Are You OK, Mentally? (Quiz for Teens)

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Have you been feeling down lately? Take this quiz and find out whether you’re OK, or not so good. DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional. I’m 14 years old and have been through a lot, and I just want to let people know that they are not alone.:)

  • 1
    Do you live in a stable, safe household?
  • 2
    How often do you cry in a week?
  • 3
    (This is deep.) Have you ever thought about self-harming, or even committing suicide?

  • 4
    Have you found that your personality has changed, all of a sudden?
  • 5
    What are your parents like at home? Do they pressure you to do things, or are they abusive in any way?
  • 6
    Do you ever feel alone, even though you’re surrounded by many people?

  • 7
    When you reach out to someone, what’s the most common response you get?
  • 8
    Do you find simple daily tasks difficult to do, like they're a chore?
  • 9
    How many friends do you have whom you can 100% count on and trust?
  • 10
    Do YOU think you’re OK?

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9 days ago
I think I have depression, but I’m not 100% sure. If I do have depression, it’s probably not severe, but at least moderate. I don’t understand why I have depression either. My life is almost perfect, I have a roof over my head, I never need to worry about food or water, I have a family that more or less takes care of me. I mean, they do, and they love me, probably, they just don’t know about my whole depression thing.
But anyways, is it normal if you have depression to be able to feel genuinely happy? I don’t always feel sad and depressed. Sometimes I feel happy and satisfied with life, mostly when I’m sitting home alone watching TV, but still. Sometimes, I just feel completely emotionless. Completely numb. I don’t actually think depression has made me more emotional, it has made me not care. I just can’t care about anything anymore.
Also, I think I need to see a psychologist or something, but idk how. I haven’t told anyone I have depression, and I’m really scared to tell my parents. I’m afraid that they’ll just tell me I’m being dramatic and to stop only thinking about myself.
What do I do?
14 days ago
hello my gorgeous luvs. just wanna remind u how important u are to me and that im so proud of u!! recovery doesnt come easy, thats just the truth. theres no rush, so take ur time. im slowly recovering from my struggles. extreme sh, severe depression, attempts, etc. but its not bc im forcing happiness or fake smiles or making friends. im giving myself time, and remembering the fact im still here, alive, getting better, after all i went through. and thats smth to be very very proud of! i love u all sm and ur valid xx
19 days ago
lol just realised how cringy i was like a year ago… the way i worded the answers of this quiz bro yes i am ashamed 💀 but hey at least its a place for u guys to vent n feel more safe hopefully xx :)
19 days ago
man.. tbh ive been struggling too yall (creator of quiz)
i just entered year 10 n the stress overload is.. well its not bad for other people but it is for me coz i panic very easily n stuff n tend to procrastinate alot n its just not great for me at the moment. n with parents that expect u to have good grades.. its hella tough tbh. i dont feel like i can talk to any of my friends abt stuff either, idk i dont think they would understand yk. also found out that i show signs of severe depression 😀 no one believes me tho so uh anyways they all think im joking or something. also nowadays i compare myself to ppl alot like ‘🐬 shes pretty why cant i be like that’ n i look into a mirror n wanna smash it i have cried several times at a photo of me or at my reflection idk i just hate how i look so much :/ but guys ive been clean for like 2 months now! hope i dont relapse, im tryin so hard fr but like no one acknowledges how hard i try.. idk bro i feel like such an outcast n i just get treated diff n i have no clue why i feel like theres something wrong w me or something idk shiz hard..
19 days ago
@#depressed_boba omg thats actually a rlly smart strategy! i should have done that lol, but thank u, i will be sure to use that next time i feel like uh yeah.. great suggestion, thank u so much! guys finding new coping strategies is absolutely crucial, things can get REALLY bad if u continue going down that path n i know from experience it’s difficult, but please know u are loved and valued and appreciated!!!!!!
19 days ago
Hey guys im back! Im so sorry ive been reallllll busy with skl n shi but anyways just came back to see how yalls r doins :)

@Dylan CivilianXD you’re so welcome :) oh lord im so sorry to hear that.. that seriously SERIOUSLY sounds terrible im so so sorry, that sounds really serious.. my god i cant imagine what 💩 ur going through im so sorry dude, i really hope things get better for u im prayin for ya g!! Dont give up, u got this believe me okayy :) and thank u so much, things have been getting a little better for me, just a little, but hey slowly but surely things will get better okay i know its absolutely draining n painful heck i myself have experienced a6u$3 from loved ones and i know it’s exhausting ur nit alone i believe in u x :) u guys can come back whenever u need and i will try to come online too pls dont be ashamed to vent this is a safe space u are all loved.
84 days ago
If anyone wants to cut themselves. Try this:
1. Draw a butterfly on your arm or hand, with a marker or a pen.
2. Name the butterfly after a loved one.
3. You must let the butterfly fade naturally.
4. If you cut yourself before the butterfly is gone, you've killed it. And if you don't cut yourself it lives.
5. If you have more then 1 butterfly, cutting yourself kills all of them.
6. Another person may draw the butterfly(s) on you. These butterfly(s)are extra special! Take good care of them.
7. Even if you don't cut yourself. Feel free to draw the butterfly(s) anyways, to show your support.

