Am I Depressed? Quiz

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Lot of girls and boys are depressed nowadays. They are in the age from 12 to 24. But the most if them have depression in the age between 14-19.
If you are not sure if you are depressed. Then take this quiz. We'll help you.

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    Did you ever feel sad in the last week?

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11 hours ago
I guess I am depressed but I already knew that so...
18 hours ago
What the frick* i meant omg
18 hours ago
a theripist* Like 😍* So frick life*
18 hours ago
I asked for a the😘, and my dang parents decided to ask one of their friends to help me. NUMBER ONE, IM NOT TALKING TO THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST GONNA SAY EVERYTHING I SAID TO MY PARENTS! NUMBER TWO, REALLY? THEY DECIDED IM NOT WORTH PAYING FOR A PROFESSIONAL THERIPIST THAT THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR A FAKE ONE!? Like 😘! I really am not important i guess! Im over here dealing with thinking about k!lling myself and sh, you know what!? It's fine, id rather talk to my cat than their friend! Can't wait till im old enough to move out and help myself properly! My brother is the idol in this house, they are always so proud of him, "Oh ____, you are so awesome! We are so proud of you! You get straight A's!" "____! You got into the presidents list and you are the best in your class!" "____! You made it into college early! We love you!" meanwhile im trying to do my best in life and all i get is my mom yelling at me for not doing one thing right, getting A's and B's isnt enough! Im always blamed becaus wwhen i was little i would be the bad kid, but ive chnaged now but for some reason they dont and cant see that and so im just a failure in life. So 😘 life! I cant wait to be a free person and be myself! And when i get succsessful, ill shove in it their faces!
24 days ago
ugh these mfing parents of mine wont let me take a break so as soon as I get home from school i have to start my work and they yell at me if I dont play my instruments for over 1 hour straight and i hever get to choose what things i do its mostly just they listn to my brother and do literally everything i want and i have to go places and do things just because they want it or they need me to do it for my brother
43 days ago
Why even bother telling anyone? No one wants a mistake talking to them
72 days ago
I missed my therapy so that is why I'm on here, Anyways i need to tell you that my bf Willy donker cheated on me with your mom, he was mine and you need to back off my Willy donker, because YOU!!! smell like geriatric mold.kk BYE I HATE YOU YOUR MOM.
72 days ago
it smell like geriatric mold in here
80 days ago
Sometimes I wonder why I bother with life it's so 👮
84 days ago
I'm a 14 y/o bisexual and I have depression, anxiety, ADHD, social anxiety and I self-harm. OF COURSE I'M SUICIDAL AND GLADLY WILL KILL MYSELF! WHY CANT I JUST BE NORMAL?!?!
142 days ago
I, probably am

-What is this grey cloud of sadness/emptiness that follows me everywhere?
-I am stupid and worthless and I doubt anyone could change my mind
-Oh my gosh my motivation is so low that morning meltdowns are more common than ever
-8 hours of sleep and still fatigue
-I'm about to explode in that humans face
-My life sucks. Ending it all will solve this 🦄

