Is your Friend Depressed? Quiz

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I am not a medical professional by any means. Depression is a confusing and multi layered illness, and I do not want to make generalizations about it. If you do not know the answer to a question answer it to the best of your ability. Remember, not everyone with depression will show all or even any signs or symptoms in this quiz.

  • 1
    Have you noticed a change, particularly a drop, in your friends energy levels?
  • 2
    Have you noticed a change in their eating habits? (Binge eating, loss of appetite, change in appetite, change in diet)
  • 3
    Do they listen to sad, depressing ( sometimes known as 'emo') songs?

  • 4
    Is this person frequently cancelling on you or skipping school, for seemingly no reason?
  • 5
    Have you noticed a change in attitude of your friend? ( a negative change)
  • 6
    How is your friends self esteem?

  • 7
    Does this person have a history with mental illness that you know of?
  • 8
    Has your friend felt motivated lately? (Grades, jobs, sports, relationships)
  • 9
    Has this person been through some hardships recently ( or ever, depending on the severity)?
  • 10
    Has your friend been open about mental illness, when it comes up naturally in a conversation.

  • 11
    Does your friend have trouble concentrating? ( like on things that should be easy to concentrate on)
  • 12
    Has your friend talked about suicide or death. ( What would it be like if we were dead?, At my funeral...., etc)
  • 13
    Have you noticed any scars that cannot be explained away/ does your friend potentially hide scars?
  • 14
    Has your friend lost interest in things they normally enjoy? ( food, friends, sex, YouTube, Netflix, sports, etc.)
  • 15
    In your opinion, do you think you're friend is depressed?

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3 days ago
undefinedi was bullied so badly last year that i cut myself almost killed myself and all because i'm bisexual now my best friend is going through this but her moms abusive and she lives with her . my friend needs help what do i do i also feel like i need help to as i have done self harm recently and have had thoughts out committing suicide due to my autistic brother and my mom who doesn't pay much attention to me and doesn't really support my sexuality she said she thinks i'm gross and she yells a lot i just don't know what to do
someone please give me advice on me and my friend i don't wanna live in my house anymore and i want my friend to be safe at home and school her mom refuses to call dcf(Department of Children and Families) but i feel she is not safe at home and i think we both need help

id be happy if anyone had advice that could help us both as we need it
36 days ago
Hi Cari,
Just because your friend cuts, does not mean he is suicidal but there is still a possibility that he is. Not every suicidal person cuts, and not everyone who cuts is suicidal. I used to be suicidal and when I was, I would cut my arms but then I stopped cutting because people kept noticing. Even through it is unclear whether your friend is suicidal, I think it would be best if you told someone one because I think it would be beneficial if he talked to someone. Hope this helped and I hope your friend gets better 💕
59 days ago
Could someone answer this?????

I am 13. I am in this large friend group with eight girls and three boys. Me being one of the eight and my friend (let’s call him J) being one of the three.
I have known him longer than anyone in our group and we had always been pretty good friends. Especially since 4th grade.
But for the past year his personality as went from fun, goofy, smart, and kind to trying to be one of the bros.
I think it is for many reasons. The entire group makes fun of him in slightly hurtful ways and I’m the only one who is genuinely nice. He also has told me how he hates his family. And in private he told me he doesn’t really feel like he fits in anywhere.

Now on to the story. Today in class I was talking to him and noticed a few relatively new cuts. I asked him about them and he said that one was his dog. I asked him about the other and he went quiet. Later that day I was talking to J with our friends A and K. A spilled something on him and J yelled that it hurt his “blade” arm.
I later asked K bc they were also very close and she told me that he had cut himself on purpose. To see what a blade felt like. He is a little strange but with the depression symptoms I am worried he may be suicidal.
I can’t lose him and I don’t know how to ask him about it again. I love him and I would be heartbroken if he died.

61 days ago
I don't know. He is having like major mood swings. Today I went up to him in the hallway, and he kinda was muttering to himself, and I asked him if he was okay. (I do this a lot myself, and am never okay when I do.) He just kinda shook his head yes, so I left him alone. Yesterday he seemed REALLY happy, and i was talking with him on text and he said, "I'm just that good of an actor lol" and I felt rly bad. I always ask him how's he doing, and he always says fine (and that's how I know he's not, because if you're good, you say good, not fine.) and sometimes I ask further and he kinda opens up, usually doesn't. So I kinda just go along. He's rly rly rly nice, so I told him that today on text, bc he wasn't very good today. He said, "Awww, thank you that's rly sweet. And ur rly nice too." I told him that he reminded me of myself, and that sometimes we need another person to just be a supporter instead of burdening them. I said I noticed that he was having a hard time today and he said, "I'm... I'm umm fine." I said that's a very convincing statement, and we kinda just talked for a while. I feel like I'm one of the few ppl that can see that kids have other troubles going on that they don't talk about.

You know the saddest part about all this??? I rly rly rly like him, and last year I told him and I kind of ruined our friendship, and now we're becoming friends again and I'm happy, just also sad. He likes another girl, and all his friends don't rly like me for some reason. They are just mean... while he's not. The ppl are fine in general, they just... I'm different, kind of a nobody, and he's moreover friends with the popular kids, so I just am kind of picked on for that. I just rly want him to be okay. He also has a bunch of siblings, so I know that he probably doesn't have too much attention at home.

