How depressed are you?

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Figure out if you are depressed. Also, this quiz is not fully accurate so don’t take my word for you having or not having depression.

  • 1
    How many friends do you have?
  • 2
    Do you like music?
  • 3
    Are you lonely?

  • 4
    How long do you usually sleep?
  • 5
    What do you do when you’re sad?
  • 6
    Are you afraid of death?

  • 7
    How do you usually feel?
  • 8
    What do you do at night
  • 9
    What is your comfort thing?
  • 10
    Do you need help but don’t ask for it?

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173 days ago
The only thing keeping me from committing suicide (idk how to spell) is your guinea pig . She’s the only one that I can talk to and cry too. I want to kill my self and I’m about it because I’m only ten and I’m already thinking about killing my self I feel like nobody cares about me and nobody does I don’t know who I am inside .
My family has already suggested therapy to me but I’m too scared to go.
218 days ago
I've had depression for 2 years now...I never got help, I have anxiety and an eating disorder too. I try my best to put a smile on my face everyday pretend act, but Im so sick and tired of the same daily routine of feeling nothing but this internal pain. I want to be skinnier even though im under weight. I want have more confidence but know it won't ever happen. I want things I cant FRICKIN have and it so annoying. I attempted suicide once, obviously it didnt work (my parents never even found out). YAY! SO GREAT! Im so done! i dont matter. Im a waste of space. Useless. I dont know why im telling strangers these things but I am. My life is a wreck. I cant even cry anymore im so numb. My parents dont get this type of stuff, they think its a phase... I dont even know anymore. I try and confort my friends when ever they need help but I dont get help maybe its cause I hide it but I just really wish someone would notice me and how I feel. My parents fight and argue everyday they want a divorce but they wont do it because of me. ITS ALWAYS BECAUSE OF ME! I HATE LIFE! I want to end it. Im so incredibly selfish for saying these things because I know there are people out there doing so much worse than me but I cant help it. To those out there struggling like me...I hope it gets better. I hope you get help and find happiness. Dont give up like I did...or will. Im gonna go now. Bye.
391 days ago
thanks:) this helps me but I'm kinda scared to talk to others.
391 days ago
@demon I am not a professional as well, but I’ve been there. From experience I highly recommend talking to someone you trust (such as a parent, friend, or anyone else) and then maybe discuss going to professional help. At first I was opposed to the idea of therapy, but it actually really helps. I hope you find your way :)
392 days ago
@demon, I’m not a professional, but it seems like maybe you should talk to your friend and maybe your parents? Depends on your relationship with them. Also, please don’t do cuts. It might feel good, but please don’t.
392 days ago
hello there I just came here and I think I need help. For the past 8 months or so I haven't been feeling like myself. Before I thought it was just puberty but now I know that my troubles are just beginning. About 2 weeks ago my friend told me something insane. She said that she has depression, anxiety and ADHD. She also said that she has been doing cuts and showed me her arms. I didnt believe it at first but now I understand. She goes to a the💗. Another thing was that my friend and I met up( different friend) and we talked about how we were both