Have I Got Mental Health Issues?

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A test (from someone with experience) that will help you know if you have mental health issues. This is not OFFICIAL or clinically proven, but if this test says you perhaps have them, please see someone

  • 1
    How Well Do You Sleep?
  • 2
    Do You Constantly Feel Sad About Nothing? (or something you don't know about)
  • 3
    Do You Have Many Friends?

  • 4
    Do You Have Constant Mood Swings?
  • 5
    Do You Feel Stressed?
  • 6
    Do You Feel Dizzy A Lot?

  • 7
    Do You Feel Stressed By Mess?
  • 8
    Have You Fainted Recently?
  • 9
    Do You Pick At Your Food? (You don't eat it, you push it around your plate, get small portions)
  • 10
    What's Your Favourite Colour?

  • 11
    What TV Do You Watch?

Comments (29)


16 days ago
I've spoke on here before, and of all my problems, I also have been clinically diognosed with OCD, and Aly, ocd can happen whenever, I can be doing things fine, but have to shut that door, or spin around 3 times, or something. If you need help with OCD, talk to me please! Pronouns: she/her/hers
16 days ago
ok i have anxity ane depression which i already knew but honney the onlyh ocd i have is when i am coloring
33 days ago
They did not drug my food, just saying so no one reports this or somthing.
33 days ago
P.s. They didn't didnt
33 days ago
Also I was scared for a week because somthing told me that my parents were going to drug my food.
33 days ago
Also, been to the Phyce ward for sh and being a hazard to myself. This is whack.
33 days ago
It said I have a VERY low anxiety. I've been to the Phyce ward for anxiety and on 3 different medications. This is very inaccurate.
118 days ago
I sh-w symptoms of ocd insomnia depression and anxiety yesh that’s kinda accurate:(
240 days ago
Yeeesh it says I have a little anxiety. I have depression, OCD, anxiety, and Sensory
324 days ago
@Can someone answer?, i feel how you do but please don’t! i know there’s probably nothing i can do or say to help but even though i don’t know you at all, i sincerely care about you. trust me, other people do too. try and talk to someone- i know it’s not what you want to hear but if you haven’t told anyone, you must! you can’t suffer in silence or you’ll only get worse. i learnt that the hard way and now talked to my friend. we stopped being friends yesterday and it’s killing me. i’ve resorted to talking to myself and people who i know don’t exist but wish they do. they help me. i hear voices sometimes. random words. the most recent two were “mine” and “die” i don’t know what they mean yet. please don’t kill yourself. deep down, no matter how many times you tell yourself otherwise, you know people love you ❤️
324 days ago
You Could Talk To Someone, You're Results Show Signs of OCD, Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety.

You don't seem severely anxious or anything like that, but I do think you need to tell someone how you feel.
416 days ago
10694 please don't do this you will find someone in the world who loves and you will find the happiness you deserve you have so much to live for.
485 days ago
I really don't think I'm okay at all. I have high anxiety, severe depression, and risk of death because of that. I really can't LIVE with myself much longer. It's getting to a point where I can't talk to anyone because no one will accept my insurance.
My cousin died from suicide, she blew the back of her head out in front of me. Because she said it went on for too long.
That's where it began. I've been so bad.
I have been handed that gun from that day. I've been severe since. Can anyone help me out a little and prevent me from doing this?
486 days ago
You Could Talk To Someone, You're Results Show Signs of

You don't have to, you don't seem seriously anxious etc. but you seem to need someone to talk to and be yourself around.
505 days ago
oh yeah, i like pastel colors and funny tv shows, therefore everything is fine!
527 days ago
You Could Talk To Someone, You're Results Show Signs of OCD, Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety.
You don't seem severely anxious or anything like that, but I do think you need to tell someone how you feel." is what i got i'm tired bye
851 days ago
This test believes that I have anxiety. I honestly dont know if its telling the truth. I'm probably fine except for an overactive imagination. Oh well.
1120 days ago
Inpatient rn because of my mental illnesses but according to this test I’m fine. Probably cause I watch Friends and like bright colors or whatever. Probably means I have to be fine.
1139 days ago
Ok so my results say that I'm fine but I FRICCIN SUFFER with Anxiety,Eating Disorder and there might be some other undiagnosed things. Also add that I've been RECOMMENDED AN ONLINE COUNSELING THING BECAUSE DOCTORS ARE SOMEWHAT WORRIED ABOUT MY MENTAL HEALTH(srry 4 caps)

Sometimes I S T A R E at a knife and even go to gently sc🐬 it on the surface of my skin.I've never properly cut though.

I scratched the back of my hands with my keys and they were red for a bit.


I need a proper mental health check.


And I've had breakdowns

yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy reeeeeeeeeeee
1186 days ago
i made this test but a while back so i dont have the account anymore, i suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia, and a while back i suffered with bulimia, these are all diagnosed by doctors by the way. i have bipolar family members and my family has history of mental illness, therefore i know a lot of symptoms so this quiz is an educated guess, also it is just a prediction, it is not a reliable source