What Mental Disorder do you Have?

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Not to be taken seriously! As I am a person with bipolar, do not self diagnose based off any personality quiz. You should see a doctor to verify. But hey, if you got concerns from here...

  • 1
    What is most like you?
  • 2
    What is your downfall? (Achilles heel)
  • 3
    Where would you most likely be?

  • 4
    Favorite color?
  • 5
    What song describes you?
  • 6
    What movie character do you feel like?

  • 7
    Which quote Is the sum of your life?
  • 8
    Life is a....
  • 9
    What's your favorite subject in school?
  • 10
    Your favorite genre is...

  • 11
    What's different about you that you know isn't really normal?
  • 12
    There's a new person! What do you do?
  • 13
    I have a hard time...
  • 14
    Oh random question! Would you ever check out my writings at WritersCafe.Org? My username is Sarah_Allen_Poe!
  • 15
    A fear I have is...
  • 16
    What word appeals to you?

  • 17
    What's something about your personality?
  • 18
    What's your favorite quality about yourself?
  • 19
    Something I notice about myself...
  • 20
    A symptom I get is...

  • 21
    I think I have...

Comments (35)


5 hours ago
This quiz certainly isn't super accurate. It said bipolar, but I have seen a doctor and was diagnosed with ADD, Autism, anxiety, and depression.
176 days ago
i’m not a psychopath i swear. i do like being above others, but i haven’t harmed animals. animals calm me down.
250 days ago
Can anyone help me. I just started secondary school on one side of my family there is anxiety and my dad thinks his mum has mental health issues. I have been bullied most of my life and I still am. This thing said I’m bipolar but my symptoms aren’t as severe. I did have social anxiety disorder. I have also been taught to suppress my emotions subconsciously.
292 days ago
i am 100% NOT bipolar.
359 days ago
can you guys please stop self diagnosing i diagnosed with two mental disorders and i used to have three and i kinda get upset when people take this seriously. go get diagnosed. thank you
372 days ago
Anybody that can help me out ? I'm around teenage age and ive been thinking I have add allot of people in school think I have it to I took this test and it said I have it of course I know it's an online test and not to be taken seriously bit I can't tell my m my concerns because she will say I've just been talking to my friends at school about it and researching it and that I'm faking can somebody give me advice !
380 days ago
For 43% you are: You are Bipolar!
(just like me...)
This isn't to be ashamed of! We have higher creative skills! You probably experience major mood swings. Like being happy to aggressive. If you have the bipolar mania (like me) then you'll experience hallucinations and fits of rages. Just keep calm, and bipolar on. I hope your personality is under control
66% of 1913 quiz participants had this profile! Nice! Bipolar. ;-;
392 days ago
And I don’t even call myself “OCD”. I just think I’m a an anxious perfectionist
392 days ago
I got OCD. Literally everyone says they have it and I’m over here getting offended because they seem normal to me. They are literally just indirectly calling me OCD. I just can’t stand anything disorderly. Everything has to be put in a systematic order that I put it in. And if it isn’t, I feel like people might think I’m a mistake.
396 days ago
Annnnnd, I got bipolar. I-
419 days ago
Guys don't this quiz and automatically believe this is a diagnosis, if you believe you do have a metnal illness see a professional and speak to people about it okay. Self diagnosising isn't good, you should see a doctor to actually diagnos you so they can help you if you need it, etc.
428 days ago
i have bipolar yay............
503 days ago
It said I’m Bipolar, I have OCD. OCD 🕊SOO MUCH!
529 days ago
I guess I have bipolar mania. This explains the uncontrollable fits of rage I get out of the blue..
612 days ago
Obsessive Compulsive Loser :(,

AGAIN, DONT CALL YOURSELF A LOSER!!!! And, I’m happy my advice worked for you! If you ever need anything else you can totally ask me! That goes for all of you, I’m always here for advice! Just need to ask! Anyway, obsessive compulsive “loser”, thanks for coming to me for advice, and I wish you the best of luck! No need to respond to this ;) Bye!
612 days ago
Psychologist in the training, wow I’m surprised you replied so fast! Oh, and thanks for the advice! Now that I think about it, that does seem pretty reasonable. My dad loves me a lot and I’m sure that you’re right! Thanks for the advice,

An obsessive compulsive loser ;)
612 days ago
Obsessive Compulsive Loser :(, first of all, don’t call yourself a loser! Don’t be so hard on yourself, okay? Also, about your dad, it’s complete okay! I also have some experience with an ignorant parent! Mine believes that people are depressed for no reason, and I used to not know what to what to do about it, just like you! But really, there’s no reason for you to worry! When you tell him that you think you have a mental disorder, he will come around! He’s your dad, after all, and you’re his son/daughter! There’s no reason to worry, it’ll be fine, and he’ll come around! Thank you for coming to me for advice, and I hope it helped you out! Lots of love! ❤️ ❤️
612 days ago
Psychologist in the training, hi! You’re tips seem super helpful and I will be using them! Also, I need some advice, because even though my mom will probably support me, I don’t know about my dad. He thinks all mental illnesses are fake! I know, right? It’s terrible. I don’t know how I can convince him, either! What do I do??
612 days ago
Hi! Um... I honestly don’t know what to say! Obviously, this test isn’t to be taken seriously, but do you really think you have a mental disorder? I mean, see a psychologist PLEASE! Mental health is SUPER important! And um some of you may be KIDS, actually, and it can be pretty hard to tell your parents that you need help and believe you have a mental disorder. Having a mental illness, and facing it all by yourself can feel pretty scary and lonely! But don’t worry, here are some tips to tell your parents how you’ve been feeling:

- Tell them at a good time, when they’re in a good mood and when you’re in a good mood!

- Don’t leave anything out, tell them everything! They’re your parents! They deserve to know

- Tell them how it’s been affecting you, and use real life situations to back up your points

Then leave the rest to them! They’re your parents, after all, and if you’re ACTUALLY just a kid, you can’t do everything yourself! Again, telling your parents can be super stressful and nerve-wracking, and don’t worry if it doesn’t work out! If they don’t do anything about it, or straight up don’t even BELIEVE you, there are other options! Talk to your teacher! You know, your teacher isn’t only there to teach you, they’re also there to help you when you’re struggling. And if it doesn’t work out with your parents, go ahead and give your teacher a little note, telling him/her about your situation and if he/she has time to meet up after class to talk about it. Your teacher will then take it into her own hands and have a talk with your parents, and they’ll probably believe you at that point! Just don’t worry, it’ll work out in the end! I’m actually studying psychology and have done many research papers about different mental illnesses, do if you need any more advice go ahead and ask all the questions you have! That is, if you’re comfortable sharing! In conclusion, this is all up to you! You can tell your parents whenever you’re ready, after all it is about you! Just promise me one thing ~ DONT USE YOUR MENTAL DISORDER FOR POPULARITY! A LOT OF PEOPLE DO THAT AND ITS JUST SO DISGUSTING AND RUDE! Okay, well, that’s the end of this, I hope this helped you and good luck! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
641 days ago
Well I’m Bipolar... I’ve been aggressive for nothing then good, I don’t care about life or other people, friends and family