Should I go to therapy?

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Disclaimer: this quiz is not a diagnosis, nor was it made by specialists. It's just there so you can get an assessment for yourself from someone who knows about this subject, but isn't a specialist! Please seek help if you feel in your heart that you need it or that you are not well!

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    When you look back at the past 4 weeks, how were you feeling on average?

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22 days ago
32 days ago
Um be honest sometimes I wish that I was dead to! It's a wonderful/wired/crazy world out there!
34 days ago
It said i should urgently seek help :-
I couldn't be able to go therapy. My family is going low on money, cuz hospital bills from my stupid🐤trying to kms but failed... i feel so bad, wish i was dead. So no one would have to worry about me.

Love ya'll
35 days ago
Hey Sapphire what to be friends on here?😕😊 Oh btw am a girl!😁
49 days ago
Roy ain’t a color.Roy stands for Red Orange Yellow
69 days ago
I need helpI need help
69 days ago
What Colour is Roy ? ? ?
71 days ago
I got the same answer and I go to therapy and everytime when my parents get the papers with the amount of money they have to pay, I always feel bad and I think very bad about myself .-.
75 days ago
Dude I was just about to comment what lik said and what ace said lmfao.

I got the same answer, and I can't afford therapy 😃👍
76 days ago
gahhh it says i need therapy but i don't have money
76 days ago
The test is right LIK! See even the test thinks you shount give up on ur life
77 days ago
Based on your answers to the questions, you should urgently seek help! This is not a professional questionnaire, nor is it a diagnosis, just an assessment. You seem to be doing very badly and you should urgently seek professional help. There's nothing wrong with getting help. You deserve help and you're sick enough. Please be strong and don't give up on your life and yourself.