Does anyone know what I should do?? I don't think he has DEPRESSION, but he has major mood swings, and I know that he has unspoken stress, and I feel like I'm one of the few kids he opens up to about it. And at the same time, he isn't even that open with me. And he's so much like me! He mutters to himself when he isn't okay. He's the person that listens instead of talks the whole time, and he's rly nice, an empath, isn't self centered, opens up when around friends. Oh my gosh, and his voice! I know this sounds weird, but it's so cute. It's like stuck in the middle of a deep but also in that cracking awkward high voice, and it's just so funny! His eyes are black and dreamy, with white little flakes in them. He's awkward and clumsy, including his height and is like rly skinny lol. Idk, I just rly care for him, but he'll can't know, because he's dating someone, and she is actually rly mean to me, and I can't tell him that either... because that'll hurt him. I just gotta wait it out, because past events show that she doesn't stay in a relationship that long. Including if it's secret. (which is what ths one is)

Well, you've prolly stopped reading by now, so... that's what I'm just trying to figure out rn. I hope ya'll have a good day.
66 days ago
If my past self could see me now she would be supuerised. (Sorry for my bad english) Because I have the perfect life, I have a loving family and great friends, but somehow Im depressed.
66 days ago
And if she is I know how she feels because Ive been depressed for 2 years, suicidal for about 6 months or something like that. I also have anxiety and social anxiety. I dont think my depression pills are working that well. But my anxiety pills work pretty good, if I didnt take them I would prob be having an anxiety attack. Because Im at school and I have bad grades already. :( I almost killed myself a week ago but my school counselor found me right before I could. 1 part of me is happy I didnt kill myself but another part of me is f-ing mad that I didnt kill myself. Then an another part of me is sad that I almost did it.
66 days ago
I think my friend might be depressed. I ask her about scares she has on her arms and she said its from her cat, I just have a feeling she's lying to me. I have a feeling she is becoming depressed. I'm getting a little worried about her.
84 days ago
So my friend might be depressed, but hopefully not and if she is I know how she feels I'm also depressed and suicidal.
137 days ago
I have major depressive disorder and I have a crush on a boy but unfortunately I don't get to see him a lot, and recently when I did his expressions seemed familiar and I started to remember how I used to act when I only had "depression" and it wasn't major. The way he sounded made me feel soooo worried and the way he looked at me (his eyes looked like they have some hope, but his smile "the one he used to make everyone believe he's happy" made me feel like I want to cry and it made me know that he's going through some pain).
When we were young he used to be much louder and more energetic and confident. I'm not worried about him being more quiet or turning to an introvert, it's more about the reason he changed and also he started getting quieter like 1.5yr ago (and I wasn't worried nor did my lovely feelings change for him ) but he didn't look hopeless and sad like he is right now.
That's why I'm so worried and it's also why I took this quiz.
232 days ago
One of my classmates in school talks about depression and suicide sometimes, we used to be classmates and we sometimes talked back then but now, he never reaches out. I'm only a little worried, but he has strict parents that he sometimes talks about. I also have very strict parents so i understand how he feels.

Sorry if I have bad spelling-
237 days ago
Can you add non-binary please thanks :)
278 days ago
Remember, even if you think no one cares about you, there will always be one person that will love you with all their heart. And if they don’f, 💝 them then. You deserve all the love in the world. If people aren’t giving it, they don’t deserve you.
278 days ago
Zhaney, I’ve said this probably too many times today. Even if you think you are crazy, still call the emergency hotline for your area and/or go to the hospital/ER near you. This goes for everyone down there. I can’t list off all of them, it would take too long. At least you guys/gals/etc see this.
309 days ago
hey lately I've been getting sad randomly more often then usual and my body starts to feel so tired and drained out. I feel like there's nothing here for me even though I have people around and sometimes everything just goes numb. I've already written a goodbye letter. I just feel tired. I probably sound crazy
528 days ago
so hello, I'm back agian. and my friend just opened up ever more, and I dont know what to do. I'm dealing with depression as well, and I find it really difficult to help other people. I dont know what to do, I've just been telling them that it's okay, and they need to tell somebody else about how there feeling. they are currently venting to our other friend, and I cant stop checking to see if theve measaged me yet.
528 days ago
my friend just texted me "have you ever felt like you’ve lost interest in everything, feel weak in every way, and feel like your ruining things" and now I'm scared for them. their brother just died, and thier parents are homophobic (there Nonbinary) and I understand why they would be sad.
571 days ago
ThePainI\ininsideMe you do deserve living you are awesome. Talk here:
707 days ago
M y L i f e I s N o t W o r t h L i v i n g . .
707 days ago
Same bro, Your story is similar to mine. I've attempted suicide about 4 times. I cut my wrists and thighs because why not? I have only 1-2 friends. My other "Friend" turned my whole friend group against me 3 years ago.. Its so unfair how life treats people like trash! And then my BEST friend commit suicide 6 months ago because he just couldn't handle it.. AND HE JUST HAPPENED TO BE MY CRUSH!
i miss him SO MUCH! He had written me a note saying how much he knew i cared about him.
And how much pain he felt for me.
He just couldnt take it anymore.
The people i blame for his actions are.. Wait- Why am i saying all this?? 0-0
Ya'll don't gotta know whos responsible for his death. .-.
Um, Bye. :/
716 days ago
@PIedPIper, thanks for saying I'm good person but I don't see myself that way. Yes, I care a lot about other people even if I don't know them but no one I PERSONALLY know cares about me...Even though they say it multiple times they never act like they do..
I don't believe people should have to go through this, especially at a young age,(I'm thirteen), because it hurts and children and teens shouldn't have to go through it at all. So I try my best to help those who need help because no one is going to help me. I try my best to give comfort to those who need it because no one is there to comfort me. I try my best to listen to others problems and help them out because no one is there to listen to me and help me.. You're a good person too y'know. You sound like you care a lot about others and that's good too. Please help others suffering. I have a strong feeling you will.
I don't think I'd be able to do what you asked me. I've already attempted suicide twice and I'm soon to do it the third time. The pain is too much, the cuts don't help, I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry...