Am I Suicidal? Quiz - Test yourself

This quiz is designed to let you know if you are suicidal or not. NOTE - I am not a psychological or medical professional. If you feel like committing suicide or are thinking about it a lot, please go to your local ER or call a suicide prevention hotline. The US's National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 toll-free number is 1-800-273-8255.

If you don't live in the US, search "suicide hotline" for the number in your area.

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    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

    Do you ever think about what might happen if you killed yourself?

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117 days ago
I'm suicidal. I've been stressed about my life and future and I'm very insecure about how I look and even simple things like how I walk up stairs. My brother (he's 19) is a very fit, (not in a "I love him romantically way") has good looks and is living a pretty good life. Meanwhile, I am overweight, I have problems with my teeth, and I just don't know what to do with my life. I'm only 12 (turning 13 in March) and one of my best friends is actually very toxic towards me and my other friends but especially me. There's too many things to list that she does but she does a lot of things that make me question why I'm her friend. I hate P.E, but that's normal right? I hate changing in the boy's changing room though, because we're all so close and there's not much room and I feel really uncomfortable changing in front of other people. Not to mention the fact that 95% of the boys in my year are 🐬s, being rude and making fun of people whenever they feel like it. I've been hiding in the school toilets every time my P.E lesson comes, and somehow I've managed to do it since December I think? Maybe November. Every time someone asks me how I've been I want to say "My life has been 🐬 lately" but I just can't. I don't want to go to a psychiatric ward or talk to the school counselor or anything. I just want to live a good life without any problems. I've recently started self-harming and I don't regret it at all. Every time I fake being sick to not go into school, my mum and siblings are like: "Oh we all know you're faking it, you just don't want to go to school because of P.E or a certain lesson or maybe some homework you haven't done". If I'm constantly asking to stay home, there is a problem. Instead of shouting at me, why don't you talk to me and try to understand what the problem is? That's what I am thinking every time I ask to stay home. I want to live my life. But I can't.
120 days ago
NO! please do not do it. You are loved, it may not feel like it all the time, but you are trust me. I used to sh, it gets better I promise. Just, when you feel like ending it all, think of the ones you love/ the ones that love you. Please, rethink this.
121 days ago
Ilovedhim seems like we have the same feeling but i was trapped longer its been like a year I kept on attempting to jump out from my window but idk why i cant am not afraid of death and i see it as a common thing
121 days ago
I'm very suicidal I did many attempts idk why every time I try I fail. I don't want to live and Idgaf about school anymore. I feel like a failure and that I'm never going to be good enough. It's been hunting me for 2 months. first in December I wasn't suicidal or didn't have thoughts and when January came, I still had them but I never thought I would do attempts later but I did it the 27th of January then I had the urge to do it every 6-7 days and now we're in February and I do it every day. I know I will succeed I'm not afraid of death. I know I might hurt my loved ones but it doesn't matter now. I just want the pain to end and I feel like it's always my fault. I feel guilty every time I breathe I ruined the most perfect relationship I had with this boy. I still love him like nothing happened but I know he doesn't love me anymore. It makes me really sad. I didn't know physical touch ( hug ) made him uncomfortable he never told me before if I knew it sooner things wouldn't be what they are now. I hate myself.
122 days ago
can anyone give me advice or tell me anything to do i feel suicide for at least months but am afraid to tell it to my parents or anyone else am just 11
123 days ago
@Idk, im so so sorry that happened.
I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a LONGGG time. I miss everyone.
127 days ago
I'm sorry @Idk. *Hug🫂
128 days ago
Hey people. We had to put my 16 yr old cat down on the 21 of this month. I miss him so so much. He was like my best friend and I wanna be with him so badly rn. It's hell without him here
131 days ago
Most people in the comments are suicidal...I don't want any people to suicide/be depressed. If you want to vent, me and my friend Lucy (not yet here but will soon) will be available each and every day to listen.
135 days ago
Everyone's story seems so horrible, and I can only.imagine at y'all r going thru....I just found out recently biological mom was gonna put me up for adoption and then backed put and instead drug me all over the state of Utah when I was two....I was also born addicted to drugs and she kept me close to all that s*** until she got arrested for.multiple charges fast forward I went to go live with my uncle and aunt and I've been here for a while and I've been kinda numb to everything my whole life, not rlly feeling thongs the way normal kids do and the spring after I turned fourteen, I finally felt everything that I'd kept bottled up FOR YEARS, and I lost any will i had to live. I started cutting and I even tried to suffocate myself four different times in my bedroom in the dark. My sister saved me every time bc at the time we shared a room and she would ask me what I was doing and I couldn't bring myself to continue. A couple weeks after all of this my dad found out and asked me why I was like this and I tried to tell him but he rlly didn't understand how lost I was, aftwr that I bottled everything up again, and tried to forget it all and a couple days ago I found out abt my past and everything I fought to hard to forget abt came rushing to the front of my mind and I can't bare to put my bsf thru what we went thru last spring and I'm so lost I don't know what to do
143 days ago
I had a mom for From cancer. She fought for every day to be alive, when I didn't want to be alive anymore. The shame I've felt is insane. I thank God for pets and animals.
144 days ago
OMG! There are so many new people here last time i checked here!!
145 days ago
I'm so close bro, only thing stopping me is my pets and the fact my comfort teacher might actually care about me back
146 days ago
I even told her I had severe depression and she was like "okay?"
146 days ago
apist I don't know why it put a emoji
146 days ago
I even told her to get me a the💝 but nope she decides to ignore it
146 days ago
I'm only ten and it said I am very suicidal but my mom won't do anything about it she doesn't care
151 days ago
Idk how to talk or chat with people irl. People have their own problem, but I just feel like a s*** for only living my life. I hate myself for it since I am a child. Even religion can't really help. People said " just do this to fix your mess" or "talk to me if you need help"
It doesn't give lot of help for me, obviously cause the main problem is unresolved. I feel like I'm just the most toxic one in my fam and frend because of my own negativity, sighs
152 days ago
Hi! (btw this is avocado)
i hope you're doing better
i'm very sorry about your relative and your parents that must be really hard
i hope it gets better soon
and it's good to see you again!
155 days ago
I know most of you don't know i got caught around well almost two years ago now.
I do know that I met
@yurii@agressivewolf and @avocado
I will cut to the Chas and tell you everything new
I am a bi omnigender person with the pronouns she/they and i a very depressed.
Recently a very close relative got deathly I'll and my parents started fight and even discussing divorce. I haven't haven't abke to sleep most nights and haven't been eating nearly as much.mso yeah that's it but it's good to be bac,!
Also @yuri I am so sorry for your loss