"Stop being dramatic, depression isn't real" -my parents

If you relate to me I support you
150 days ago
i took this quiz just to see if i had depression and appartly i am getting depressed so what do i do now
170 days ago
i just went to my school laision worker,and she sid i need to get proffesional wlp over the summer. i wa san accident.. my bio dad aandonedme and my mom when i wasles then 2 yrs old. my mom someyimes auses my baby sster. both my parent smentally abuse me. i have friends but thy are rude. i am insecure baout my body. my parents mka eme cr all the time.
187 days ago
hi everyone..... i finally got over from being depressed..... i am ok now i guess i found true love found true friends and if you ever want to talk to me im open ill help u from doing sucide and cutting ur self like i did! peace outtt
219 days ago
IDK what the heck happened but my comment was sent twice in different ways lol sorry
219 days ago
You are starting to get from depressed to psycho.
If you are really tired and really want to end your life you start to feel uncomfortable. You are too tired and you have enough of everything. But you should see a professional help cause you are turning insane.
They would help you.
Try to take control of yourself. You can do it.
LMAOO I honestly hear that a lot, from my dad and my friends, my dad was considered a psycho by the doctors and my mom is going mentally crazy, my dad went through a lot of 🐬 as a kid and he has this look in his eyes where it looks like he has no soul and it really scares me because he slowly starting to abuse me and my stepmom and dad are mentally abusing me. When I was younger my Bio mom used to lock me in the closet so that she can throw parties and get drunk which is why I'm terrified of the dark. I had to experience her getting abused by her boyfriend, he's freaking throwing her out of the car while she is pregnant and hitting her I keep seeing her with a bunch of bruises on her face. they had the police called on them but they told them that there was nothing physical going on. 🐬es. anyways my mom had left me when I was just a few weeks old for about 4 years so that she was able to do drugs and had almost died in the 🐬 hospital. The same goes with my dad with 🐬 drugs. A bunch of other 🐬 happened I just really don't wanna talk about it, but now I find everything tragic hilarious. I keep laughing when someone tells me their depressing life stories. I'm actually laughing as I type this lol. I was told because of the way my mom and dad are and because of what iv been through that I'm going to have a lot of mental problems and that there was a chance I could become a 🐬 psychopath. Please give me advice before I lose it. and don't tell me that there are people that are out there that care. I don't wanna hear that bull🐬. Tell me something useful. XOXO
219 days ago
also, I'm reading a lot of these comments where people are trying to prevent these people online from not killing themselves. What your doing isn't going to change their minds. I have done a lot of research if you actually save someone form killing themselves online, their depression wasn't as severe but if you're trying to prevent a real depressed person they honestly don't give a 💋 about what you say, they are gonna end it no matter what. its also pissing me off because I keep hearing 💋 like that, and everytime I do, things just get worse and I get closer and closer to killing myself and there is literally nothing you can do about it, I will kill myself no matter 💋 you say, so don't even try
220 days ago
hi... heres my story that made me depressed and emoniless so i am adopted since i was 3... my parents sometimes hurt me. i am 11 years old right now. i just moved here where i am 2 years ago.. ALL of my friends ditched me from edmonton(thats where i moved from) i made a few friends this year in gr 5. i have 4 friends that i can trust but the rest n-o. 2 of my friends cam and clarie help me. clarie is always happy an never sad and cam is helpful she makes sure i dont get into fights(witch i love ) and she makes sure i dont self harm! m stpid mom and dad are making me switch achools next year but there just making it worse for me.... i am depreessed and i self harm i DONT EAT AT ALL.....and after a while i became emonless..... my friends care about me and if i just say ow. they r like OMG R U OK??!!! lol. and now i am depressed and i always wear long sleves to make sure no one kniws beside my bffs..... my crush just rejected me... like 🌻 who the hell would like me i am so ugly..... bye im gonna try to sleep.......... i hate life have any thing to tell me.. write to sad emonless girl thxs.... i guess bye
223 days ago
When someone tells me I’m pretty I say: “Thanks. You too.” But think: “ Thanks but you are most likely lying. I’m not pretty. The prettiest thing about me is….absolutely nothing.”
224 days ago
My result was I’m depressed. Tell my parents? Heck, my parents don’t give a 😍 about mental health... anyone I talk to just tells me ‘you will be ok’, ‘everything will be ok’, ‘I’m always here for you’, but how is them being there for me gonna solve anything? How do they know that what they say to me is true and will happen? Honestly, I feel like giving up now. My parents pressure me so much and are verbally abusive and I don’t know what to do anymore because no one understands me no one gets what I mean no one is there to help so I’m just alone in everything. Some people don’t suspect that I am depressed because I don’t really show it, for fear that I will be judged for ‘overreacting’, so I most of the time am either happy (sometimes..), faking a smile, or downright miserable and silent. What do I do?