starting to hate our best friends more and more. I totally agreed with her and was so happy that I had someone to talk to. The truth is, I dont like my bff more than I do. There are only rare moments that we actually have fun together anymore and even then they're not that fun. Which brings me to my next topic,depression. Only 3 days ago was when I first realized I had depression. I mean, I kind of knew what it was but not all the details. I took a quiz or two and they all said I had depression. I decided to take these quizzes because my mom told me that I'm not really happy anymore and I'm always in my room, which is true. Well, this changed my life. Yesterday I started doing cuts. They weren't that bad but I did more this night and they really hurt. I know its not a good thing to do but it makes me feel better about myself. Today at school my friend with depression asked my about the cuts near my wrist and I told I scratched myself. I hope she got the memo. Anyways, it's easier for me to write online than in a journal and I hope that you guys can help me through this journey. Lately I have been having suicidal thoughts and I need help. No one knows about this but me. Should I tell my friend with depression?? Thanks!
393 days ago
I hate myself. There is nothing good anymore. Also probably correct, i probably do have depression.
398 days ago
Seeing some of these comments made me sad because there was a time when I had no (real) friends and wanted to die. It was a friend’s (yet again a toxic friend’s) birthday not to long ago and I really tried to fake smile and be happy for her on her special day. I remember someone (it doesn’t matter who they are🙂) noticing I was sad and telling me to “not do this today,” and that I should, “smile for her (my friends) birthday.” I felt completely broken inside. I didn’t really want to die, I just didn’t want to live this life. I held on for one more day (thank god I did) and this guy I barely knew from my class gave me his number. I didn’t really know him to well so I was suspicious at first, but we talked for a long time and I was so happy because I realized I made a real friend! I may not know him to well, but I don’t need to to know he changed my life. For once, someone cared how I felt and was there for me even though they didn’t really know me. He made me happy for the first time in a very long time. The point of this story is that you may seem alone (I certainly did) but I promise you you’re not!
408 days ago
Hey everyone!
I know it isn’t this easy, but trying to seek help on a forum like this probably won’t do a thing. Try talking to a sibling, a friend, a friend online, a parent, school psychologist, teacher, nurse, anyone who you trust. If they just play it off as “fake” or something, then that is just disappointing. Please ask for help, you exist for a reason and you should try. Please don’t give up on yourself... I wouldn’t want you to die, or to be sad. I know I’m a stranger, but please keep giving yourself another chance, be forgiving and ask for help. You aren’t a nuisance. Please, don’t give up. (Easier said than done, I know.) You aren’t alone, please reach out for help!
A glow stick has to break before it can shine too, doesn’t it?
433 days ago
I have no friends that is the entire reason im taking this test
446 days ago
How many friends? NONE! WHY DID YOU EVEN ASK??????
455 days ago
i have 1 friend (who also has depression)
the other 'friends' i have are FAKE
i my arms are packed with cuts
i pretend everything is fine but i cry myself to sleep
i can hardly sleep
i don't wanna eat
nobody knows how i feel because i fake a smile
my family does not love me

