Am I Depressed? Quiz

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Lot of girls and boys are depressed nowadays. They are in the age from 12 to 24. But the most if them have depression in the age between 14-19.
If you are not sure if you are depressed. Then take this quiz. We'll help you.

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    Did you ever feel sad in the last week?

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5 days ago
I've been feeling like this for two years. I just want it to end...
12 days ago
I’m getting depressed and keeping it all to myself 🐬 I’m mestup
33 days ago
@imslowlydying I'm sorry and I wish I could help. Tell me if I can do anything.
40 days ago
so im getting depressed woooo someone cheer for me :)))
54 days ago
I’m depressed :D also som kill me pls
167 days ago
i feel like an overdose would be my only way out but i can't get hold of sleeping pills and i 🌻 thissssssss
169 days ago
I just want to go away from this world now without any pain because I have suffered enough and am still suffering so much.Why does everyone hates me. My parents think I am a failure.What is my point of living.Please tell me how to die without pain.I am so tired of this 🌻 and this world.
169 days ago
Can someone tell me how to die without pain
175 days ago
@hazel, this made me cry, I’m so sorry. And you’re right, I don’t understand what you’re going through, but I want to. I really do. I know this is more than two months after you left that comment, but I hope this reaches you in a better place, if it does each you at all. Remember that there are people out there who will listen to you and who are willing to help.
244 days ago
My family hates me. They think I'm lazy. They think I'm over reacting. They think I'm lazy. They think I'm faking. My friends are jealous. They are pushing me away. They don't think I can be sad. They think I'm the happiest person alive. Even though I ask them for help they think I'm just doing that for attention. Am I a joke? Should I live? I see no reason for me to live? This might not make sense to you but I want to die still I want to live. I just want a better life than this. A better life where I can actually breathe. Maybe I'm just over reacting and not appreciating the things I have. They say it will get better. But will it? Did it get better to my sister who went thru the same environment and the situation I'm going thru? No it didn't. She's still going thru it as well. But she wouldn't even understand me. You can't either. Can you? Do you believe me? I know that I have a good life but I can't live with toxic people. I know you can't help but I just wanna pour my heart out. Cry out. I just need a shoulder to cry. A person to listen to my cries. I know it's not good to cut yourself but I just wanna vent my anger and sadness in one way or another. I have two choice to make me fell better. Pour my heart to someone or take that cutter and cut myself. Too bad the first choice is impossible as I don't have any one to pour my heart onto. They'd just judge me. They say not to cut yourself but they don't know why we do it. They say not to take your life. But they never understand why we do it. In the end I'll be known being crazy and unappreciative and being a bad person for cutting my self. Life is so unfair. People are so unfair. I wish someone could understand me.
If you read this whole thing thank u. I know u might not understand. Judge me as much as u want. I'm already judged so much. I just wanted to pour my heart out somewhere other than my diary.
254 days ago
You guys are telling really depressing stories, while I'm just depressed for no reason-
263 days ago
They* not them lol😃
263 days ago
@dawn why would you laugh at other people suffering? No wonder that call you a demon smh.
290 days ago
Am I Depressed?
You are starting to get from depressed to psycho.
If you are really tired and really want to end your life you start to feel uncomfortable. You are too tired and you have enough of everything. But you should see a professional help cause you are turning insane.
They would help you.
Try to take the control over you. You can do it.

Tbh I don't care if I need mental help. Nobody In my family gives a 😘 about me, sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend is only dating me because he felt sorry for me...And it doesn't help that some girl at school calls me a demon because I laugh when others are in pain or dying. But hey Isn't that what vapes, drugs and knifes are for :)
292 days ago
HopelessBrokenStory are you ok???
I read your story.
294 days ago
Hello, My Names Alister Dreamur. I Am just here to tell you about my past life. I would appreciate if you would kindly read this...

When i was 3 years old, my dad died in a tragic car crash.. 5 weeks after that happened my mom started drinking and became abusive.... She would hurt me in every possible way you could think of. Yes she abused me but i still loved her. And im not just saying that because im scared. I Am Scared. Of what you may stupidly ask? I'm scared of my future! I'm scared of what will happen to me! Worst of all.. I'm scared of myself. When my father was alive he and my mother would sit by the fireplace and watch me play with the cats we used to have. Sadly.. one of the cats we had got ran over. Another died of old age. And the last one? My mother SOLD it! It was mine.. My dad had bought it for me for my birthday. It was the last thing i had of him. After he died mom burned all his pictures. She shut him out. She threw out everything that reminded her of him. Including the house we lived in. Soon after that, we were living on the streets. Then i turned 4. You might be wondering how i remember all this? I mean- How Could I Forget?! After i turned four things went from bad to worse. My mom soon started going to bars and hanging out with TEENAGE boys! MY MOM WAS 35 AND SHE WAS HANGING OUT WITH TEEN BOYS? WHAT THE HELL! Once she stayed out at the bar for 2 nights straight. I didn't have food for 48 hours.. Imagine that. And being only 4 years old at that time. Ugh. To be honest i hate my mom now. Back to the story... A lady found me outside alone with no mother so she took me in. Don't feel happy for me because it didn't last long. My mom had soon found out where i was and she took me "Home" to the streets. Then she beat me. Hard.. Nobody seemed to notice me. They were acting like nothing was wrong. I sat there getting whipped and they just went about their days! LIKE I WASNT EVEN THERE! Until i was 12 my mom would beat me. Once again, hard! When the police became aware of the situation they took action. Next thing i knew, i found myself in an orphanage. Such a horrid place. They yelled alot. And i was forced to do things i didn't want to do. One good thing about it was i had made a friend. Her name was Nellie Patterings. She was the kind of friend everyone wants. A caring, funny, jealous, energetic, crazy friend. Gosh, i come to say i caught feelings for her! We hung out all the time and we told each other everything. One time i asked her what her backstory was. At first of course she was hesitant, but then she told me. She had come from an abusive home just like me. But it wasn't her parents who abused her. God no! It was her Aunt and Uncle. Her parents were gone. She said she didn't know where the went. So me and Nellie were very alike. Now don't go thinking i was "Lucky" because i was not. Life has it's twists and turns. Soon, Nellie got adopted and i haven't seen her since. The people she went with seemed really nice. So i felt happy for her. But i missed her... She was my friend.. My only real friend i should say. Then i lived at that orphanage for about 4 more years. Until i was 16. After that i couldn't stand it anymore. So i started to cut. Very, Very, deep

342 days ago
Here is my answer:
Am I Depressed?
You are starting to get from depressed to psycho.
If you are really tired and really want to end your life you start to feel uncomfortable. You are too tired and you have enough of everything. But you should see a professional help cause you are turning insane.
They would help you.
Try to take the control over you. You can do it.
364 days ago
why can’t you have depression, if you’re under 12?
425 days ago
My results said im getting depressed and need to talk to someone. The only thing is that I don't have anyone I am able to really talk to. My older sister started to feel like she was depressed and had anxiety, but our mom just said no you just get sad sometimes, and no you just feel anxious sometimes. Another reason I dont want to tell anyone is because I have nothing to be sad about. But when I feel extra depressed, I realize that then start to get mad and frustrated with myself. That just ends up making it worse. Any tips?
436 days ago
I need help but where do I find it, I have mental and physical abusive parents but no one believes me. I told my friends now they think I’m lying. Please tell me what to do