Do I Have A Mental Issue?

Not feeling like your normal self lately? Mental disorders are pretty common - according to the World Health Organization, they affect one in four people. My quiz will tell you if you could have obsessive-compulsive disorder; depression; an eating disorder or schizophrenia. Or find out if you're just normal! Please note I'm not an expert, just someone with a keen interest in this topic. You should see a professional if it turns out you need some help - as we all do from time to time.:-)

  • 1
    Which are you the most scared of?
  • 2
    Which of these sets of three wishes most appeals to you?
  • 3
    Your birthday is coming up - which of these sounds most like you?

  • 4
    Your bedroom's a mess. Which reaction sounds most like you?
  • 5
    I know all your secrets. How do you feel about that?
  • 6
    Any bad habits?

  • 7
    Pick a word....
  • 8
    Which of these pairs of colors do you like best?
  • 9
    Pick a number.
  • 10
    Which mental issue do you think would be the worst to have?

Comments (61)


7 days ago
So what is your mental issue? You MIGHT have schizophrenia. If you sometimes or often see or hear people or things that aren't really there - that's my life, they think I HAVE DEPRESSION?!?!
38 days ago
OCD is pretty different in real life... it's not all about being clean. It's more about feeling safe, uncontaminated, and like the people you love are okay. Some people with OCD actually hoard for the fear of getting rid of things rather than cleaning. Some people with OCD tap things, flip things on and off, or check to make sure all the doors are locked like 3 times. Some people with OCD have violent, inappropriate, or terrifying thoughts that they do NOT want to have. It's NOT only about being clean. It's living in constant anxiety snd having intrusive thoughts. It's incredibly hard to live with.
38 days ago
70% I might have depression, "Yay finally it came" I don't think this is real. but if it is then that's fantastic- maybe I'll be in a hospital bed soon- been pretty down or careless abt my health these pass months.
42 days ago
ocd is very misrepresented here.
44 days ago
me: -sees i may have deprsion and bad grammer- - chuckles- im in danger
50 days ago
Ok I tink that dis is pretty accurate
63 days ago
I think I have depression......I’ve been really down for months and I feel really sad and sometimes it makes me feel sick. Every quiz I take tells me I have moderate to severe depression. My mom probably won’t believe me like how she doesn’t believe I’m pansexual.
77 days ago
It said I might have depression but I have adhd
78 days ago
97 days ago
Gets 40 % normal* me: :,D that's a nice change. My depression and anxiety= HI WE ARE BACK DID YOU MISS US?
156 days ago
For 40% you are: So what is your mental issue? You MIGHT have depression. It seems you aren't very happy at the moment, and you don't really enjoy life as much as you have in the past. If this has been going on for two weeks or more, you should see your doctor or a mental health professional, because they can help you feel better. You don't have to feel bad. You are a great person and deserve to feel good.

This is just a guess based on what I've learned from studying mental disorders - NOT in any way a diagnosis. So don't freak out! But if you agree I might be correct and you're struggling, please see a professional for a proper diagnosis and support. NOOOOOOO >:(
165 days ago
Wrong I have add and apparently I’m normal just a little weird like bruh this ain’t accurate
223 days ago
ok so please please please don't self diagnose yourself
265 days ago
50% eating disorder, nice.
271 days ago
This was actually right thx for making it
313 days ago
eating disorder 70%.
350 days ago
So that’s actually not was ocd is from what I heard...I’m just a perfectionist And I’d thought I would get anxiety disorder because it suits me more
388 days ago
Me: *happy that I got normal*
My depression, ADD, and PTSD in the back of my head: yEEHAW
427 days ago
“I fear that the people who follow me will get me” is rather paranoia than schizophrenia. Though paranoia can occur with schizophrenia, in this case, paranoid schizophrenia. But it’s not the only delusion people with schizophrenia can have. Sorry but that’s not quite right.
465 days ago
30% schizophrenia and 30% normal... Pretty accurate..