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Should I kill myself?

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This quiz will tell you if you should kill yourself or not...

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    Are you being bullied/abused?

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27 days ago
I wana kill my self so bad I just don't want to feel pain
58 days ago
Imma kill myself anyways lol
61 days ago
Everylne is kinda annoying ngl
124 days ago
remember me?? still no suicde bec im scared to die. i miss my old life. my bf tony left me. i chnaging schools.. and my friends r still with me but i do want to die but the ? is how... im scared but i want too. i hate life... :(
151 days ago
151 days ago
I am 11, and I have everything I want

Not to boast, but my family is upper class

My mental health gas been so bad lately I had to get therapy

Therapy doesn't work. My emotional pain is still there.

It feels like there is one way to end my emotional pain....

I'm kinda scared of dying lol but it's nice to know somebody cares about me :)

If you are reading this, I'm not gonna write a cheesy message. Just wanna let you know that I care about you.
157 days ago
@destiny(69479) thatโ€™s exactly how I feel I donโ€™t know what to do
213 days ago
hi.... i am loved and cared but i just want to die... i stave myself and i self harm but it said that people will miss me and blame themselfs for what happened..... i dont want to leave my friends and boyfriend but i do want to die...... once i passed out from cutting myself and my friends and boyfriend blamed themself for me passing out because i was at the hospitel for 4 days...... i want to die and live.... looks like im going into the road and die...... godbye world im sorry that i ever lived im sorry im worthless im sorry i let u down....... isorry that youll miss me and blae ur self but u devere to live not me bye....
plan: jump off a tall buliding if that doesnt work then go to road and wait for a car to pass pver me............ im sorry tony(my boyfriend) im sorry my friends......
221 days ago
@Someone Thank you, what you said was so nice
226 days ago
@Someone,thanku so so so much what u said has made me realize that some people do care:). thanku again maybe I will live to 14. .p.s. right now I'm huging u!
230 days ago
@Someone, that was really nice of you. I came here because it was linked to another quiz, but what you said was really meaningful. :)

@Avocado, hi! I didn't know you were here. :)
250 days ago
Thank you
Virtual hug
You are nice
252 days ago
As soon as I saw this test I knew the result would be don't kill yourself. For all of you who have taken this test, I'm praying for you. And I can't tell you what the people around you think, but I can tell you that I care deeply about you. You are loved. And everything will resolve itself one way or another.
256 days ago
thanks. recently i've been thinking dark stuff, but this cheered me up a lot.
269 days ago
What you said made my day a bit better.
269 days ago
Thanks@Hear me out. Virtual hug.
269 days ago
269 days ago
Keep being awesome! Virtual hug
269 days ago
This makes me feel so sad, seeing all of these posts.. You guys need to rethink this. Instead of just killing yourself because you are unhappy, try your best to live life to the fullest. If you are reading this, this is a sign.. Everything will be ok. I believe in you all, I know you might not think so but I truly think you were put on Earth for a reason, and it definitely wasn't to die. You are amazing, and you can change the world by being YOU. If u guys need someone to talk to as well, I can check here time to time if you want
272 days ago
I took this test just cause I was bored, I already know I have severe depression, I think about killing myself 24/7.
I'll be killing myself within the next couple of months. So goodbye.