This is just a recommendation. You don't need to do this, there are lots of ways other ways to cope with self harm.
117 days ago
@Chia: Thanks…I feel like ever since my mom—well—yeah, I feel like our household has been…well, broken. My dad has been going to the—place—you know, then comes staggering home—b3a+ing me—so now, I feel like the stereotypical emo gacha kid with bruises all over. And I’m really sorry your feeling the same way, can I help you in any way?

@D!3(sorry, I can’t say the whole word lol): Hey, is there anything I can do to help you? I understand what you’re going thru, and that’s HARD. *Me casually crying while writing this* I agree with you, you and your siblings SHOULDN’T be going thru all that! It’s unfair! You’re mom shouldn’t be treating you like that! That’s wrong! There are people on here like @Chia who WANT to help you! You can do it, I believe in you!

Eilidh: I feel you there 😰

@imtired: The best thing you can do is tell a trusted adult about the things your feeling(I’m no adult lol) Maybe a principal at school, maybe your parents??? Maybe??? This is a suggestion, I really hope it works tho!

@Idon’tknowhowtolive: I suggest do the same thing I told @imtired I hope it makes you feel a bit better! :D

@Amber: Tons of people feel the same way! We’re with you in this, all of us!

@LetMeD!E: Same thing I told the other too. I really hope this suggestion works for you :)
122 days ago
hey yall creator of quiz :) omfg i just spent 15 mins writing this long a$$ paragraph for the remainder of the comments, n i tired posting it but then it somehow didnt come thru 😭 this freaking 💑omg im so sorry i will restart for u guys x

@Dylan CivilianXD i relate to this so much! sometimes its so insanely hard to just smile for real ngl things can get so exhausting that u cant even bring urself to smile i get it :/ i rlly wish that agonising pain could end too its so go💑 tiring i understand youuu. im so sorry that times have been tough for u n i srsly hope things r getting better for u slowly but surely x

@Eilidh 😭😭😭😭😭

@Die i just read ur story and omfg i feel so freaking bad for u! that honestly sounds so so so horrible and im so sorry that u go through that 💑, no one deserves to be treated like this :/ growing up with strict parents, i totally understand the grades thing n the mistreatment from parents like getting the sht beaten out of u ik how that feels n i completely understand that it can be so so hard 😭 anyways u must have an insanely big heart to stop ur siblings from getting hit bcuz they r too young, thats so kinda of u 🥺 but that doesnt mean u should get hit instead that is so sad n unfair 💑 honestly 😔 society these days i tell u, its messed up. its ridiculous what people can go through, n so devastating n shocking, i feel SO bad. i know things can be rllllyyyy hard, but please, try to keep pushing through i know u got this! i understand how u feel, i honestly want it to end too quite often, but please, try to keep going forward, and never forget that your grades does not define who u are as a person, ive personally come to realise that myself! Please dont give up YOU GOT THISSSSSS
122 days ago
hey yall creator of quiz :) i read all u guys’ comments and im so sorry u all r going through this, ik it can srsly be a pain in the a$$ :// @Idon’tknowhowtolive I TOTALLY GET U I LITERALLY FEEL LIKE THIS SO OFTEN pls know u are not alone ik its insanely hard to be happy even tho u try so hard n no one sees how difficult things are for u i understand believe me okay but dont worry i know u are trying ur best and even tho no one sees it, i know u r trying n im proud of u for that!

@imtired same dude i relate to this so much coming from a person who grew up in an asian household, growing up i never really had the freedom to express my feelings bcuz no one would take me seriously n now im more mature n still have no one to talk to not even my parents my friends dont listen much either so i find myself suffering alone mist of the time :/ it can be so hard to talk to people i get it dw n yes i fake a smile ALOT n it’s extremely unfair towards some of us that we cannot express how we feel :/ im so sorry u feel this way, i rlly hope things get better soon!! btw u guys feel free to come back n vent here, i will try my best to read these comments and reply as often as i can just hang in there
137 days ago
The only thing i want is to f_cking die. I want to end it all, living is just a f_cking pain. There's no point trying when no one even notices. So i don't even try anymore. The only thing people notice about me is my terrible grades, all F's and D's. My mom beats me cause my grades and a lot of other things, and my dad just goes to work, come home and drink. And when my mom wants/is going to beat my little siblings i have to intervene, my little siblings shouldn't be getting beat, their all so young. One sibling is 5 y/o, the other is 10 y/o.
Goodbye everyone, hope ya'll have a good day.
139 days ago
Just sit around living my life all in my head I'm just a spectator lol.
162 days ago
Why can’t I smile for real? Why can’t the pain end now?
175 days ago
Being happy or okay is something that i was always required to do as a child, even when i wasn't. So now i'm not okay and i don't know how to express myself.
176 days ago
181 days ago
hey yall creator of quiz :) @LetMeDIE I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!! It can be so hard to find happiness like u have bfore… Ik things can be rlly tough but there are way out of it, even if u think theres absoultesly no way u can be happy again, believe me, there are ways :) i have to try n convince myself too often, but we r making progress.. anyways please dont hesitate to vent yall this is a safe space xx
188 days ago
If anyone needs advice or just need to vent come here!
197 days ago
336 days ago
Q2: I cried while reading a book last night lol

Q7: I don’t often reach out……