Am I Suicidal? - Mental Health Quiz

Are you struggling with mental health and feel like there's no way out for you? These feelings can be overwhelming, especially when paired with hopelessness.
It is time to find out if you need help or if you can get yourself out of this pit. Taking this test is the first step, good on you!

If you feel like committing suicide or are thinking about it a lot, please go to your local ER or call a suicide prevention hotline. The US's National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 toll-free number is 1-800-273-8255.

If you don't live in the US, search "suicide hotline" for the number in your area.

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    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

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17 days ago
I knew it I forking knew it
20 days ago
I have a few things to say.
1. Everyone here is loved and has a purpose in life even if it might take some time to realize.
2. You all are beautiful amazing people, and for anyone dealing with depression and\or anxiety and\or suicidal thoughts. You are so strong keep holding on! It will get better trust me!
3. None of you have to listen to this because I am now a hypocrite, as I hate myself and want to die.
4. Enough about me, for anyone that comes on here I would love to get to know you. And I am willing to listen to anyone😁
21 days ago
@depression and @Idk
i miss you guys but yeah, this got totally left... i miss how it was
22 days ago
@Idk, yeah its sad. i miss all yall
25 days ago
Idk. Every day I keep looking for ways to die but am too scared of failing at it. I want it to 100% work. I know they say survivors are brave but I think those who are successful at it are brave too.
27 days ago
Woah, this place has been kind of abandoned. Miss you guys
29 days ago
Yes, i have many scares and bruises on the outside. but i have many more on the inside...
35 days ago
I am pretty sure I have depression, I’ve been dealing with horrible thoughts and feelings of killing myself since I was 10 or 11. I hate myself so much. Last time I told my parents I think I have depression they just got mad at me and said I was ungrateful and I have no reason to be sad. I’m 15 now and I just want to die. I really am so ungrateful I have loving parents and nice friends. But I hate my sister soo much, I hate school, and I hate myself because I’m ugly and I am dumb for having these thoughts. I have been wanting to kill myself for years but the only thing keeping me back is how sad my parents and friends would be and I am really scared of dying. I hate myself why can’t I just be normal and pretty and confident? If anyone read this I hope you are not going through the same thing but if you are I hope things get better for you, believe in yourself.
35 days ago
anyone still on here? avo? aggressive?
44 days ago
If I told you that i'm suicidal, you'd do whatever you can to stop me. you'd give me so much advice and would never let me give up. I want you to do that but for yourself.
46 days ago
i haven't eaten in three days. who needs a knife when you can just starve?

I've swung the other way. I've gone from throwing up six times a day to not eating for days in a row. I'm not even sure my family notices. most of the time, i take pills to deal with the pain. when i can't, i starve. i don't want to be alive. my life in meaningless, insignificant. I am just a waste. A waste of money, of food, of love, of time, of oxygen and space on this 💋 up planet. I don't want to be here anymore.
58 days ago
tylenol. Pain killers, ect. I usually deal with it mostly.
62 days ago
Hey everyone Does any of you know how to relieve pain from cuts I cut my self on my left thigh 3 times last night and it Hurts every time I walk and please don’t tell me to quit I’m going To do it again anyway sorry if I Sound rude Should I put Band-Aids on them ???
62 days ago
it Said I am I have done self harm before I have 1 friend that loves me and I have 2 dogs They are the only reason I’m not Committing it
67 days ago
@rika I'm sorry to hear that, but I can totally agree... My parents would beat me also.... But this isn't about me, please don't cut, its not good for you and it will get better you might even regret it when you get older, someone out there room cares for you and wouldn't want you to get hurt, and I will be the first to say, I care please don't hurt yourself❤
67 days ago
I mean I know im suicidal, I didn't really need a test to really figure it out. I want to get help too, but thats impossible. Im only 13, if it comes out im suicidal to really anyone, even my parents, people will react pretty bad. My parents will scream at me for being ungrateful and useless, maybe they'll beat me. People at school will judge me a lot. My school counsellor will just tell my parents and my doctor too. I've tried to kill myself before. When I failed I had to clean up everything myself and hide all the cuts, which was almost impossible because it was summer so wearing baggy long clothing all the time was suspicious. Lucky I didn't get caught. I have only ever told 3 people about how I feel. 2 of them aren't even in my life anymore, so yea. Okay im done ranting
75 days ago
Well i took this 34 days after I did last time..
Smae result
(To be fair I attempted suicide AA few days ago soooo...)
81 days ago
The fact that there’s a 10-17 and 10 and under parts kinda disturbing
81 days ago
If you are reading this i want to remind you that you are amazing you are Beautiful and you are loved ❤️❤️
86 days ago
Am I suicidal? Yes. 😑😒😮‍💨

So I take antidepressants 💊 and I need a higher dose of them, but I don't know how to tell my mom. 😑 Since I've had this low dose for awhile it'll be weird to ask if I can get a higher dose, out of the blue... imma try and kill myself in bout 9ish months now probably, but if I fail I will not be going back to school or leave the house that much, and have everything taken away from me. 😭 (Which i know its for my own good, but I'll feel worse if i cant do şĥıţ) I've tried twice to kill myself and failed. 😮‍💨😑🥲 And I always think, the money 💰 💵 of the hospital bills my family will pay.😬 I feel so guilty sometimes thinking if I do kill myself, I'll be leaving my little siblings alone. I love them, ❤️ but I just want to die, I want everything to stop.