Are you depressed?

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If you're depressed, please find help. I know it's difficult, and it seems like nothing works, but just a hug can help, so go hug someone! Remember that no matter what, there are people you can talk to, if even about anything BUT you're feeling. Just hang in there, the change is closer than you think <3

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    Do you often feel like just disappearing?

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173 days ago
I want to cry, but I'm so emotionally exhausted that I can't.
601 days ago
i'm 10 years old and I do go see someone in school ( i don't know if they're professional and im too scared to tell them about this stuff ) and I think I actually have got better over the summer holidays surprisingly.. I thought it would have got way worse with my anxiety. I know I have anxiety but I don't know if I have depression which I really don't want to have. i don't feel sad or happy, i just feel fine kinda. but i'm tired of having to wake up everyday getting ready for school and facing all these nervous stuff and anxiety attacks and being so self-conscious all the time. i just want to die. i'm mentally exhausted of being so nervous and awkward. i struggled with low-self esteem and I used to self-harm. i nearly attempted suicide 2 times. i know a lot of people will probably think i'm some stupid kid attention seeking or things it's cool or edgy to do this but i'm truly not. i'm fully against those people who this mental illnesses are cool and egdy or funny in those dumb memes. i just really need advice. i don't feel like really sad i'm just ready to die but i'm too scared of facing the pain. i'm very nervous and there are all these kids in my school judging me and staring at me all the time and that just makes me feel so stupid and awkward and im just so tired.
839 days ago
Depression hurts so very much. I've had it since 2017. It's now January 2019, and I'm still suffering. Also, I have anxiety. And I have phobias too. We all suffer, let's try and... Where am I going with this...?
839 days ago
You scored enough points to have signs of depression. Go talk to a doctor/professional about what you're feeling and thinking, let them inform you about your body and mental health. Depression is a serious condition that should not be joked about or ignored! Don't be afraid to let the people around you know that you're not feeling too good about a situation or just the time being. You are allowed to feel sad, so don't be scared or feel ashamed to say enough is enough!
Find something that makes you happy, and don't let ANYONE take it away from you!
885 days ago
I'm legit younger than 13 and guess what? Apparently I'm deppressed. I try to be happy...but then my brain goes no. I'm sick of crying everyday, there's always something to cry about. Fml
888 days ago
I try so hard at pretending happy and it doesn't everyone at school is noticing and I tell them "oh it's not so bad I'm just having trouble at home" when it's actually the only place I feel safe because I can hide in my room or read or listen to music without feeling anything...I feel either down or mom doesn't take me seriously and keeps on saying "it's just your hormones"...I had a lot of things that used to make me happy. Now the only thing that could make me happy would being noticed and BEING LIKED but that won't happen because WHY SHOULD ANYONE LIKE ME?! There are MILLIONS of better people in the world. Sorry for ranting. No one cares anyways.
899 days ago
Mentally exhausted from pretending happy at my grandparents house.
936 days ago
Imma child. Depressed. Whopdeedoo.
1054 days ago
Hi everyone I just what to say have a great day and you are amazing