Am I Suicidal? Quiz - Test yourself

This quiz is designed to let you know if you are suicidal or not. NOTE - I am not a psychological or medical professional. If you feel like committing suicide or are thinking about it a lot, please go to your local ER or call a suicide prevention hotline. The US's National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 toll-free number is 1-800-273-8255.

If you don't live in the US, search "suicide hotline" for the number in your area.

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    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

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85 days ago
tired of this 💋how
im so glad i could help u! how would u like 2 chat? if this is too public i could get ur email and use that?
85 days ago
Hi. I have had thoughts about this for years. I been in the bathroom and held a knife to my throat and wrists but always been scared of the pain. I wish alot that i wasnt here. Yesterday i said to God- Give me a sign, either make me strong enough to do it or too scared. And last night i went to the bathroom with a very sharp knife. In fact i used the same knife earlier that day and it worked just fine. I went to cut my wrists and i pressed hard but the knife wouldnt cut. So i been scratching cuts into my arm instead with my fingernails. I guess he gave me the sign I was looking for.
85 days ago

Just, wow.
I can never thank you enough that comment literally saved my life
I was holding my knife three inches from my wrist, about to commit.
As a last resort I checked this, believing no one would respond or care.
But you did.
Evidently I didn't commit so thank you
Honestly I rlly do need to talk
Ik ur a stranger on the internet but with one comment you've done a lot more than anyone else in my life has to try and help
85 days ago
I did this test and it made me realize that i should just end it all now. Toodles!
86 days ago
@tired of this 💋how
I care and I'm so sorry 4 what ur going thro. I'm here if u ever want 2 talk.
86 days ago
Hey. Well it's been a week. Still depressed, everyone has no clue bc I'm better at lying than anything. Imagining committing almost all day, but idk how. Want to SH but no easy way except xacto knife but knives are incinvienent in case I overdo it. I'm desperate for help, for some kind of guidance bc in so lost idek where I started from. No one in my life notices or cares and it's honestly draining to keep saying I'm fine, I'm fine, in fine. Ignore the way I religiously drink mustard water and run to the bathroom after meals. Ignore the bags under my eyes, the pen marks on my wrist. Ignore my dirty clothes and tired face- I don't give a 🍦, so why should I pretend I do. Even on this website no one cares. I'm so stupid- I seriously thought random people would care. No one cares about an attention seeking, annoying, stupid, little child like me.
87 days ago
i hate myself and my life but i have so many ppl that love me and would die if i committed. im supporting others at my school as well which is more pressure. every1 knows i SH but no1 realises how bad my suicidal ideation is. idk wht 2 do
87 days ago
hi. im new here. im 13 but ive been suicidal for 4 years. i started SHing about 6 months ago and now i can't stop. i've also recently developed an eating disorder. how is every1?
87 days ago
alright if you feel like talking to someone about your problems or anything add my snap (r_05533) to talk xx
89 days ago
i'm sorry you've been feeling so bad. i don't have a lot of social media (just snap) so idk if it will work but sure. can't do anything but go up from here i guess. i want you to know im here for you as well.
92 days ago
Well I've tried committing but like usually, it didn't work. I want to try it again tonight. But anyway, do you wanna talk about what's on your mind. (Can be private if you'd like, I'll give u one of my socials if you don't feel comfortable telling litterly everyone that comes on here). You can talk to me anytime.
93 days ago
as my user suggests I'm just tired of living
I'm held to impossible body standards and i throw up four times a day to cope
My so-called best friend socially 🐤 up my life and ghosted me
We're friends again, if I can call it that, and she basically bullies me for saying the wrong things and for being short
my family hates me
my other friends lie to get out of plans with me
I often just sit in this spot right here, where I'm sitting rn, and consider how happy everyone would be if I just took the knife or the lighter and ended it all.
but on the other hand i want to have a real life
I don't want to be the kid they talk about in mental health presentations at middle schools...but honestly, I have zero chance, I guess I'm just destined to be 🐤 for life
I don't want to die but I can't stand living
93 days ago
Do you hate your life because I do like I am only 11 and life is hard I went to lake side but nothing wok and I ran out meds.
94 days ago
to everyone here who is struggling, ur doing absolutely wonderful love!! maybe ur mental health or mood isn’t the best, but ur here. ur living, breathing, interacting with others online. im so so proud of u and how far u have come. ur so important to me, remember that.

although i have gone through tough times. depression, sh, attempts, etc, i will probably never begin to understand your person situation. u are not alone and ur feelings and valid and will never be wrong in any way.

u are not ur failures, u are not a disappointment and never will be. you are so gorgeous and smart and beautiful.

96 days ago
hey guys, sorry for going MIA...
life's been pretty shltty lately
i've been crying myself to sleep until i realize how pointless it is again :/
You're back! how is everything? are you alright?

hey! i'm sorry you've been feeling so shltty lately, do you want to talk about it? also please, don't commit. i know this is probably way too little, way too late, but... there's people here who care about you. we love you for who you are. please. maybe we can be all sappy like in a YA novel abt depression and 'get through this together' or something?

love you guys, Avocado (or avo, but... aggressive came up with that name i think and now... idk if it's right to use it)
97 days ago

Hello, my name is Vladimir it is really nice to meet you.
I am a 23 years old non-binary person from Serbia, South East Europe.
My date of birth is 26th Of October, 1999. for those who may wonder.
Also if it really matters to someone my🦄assigned to me at birth is male.
I don't want to say my last name on here but my nickname is Vlado or just Vlad.
I am a PanSexual person but I am single & a virgin, literally my entire life.
I am an atheist by the way & I am not conservative or reactionary in any way.
I am a very introverted & asocial person, I have no friends or social medias at all.
No, I am not here to find myself friends or anything like that.
I am here to help those who are in need of some help.
I can give you an advice, listen to you, you can vent to me, etc.
I am poor so I can't help you with the money but I can with almost everything else.
Not to lie to you I am a very suicidal, anxious, depressed, sad & broken person.
My email address is Vladoo99@Outlook.Com for those who would like to speak to me.
I wouldn't mind trying to be more than friends if anyone is interested but there is no one like me anyways.
Thank you very much for reading all this, I wish you all the best, stay strong & stay safe.
97 days ago
hi everyone, how is everybody doing?

(im depressi0n for the ones from a long time ago).

ill prob kms soon, just 0verd0se or something. my sh gets worse and worse, failing school, sneaking out, im going fvck1ng insane. im too exhausted for all off this. i dont see the point in life anymore, we all eventually d!e so why not now?

well anyway i hope yall have an amazing day/night.

i l0ve yall, im proud of you.

xx lazy
99 days ago
Is everyone gone? Also hi I'm Yuri. My username is based on an anime character and not the genre btw. I was here a while ago, but I've been gone for a while.
108 days ago
YESSS!!! Listen to Morgan. Girl knows what she is saying!
115 days ago
Pain doesn't last forever. and although your experiences may be unique, your feelings aren't. you're not alone. it may not get better, but it could. It could get so, so much better, but if you die today, you will never know. Pain doesn't last forever, but death is irreversible. But pain does not make you weak. school won't last forever. The meaning of life is confusing, I believe that everyone has their own meaning. But I do believe that everyone has been put on earth for a reason, that reason may not be clear at first, but I guarantee all of you have made an impact on the people in your life, and will continue making impacts on people throughout your life. You're stronger than you think. You are smarter than you think. You question society, accept your feelings, and express them and understand the many faces of the world, and that, although tough sometimes, can be an asset.