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Am I Okay?

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Are you actually fine, are you questioning mental stability? Are your emotions over whelming. Let me help!

  • 1
    How Many Times Did You Cry Today?
  • 2
    Are You Tired
  • 3
    How Much Sleep Do You Usually Get?

  • 4
    Did You Eat Well Today?
  • 5
    Why Are You Taking This Quiz?
  • 6
    Did You To Work/ School/ Sports

  • 7
    Do You See A Therapist?
  • 8
    Did You Criticize Yourself Today?
  • 9
    Did You Enjoy This Quiz(Yes it counts)
  • 10
    Are You Okay Now?

Comments (7)


3 hours ago
Bye! I hope ya'll have a good rest of your lives.
3 hours ago
I just hope everyone is doing alright. Good bye everyone! See all in the next life or something like that.
3 hours ago
& if I do end it, I'm sorry, to everyone for wasting your time, and energy to read this. I'm sorry mom for not having good enough grades, I'm sorry dad that I wasn't how you wanted me to be. I'm sorry friends that I didn't talk or hangout much with you, I'm sorry younger siblings that I was a bad example to you, & didn't help you with homework or small tasks. I'm sorry teachers for not doing my schoolwork, and sleeping in class. I'm sorry that I was even born. & if I could be a different/better person, I would.
I'm sorry!
3 hours ago
Might end it all this month, but we'll see.
3 hours ago
For 50% you are: You might want to start helping yourself now before you are in to deep. Sounds like you are going though a rough patch. Just tell people how you are feeling.

@no ty, hey I feel the same way! I don't want to be a burden to anyone in anyway, & I don't want people to think I'm an attention seeker or something like that. I'm trying to fake a smile every day, & seem as happy as can be so no one notices, & asks if I'm ok. But anyway hope all ya'll are doing alright.
102 days ago
ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sss
345 days ago
i dont want to tell anyone. i dont wanna burden them with my problems and i dont think they would even care/believe me.