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How Well Do You Understand Mental Health?

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This quiz debunks the myths and stigmas around mental health disorders.

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    Kids can't get depression or anxiety disorders, only adults can.
  • 2
    When people have mental illnesses, they will never get better.
  • 3
    People who are mentally ill are violent.

  • 4
    Mental health problems are uncommon.
  • 5
    It is the parents' fault if children suffer from mental health problems.
  • 6
    Mental illness is a single, rare disorder.

  • 7
    You can just snap out of mental health problems.
  • 8
    Personality weakness or character flaws cause mental health problems.
  • 9
    I can't do anything for a person with a mental health problem.
  • 10
    I would know if someone had a mental health disorder.

  • 11
    There's no hope for people with mental illnesses.

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103 days ago
All the answers were false- nailed it.
229 days ago
I'm 14, & got all of the questions right. Probaly because I have depression, OCD, anxiety, PTSD, & social anxiety, I also self-harm by cutting, starving myself & not drinking enough water. Mostly cutting though, I cut earlyier on my thighs. & cut pretty deep, I got a little light headed after, so ya.
854 days ago
I'm 13 and i have adhd, ocd, odd and anxiety so I wasn't surised that i got 11/11. Yay?
1583 days ago
Wow! Good job!

You have correctly answered 11 of 11 questions.

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Autobots, transform and ROLL OUT!!!
1923 days ago
i'm 24.hate this quiz!