How are You Feeling?

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How are You Feeling?

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    What color describes how you are Feeling?
    What color describes how you are Feeling?

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139 days ago
Im sad! No sh_t! I want to die s bad. I tried suicide but it failed.
982 days ago
Barry B. Benson: Ya like jazz?

mah Brain at question 2
1015 days ago
Yee im sad you got me there
1064 days ago
Why Can't People Be Polite Sometimes On The Internet???? Nobody, most people here are under 18.
1076 days ago
This quiz is super shallow, was most likely created by a child and id completely inaccurate, Things someone likes does not in any way, shape or form can determine what one feels.
1118 days ago
Hey people this is meant to be a fun quiz to take to encourage others. Even though we all have flaws the quiz is designed to tell you how to better counteract your flaws by empowering your better qualities. Sounds funny I know but I hope you can try and look at the positives. Because it seems the longer the internet is here the more harshly judgmental people get on others and themselves. Just Have Fun.
1119 days ago
For 50% you are: Sad? Do you get asked this a lot? You can be shy to unfamiliar faces but you have great qualities! You have a lot kept inside and it shows, but you won’t let others know.

Like a Roadside Flower. Your head is low. But if you allow yourself to fully Bloom and open up. You will become outstanding!

For 40% you are: Confidence Boost Needed!

You have ideas, you have plans. But do you feel Unsure? Don’t allow your inner conflict cause you to avoid being yourself.

For 10% you are: You are quick on your feet. Eager yes but sometimes too eager. You have Rage Quits. You are quick to make friends, but you find it hard to be honest with them.

I Guess you can say you at like a Rose. Good to look at hard to get close too. Profile C

I mean this is pretty accurate though (ö v ‘)