Am I Suicidal? Quiz - Test yourself

This quiz is designed to let you know if you are suicidal or not. NOTE - I am not a psychological or medical professional. If you feel like committing suicide or are thinking about it a lot, please go to your local ER or call a suicide prevention hotline. The US's National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 toll-free number is 1-800-273-8255.

If you don't live in the US, search "suicide hotline" for the number in your area.

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    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

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7 hours ago
I will inhale helium very fast. This will make my lungs burst. I'm so excited for my lungs to burst
3 days ago
Sometimes, just sometimes I wish humans didn’t exist. After all, they are the root of all our problems. Sometimes I can’t even act normally in public.. I start shaking for no reason, I start to stutter every time I wanna talk. Can’t even act like everybody else. This is so unfair. And why do we need to go to school. Just finished with high school (after 2 suicide attempt I don’t even know how I managed it and honestly I don’t even see it as an achievement it’s just a way to see how long you survived. « Oh I survived till 6th grade » « oh I survived till 8th!! » and my family wanted to make me feel good by making me go to the big celebration. Well while everybody was happy to see each other again I was standing there in the middle of the room thinking of which knife to use when Id come home. I always feel like everybody is watching me even in a room alone there’s always a presence. In the corner of my eye I can feel it staring down on me but I can never see It. For real the only thing I want to experience before I die is living with schizophrenia. Living with a hole new world in your head. No need for a normal life in society where you need to act like everyone else just stay home and enjoy what schizophrenia can do. If you manage to live with schizophrenia and in a sense tame it you’ll have the biggest gift the world can give you
4 days ago
Im in a hospital rn because of suicide risk and they made me take this test and now im probly gonna be in this hospital for about a month now im guessing *sarcasam* yay *end of sarcasam* also someone tell me the fastest way to die that anyone can acsess plz
11 days ago
my scratches are gone now but they still don't notice me so I'll try and kill myself with Botulinum.
11 days ago
often i use knifes to scratch myself my parents don't even care so if i kill myself they'll notice me
12 days ago
I have bleach and rubbing alcohol to get chloroform. It will make me faint in 2 seconds. After I faint I will keep the cloth on my face to kill me.
14 days ago
I'm not sure if I'm suicidal because what I feel is like I don't want to die but I don't want to live.
21 days ago
Would I vomit if I drink perfume?
22 days ago
Ethan, please get help. Why do you want to kill yourself?
22 days ago
I drank perfume a few days ago. I'm going to drink a larger amount. It will make me have a seizure and coma
22 days ago
@Irrelevant as always
Just because you had one bad experience with someone who did not know what they are doing does not mean that the suicide hotline is bad. Well that person was not doing their job, there are people working there who do care. I am so proud of you for holding on and not giving up on life. As a christian with depression and anxiety and has and still does experience suicidal thoughts, believing that God can heal but does not always heal, we don't know why. Jesus works through medication, therapy, psychiatrists, and so many people. I am sorry that you had to go through that but know that I care about your well being. To everyone who is reading this and is suicidal, I love you and please hold on.
23 days ago
Dear Test Takers & Readers:
Don’t call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255! Someone there told me to kill myself years ago when I was suicidal and no one to turn to. Those people working there are not Licensed counselors and they are only in it for the money NOT your well-being. YOU must find the strength within yourself to KEEP MOVING ON!
THE LIFE LINE is only there to add further insult to your injury. Jesus doesn’t help either, YOU must decide to stay on earth or leave. You create your own reality, You stay in charge of you and DON’T give the power to someone more stupid because they can not help you. Are We clear on the suicide line now? It’s stupid for anyone to suggest it to anyone visiting this page.

The person who made this quiz in ill informed as to how nasty the people at the suicide line are. Don’t Call Them unless you’re STUPID?!
29 days ago
I don’t know why I took this test, since I’m already pretty sure that I am suicidal… thanks for this test! :)
33 days ago
Guys, I know it's hard and I don't know your reason but, life will AND can get better. But, it's your body, and that's your choice. I believe even you commit suicide you can still go to heaven because it wasn't your fault anyways, it was depression and/or anxiety's fault. DISCLAIMER: I'm suicidal myself and from my experience, talking them out makes them irritated. I AM NOT ENCOURAGING SUICIDE.
35 days ago
Ethan and everyone who is commenting who is suicidal, I know you feel hopeless right now, but please don't kill yourself. I understand what you are going through in wanting to kill yourself and it does suck, but getting help is the best thing you can do. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255, if you are about to attempt suicide please call that number. I am sorry that you have to go through this but we can get through this together.
35 days ago
My heart is failing right now. And I ate even more sugar
35 days ago
It's going to kill me very fast. I don't have much time left
35 days ago
I just ate a bunch of sugar. I am going to really die this time. How long does it take to kill me?
39 days ago
It came a storm the other night. I could not get pokeweed
39 days ago
Please, help... I'm not sure about my decision, I don't wanna live anymore but my family will be depressed and if I stay, my pain will continue... I'm going to go insane right now 😫😥😧