smile stands for...
S orry
M um, dad and everyone
I 'm
L ying
E veryday

i know i have depression
459 days ago
I have a bad sleep schedule
im unlabeled
I have a bunch of cuts on my arms
daily panic attacks
inttrusive thoughts
3 friends
no therapy
mental breakdowns
always questioning my sexuality
suici dal from my intrusive thoughts

but I don't think I have a mental illness idk can someone help me find out
473 days ago
"keep smiling because that's the great part about you"
My BFF hates me,
My parents don't understand how I feel,
My friends think I'm faking being sad,
How do you expect me to smile
When I cry myself to sleep and feel like I HAVE to smile and feel emotionless every single time I get to be alone?!
478 days ago
I'm only depressed because everyone around me is depressed. I just want happiness, and I'm an 💑 for believing that people can be happy. I do believe life has a value, just not for me
483 days ago
'try to smile and be happy'
how i do that when i have 14 cuts on my arm,
i only have 1 friend,
my family don't love me,
i cry myself to sleep,
i have a horrible stepdad,
i am lesbian,
my family say gays should go to hell,
494 days ago
"Try to smile and be happy"
What the heck do you think I ded the past 2 years?!? ((ered)
496 days ago
I'm down for that group
514 days ago
hahahaha also 😍 im nut loved and im done trying to be happy my life 😍and i have literally nobody but whater yal wanna be friends. Anybody down for group suicide?
516 days ago
I have a friend that I am currently having problems with... Im going to call her Cassie. Cassie and I have been friends for about 2-3 years now from Saturday school. She is a really sweet, nice and relatable person overall and we got along really well. However, she suddenly started ignoring my texts and only responding to the other friend in our friend group (lets call her Jane) Jane kept telling me Cassie was responding to her texts and stuff and when I checked my dm with Cassie she just marked it as read and didn't respond. This wasn't the only time it happened, it happened multiple times and I started asking Cassie why (and ofc she ignored me) The next thing I knew, Cassie started ghosting me. I had no idea what was up with her. I asked Jane to ask Cassie why several times but Jane always came back telling me Cassie either ignored her or changed the subject. I was so tired of this that I wasn't sure what to do since my parents were not helping (they didnt seem to care) so I asked Jane if it sounds okay to get help from the teacher or my school counciler since I had no idea what to do. Jane was like OMG ARTIST NOOOO and stuff so I didn't. I also told her how disappointed I was about the card. So what happened was I sent a christmas card to Cassie by mail and I spent equal amount of work into it as much as Jane's card. I even gave Cassie my bracelet and a few expensive stickers hoping it would make Cassie feel better. But guess what? She didn't respond at all or send me a mail back. She didn't even send me a dm or zoom chat saying thanks or something. That's why i told Jane about it and Jane said that Cassie replied to HERS and sent a mail back saying merry christmas. I was SO annoyed because i spent so much effort and time on Cassie's card trying my best to make her feel better. I decided not to dm Cassie about it though because it might make everything worse. Later, I got a dm from Cassie saying something like "So Jane told me you are so sad balh balh blah and you want to talk to a the💝. Honestly im PISSED OFF." First- I said it was a SCHOOL COUNCILER (and/or the teacher) and not some random the💝 BECAUSE I didnt know what to do and needed help. I wasn't even considering it and just asked Jane about how it sounds. Second, why did Jane tell Cassie everything I said in a way I wasn't even trying to sound like-? I was SO mad at Jane so I dmed her first. Jane said she did that to help and to fix the situation and stuff and she sounded sorry and honest so I forgave her. Seriously though, manipulating people (kinda, I mean Jane DID snitch on me) to fix problems did NOT seem like the answer here. Plus, the thing she told Cassie about what I said seemed to be pretty inaccurate. It just made Cassie even more mad. After that, I dmed Cassie back saying it was a misunderstanding and that I didn't say it that way. Cassie responded and just say "Okay." I waited for awhile then she said she doesn't think our relationship isn't going to work out and we are better off being acquaintances/random classmates. She also said that our personalities "didnt fit" all long. If our personalities so called "didn't fit", how did we even get along so well (before she started this thing)?? Second, it was just so sudden for me that she was saying she doesnt want to be friends anymore when I dont even know/dont understand the exact reason why (not gonna lie she didn't seem to know either). I tried to tell her that but she ignored me then moved on to saying not to "drag people" like I did to Jane. I wasn't trying to "drag" Jane in for extra drama or anything, I just told her to ask Cassie WHY she ghosted me and stuff because Cassie won't talk to me. Then Cassie said that it's just between me and her (which is kinda true ngl) and said Im not allowed to tell people- aka "drag them" which pretty much means to not even try to get any help from a trusted adult (because she got mad about the "the💝" and stuff). I tried my very best to keep my cool and tell her it's not right to cut people off like that and there is a better way and even suggested to be friends again when quarantine ends and stay like this for now- but she kept saying no and we "don't fit" and stuff. I think it could've worked if she agreed to AT LEAST agreed to come back being friends when we are back irl and avoid each other for now. I didn't even tell her about how much I was mad too and this IS going to affect me (which it did btw because I literally can't sleep and have nightmares about this every night) and that she's kinda being toxic- but I couldn't because that means she'll continue hating me. Listen, I dont just wanna END our friendship here all over her not agreeing to cooperate and not even both of us exactly knowing WHY or HOW this started.. she was the only friend who kept my secrets and cheered me up when I was down and always reminded me I had her. Then I just said I had to go and she said bye. I probably would not be able to talk to her again in two weeks because there is no Saturday school this/next week which means my parents won't open my email account for me (I dont know the password) which also means I won't be able to open chat until Saturday school starts again. I really need help about what to say and how to act now.. I'll appreciate if you respond and help me out! Thank you for reading all the way