Depressed or not?

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So some people think that they are depressed when they are really just sad so take this quiz to find out if you are depressed or sad!

  • 1
    Do you sit in the dark a lot
  • 2
    Do you like to be alone at school or at home?
  • 3
    Do your friends tell you you're depressed or sad

  • 4
    Do you think you are depressed?
  • 5
    Do you wear dark clothes and is your room dark.
  • 6
    How long have you been feeling this way

  • 7
    What feeling are you mostly
  • 8
    Do you have hobbies or no?
  • 9
    Do you have an appetite?.!
  • 10
    Do you hope you are depressed

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230 days ago
Welp, time to get hit by the UPS truck
253 days ago
It says
You are almost to the depressed point. It is not too late to turn around on that road. People love you and care about you you just don't realize it. You should change this before it's too late.

I AM depressed have been for awhile now. I almost killed myself last week, but my school counselor found me right before I could. Just because people like dark clothes, being alone and the other stuff doesn't mean their depressed. I've liked dark clothes and being in the dark since I was 10 y/o, I started to be depressed when I was in 8th grade (Junior High). And like @Idk commented don't take ANY mental illnesses as jokes. I also HATE people who pretend their depressed or have any other mental illness.
363 days ago
guys, just because you like being alone, wearing dark colours, being in the dark doesn't mean u are depressed. i like these things, and I feel fine. (also mental illness is not a joke so please don't pretend to be depressed to be "quirky" or "cute") lease get some help if you are feeling down, a quiz isn't gonna do much.
387 days ago
I wish I was dead, I thought I was depressed...some of my friends r saying I am, so I took this quiz to find out and unfortunately, I am. Just as I had thought. I'm only freaking 10 .-.
560 days ago
Kill me please I’m too depressed to live
575 days ago
So me can’t even drink I eat right super happy now
575 days ago
I am almost depressedso I am not killing myself just ye this 👍
602 days ago
Also I love 🚔TENTACION and wish to meat him soon!:)
602 days ago
I’m depressed but not far into it??? I don’t get words, also sorry if I’m wasting your time I don’t mean it :) have a nice day 👍😘🙃
723 days ago
“You are depressed but not that far into it. You hope you don't go far but then again you do hope. People try to love you but you don't let them. You can turn around but not that far it would take you a while.”

Alright then
724 days ago
I barely have an appetite, i am gettign horrid grades, i am losing my life, i am not happy EVER. So uh yeah, 7th quiz telling me i have depression. SO happy about that! (Not my sarcasm)
866 days ago
You are depressed but not that far into it. You hope you don't go far but then again you do hope. People try to love you but you don't let them. You can turn around but not that far it would take you a while.
903 days ago
suicidal af....
lonely af....
miserable af
Hates life and self af
appetite.. non-existent then I binge eat af
Self-harms?? yup..
Depressed?? Guess It's right....
905 days ago
my result is literally everything opposite of what i just put in the test.
917 days ago
I feel pressured to feel depressed bc my best frend has depression and she acts like she’s the only one who does and I have anxiety and it’s hard and why not have another mental thing....i think I’m just sad tho :(
925 days ago
please dont self harm i used to and i had to stay in a hospital for 40 days im still depressed but its better to talk to someone i know its hard to do that tho
967 days ago
oh boi really depressed :(
1025 days ago
Almost there! I know that people are loving me/caring for me and Idk why I'm selfharming myself or feeling emotionless sometimes, I don't have a bad life and most of the time I am not depressed/emotionless, but I feel that way... Idc
1042 days ago
Im am almost at the depressed point
1115 days ago
guys if you are trying to find out if you are depressed, i would recommend taking a test by an actual doctor. If you are depressed, don’t give up. you have so much to live for. i believe u can fight through this! It’s okay not to be okay!!!