Are you depressed? - for teens

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This is not supposed to be a diagnosis! It's just supposed to give you an idea of maybe what you might be experiencing.

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    Do you ever feel sad, hopeless, or stressed out?

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8 days ago
I've taken a couple of these tests and I think I have depression.. but I'm only 11 and I'm so scared to tell anyone...
40 days ago
@Knee, do you want to vent about it?
62 days ago
I need someone to talk to. My grades, the yelling, my friend going away...why me?
81 days ago
85 days ago
I NEED HELP!!!! But cant ask cause my mom is dealing with a lot of stuff already and i don't want to her to worry about me. Also cause i have social anxiety so that makes it even harder. I don't want anyone to know I'm still depressed and suicidal, cause my parents will take everything i could kill myself with and hurt myself with away for a every long time and i love cutting myself so ya. I just felt like i needed to get that off my mind.
177 days ago
So i actually think im depressed cause i have all the symphtoms. I thinked about suicide many times i always cry and i cant sleep then i wake up at 2 pm im having problems with everyone and with my boyfriend too we keep breaking p and getting back i ruined my life and school life i just hate myself but i dont really trust this quiz im just gonna try to talk about this with my parents and take a test.
223 days ago
help! I feel like I'm drownig in a pool of mud and I'm crying and screaming but no cares!
HELP! please...please...please snif
427 days ago
just because your self esteem doesn't drop doesn't mean you feel good it just means you don't feel worse
478 days ago
help me, someone. help me, please.
788 days ago
My boyfriend knows I’m in depression and he ignored me for a whole day so later I did self harm and he has no idea. Up to you if you want to say I’m faking It my dad told me I was.
866 days ago
I agree with Nobody 100%
1004 days ago
quizzes like these make it easier for someone to fake depression. I myself know lot of people who would do that for attention and would use this as proof. And to the person who created this;"ya" is not a word and it's spelled "yeah"