Autism Screening Quiz: Ages 4+

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    My child has back and forth conversations with people that involve taking turns and building on what the other person has said.

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165 days ago
I got low-risk, I am diagnosed with ADHD and a SMALL SMALL bit of OCD
166 days ago
Also I'm 11 years old, I was diagnosed a 2 years old but it showed up the most when I was 6
166 days ago
I have Autism. And my school didn't help at all.
To Autistic people- It's okay to be Autistic. It's not a bad thing either. Maybe it can stop you from a few things but that's just minor. Just be yourself
255 days ago
I am fourteen years old. I have not yet been diagnosed with anything, but I feel like I am showing lots of signs of autism, which I have researched, by the way. I never thought that I might have autism, even though there are quite a lot of clear signs. I haven't took very many tests though so I thought I might try this. The result is High-Risk. I think I should tell people about this because everything is becoming very stressful but I don't know how to talk about my feelings and it stresses me out. I only have one real friend, and I'm much too scared to tell him. I think my life is probably really sad.
374 days ago
i got 20 out of 34 what dose that mean
417 days ago
I'm autistic, aspergers, ADHD and a touch OCD but it is so unrecognized in girls.
453 days ago
i dont know why people in these comments are happy about not being autistic cause theres nothing wrong with it
sincerely an autistic kid
455 days ago
I'm autistic , and , ADHD
547 days ago
I was diagnosed at 7. This test was accurate for me. I find that get nervous when i dont know whats going on when someone is sad or needs help. I also sometimes make the wrong social queues. If someone mentions self-harm i get nervous. I also may have an odd response to some situations, like barfing and saying that i feel better. I am also very intelligent and dont understand why some people dont understand something I've learned. Also, when i explain things i use the most words possible. I also do this in everyday conversations. What is really surprising is that i have 40 friends and counting!
580 days ago
yay i dont have autism i did 8 out of 34 yay
711 days ago
I am 9 years old and have already been diagnosed with Autism but I still did the test and it said I scored high risk!
720 days ago
I am an 11 year old and scored high risk.I took this quiz after people told me the things I were doing were socially inappropriate.
907 days ago
I'm autistic!
1287 days ago
This is the only quiz on autism spectrum disorder in children

Ps: I have autism spectrum disorder I have been diagnosed.
1434 days ago
do not use autism speaks thus the link because they lie about autism and used the donations generate by kind people to financialy benefit themselves theres obviouse proof elsewhere on the internet and if you ask other people about them

ps i do have autism and have been diagnosed
1487 days ago
High-Risk: Haha, I answered these questions with my adult significant other in mind (he has Asperger's). I think its interesting that even as an adult he still exhibits so many of the common autistic symptoms that are looked for in children, but every loves him just the way he is!