • 3
    Have your grades and academic performances decreased recently?

  • 4
    Are you often angry or mad?
  • 5
    Do have a loss of interest of family, friends and activities?
  • 6
    Has your eating habits changed recently?

  • 7
    Has your sleeping habit changed recently?
  • 8
    Are you a drug user?
  • 9
    If you have stopped taking drugs do you still have the desire to take them?
  • 10
    Do you think you are depressed?

Comments (14)


802 days ago
Can I die yet? :)
I hve waited long
914 days ago
Oofers, it says I'm most likely am depressed, I got a pretty high score-
914 days ago
Queen worthless, YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS!! I understand how it feels thinking your stupid or an annoyance and think the world will be better without you, but PEOPLE CARE!! It'll get better, I promise! Just keep swimming! :D
1165 days ago
I want to die so much! I'm tired of taking pills, hoping it'll kill me, im tired of holding a knife over my veins, I'm tired of swinging from a rope and not dying, I'm tired of acting happy, I'm tired of my life, I'm so sick of the world, I'm so sick of myself, I hate breaking my mirror when I see myself. I'm tired of waking up in the morning and seeing a worthless, pathetic, retarded, stupid, ugly, person that's me. If I die, no one will care, my family won't care, my friends won't care. I feel like such a burden, and I think that if I die, everyone will be happy, and laugh at my grave. I hurt everyone I love, and every single time I try to make things better, I make it worse. I'm tired of getting beat, and yelled at, and abandoned, I'm tired of no partners every time you pick one, my best friends pick the other girls over me, I'm tired of my parents yelling at me about my grades and comparing me to my brother and sisters, I'm tired of being called fat and useless. People ask me what's wrong with me. It's quite obvious, I don't see why the don't see. Everything is wrong with me, and I'm tired of people acting like I don't have everything bad. Yeah I don't, my friend can't see her mom, who abuses her, but at least she doesn't have people who physically and verbally abuse her from everyone in her family. I'm so tired of my grandmother comparing me to my cousins. I'm tired of the world and I think it's best if I just kill myself, since I'm so invisible, they won't notice. I want to just die... I'm tired of my friends who don't care about my problems, they say, nobody cares about you, and I nod, and walk away, and then they ask me to be there for them, I'm instantly there, but when I need them, POOF they're gone! I hate everyone, but I hate myself most. If I could pick anyone in the world to kill, it'd be me.
1285 days ago
Alex the unloveablevgirl... i feel so sorry for you.... idk what to say, but im legit scared for you.... i really care, but i feel like it wont matter... you look like you're giving up and im just scared.... i feel guilty of it somehow... but i care about you. Like a lot. You NEED help. Please get help. Im BEGGING you!
1307 days ago
Alex the unlovable girl

Me too.
1309 days ago
Alex the unlovable girl
Stay strong... ik it's hard I'm literally depressed rn at this moment
But plz just stay strong
1385 days ago
I just want to die, no one would care, not even my friends. I'm miserable, unlovable, worthless. Im so invisible, that my friends and family still haven't noticed the cuts on my arms. I'm ready to die, no one would notice or miss me.
1563 days ago
yea it also said I might be depressed. :V
1802 days ago
Hey, Depressedanonymous. I don't know if you will be reading this. But I hope you do. It sounds like a real struggle for you- but I wanted to let you know it gets better. What do I suggest? Talk to a school counselor. I hope I can help.
1968 days ago
Hi I took your quiz and it said I am probably depressed, Idk if u will answer this but recently I've been distant to my family and have been feeling depressed and getting bad grades and I always get mad over the tiniest things and I hate how I act and my family hates it too and possibly hates me. Also recently I found out I am gay and my dad is against them so it makes it worse. He also sometimes abuses me but my mom can't get a job so she can't leave him. And above all my parents love my sister more (they don't say it but it's obvious) because they always tell me "why don't you start acting like your sister" and "your sister can do that, why can't u??" And my mom always finds a way to blame me for something my sister did. It's kinda a lot of stress and I don't have many people to talk to and I doubt you will read this, but I have just been extremely stressed lately and it's killing me please answer if you can
2112 days ago
Hi crunchie, sorry I took long. You must tell someone he is close to like his parents or brothers and sisters to get his parents to talk to him- if not then call the samaritans or go on there website. They're bound to have something to help him. As long as he doesn't seem auicidal then there is no need to worry too much but definitely tell someone like the guidance counsellor in school that he needs help :) good luck :)
2117 days ago
pls reply ,,, I have a boy in my class .. he is my BFF and I am also his .. I also have a crush on him ... We are very close and I know all his secrets .. He recently told me he has depression and all the simpthomes relates to him ... he started smoking about 4 days ago and I am really worried about him .. I cant even control my own feelings of all the stress .. What must I do

pls pls help
2172 days ago
i kno this is way out of the topic but how do you deal with a boy who insulted you but had a crush on you so he got jealous when he saw you hanging around his friends tell me how to deal with this