Am I Emetophobic?

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Emetophobia is an intense, uncontrollable fear of vomiting. It can severely affect people's lives (it does mine). Do you have this phobia? I hope not, but if you have any reason to be unsure, take my test now and find out. Because phobias are in your mind and are not reality, emetophobia can be controlled with the right thinking process, and can perhaps even be overcome entirely.

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    When others throw up, do you panic?
    When others throw up, do you panic?
  • 2
    Do you cry or want/try to run away when someone is ill?
  • 3
    Do you panic when someone coughs?

  • 4
    Do you feel really shaky and sweaty when someone else vomits?
  • 5
    When someone else vomits, you...
  • 6
    It's flu season and you have to go to school. You...

  • 7
    You hear someone in the bathroom at night. Your first thought is...
  • 8
    You eat pizza and throw up that same night. You...
  • 9
    You realize you had a little too much bacon at breakfast. Your first thought is...
  • 10
    Does hearing the words sick, ill, barf, vomit, and puke make you uneasy?

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12 days ago
i have emetophobia & it ruins me honestly. i’m 15 right now but it developed when i was like 8 or 9. i don’t remember exactly how it developed but i do remember being TERRIFIED of long car rides or like have motion sickness. there was this certain time where i went to the fair & i was scared of eating and then going on rides after so i didn’t eat (which was a stupid idea) *⚠️VO*IT WARNING⚠️* & i only drank liquids that day on a really hot summer day & when my family decided to eat, i started getting a really bad stomach ache but i didn’t eat anything so i tried eating a little bit & ended up thr*wing up the food ://. i was so embarrassed & terrified & that kinda increased my emetophobia a lot. i recently got these Upspring Stomach Settle candys (they’re for motion sickness, nausea, & upset stomach) they saved me! whenever you feel nauseas take one of these (they taste good too) you feel better in minutes! emetophobia is ruining my life but i know im not alone. im here for you all
25 days ago
I often feel very alone in relation to my emetophobia. My family and friends mock and make fun of me or even pretend to get sick. Everything about it makes me want to die. I won’t eat certain foods listen to certain movies or even ride in a car for more than 30 mins with anyone else. I have set up rule to help ensure I don’t have to face my fear. In all honesty I would rather die than get sick or have anyone else get sick.
30 days ago
I was just reading some of the comments I’m reading that made me feel like I was alone All my life I have been afraid of sick it’s got worse the older I have got but I try my hardest to control it I’m not gonna lie some people have it loads worse than me and I honestly think you are very strong I am struggling to handle it now so much love to you people - just a little side note does anyone else get this - were if u don’t get enough sleep of don’t sleep good u feel sick the next day and it makes u not wanna eat u feel awful all day - I just wanna know if that’s something others stuglle with to 💕
34 days ago
It's so embarrassing especially when someone mentions that they feel ill and your in a place where you can't leave, like school. I start crying and get really sweaty and it only helps a tiny bit by washing my hands vigorously but even then I still feel contaminated. Funny thing is that I'm immensely plane sick and a bulimic - bulimic way after emetaphobia symtoms- when I'm sick it doesn't bother me unless it's bad food and my stomach feels full or the food feels wrong or uncomfortable. I'll give my self some help to get it up ;)
63 days ago
Honestly it has ruined my life. I can no longer go to parties, sleepovers and enjoy vacations. Eating is hard and I go through stages where I won’t eat at all. When I get anxious about something I lose my appetite but I am still hungry so I feel sick because I haven’t eaten but then when I eat I feel even more ill. Help me
68 days ago
And also another effect of when I have this, is sometimes I black out. It’s terrible.

I also can’t say the words beginning with v****, p***, chun***

I rarely eat, and if I do, they are foods I know I won’t get sick from, like salad, pasta, potatoes and some other things (my diet is very bland if ur wondering). Also, I hate leaving the house, even for school, hate getting public transport-even my own car as I’m afraid I will get carsick.

Whenever I watch a movie, I have to search up on google before watching it to see if someone is sick, just to make sure, and if someone is in the movie, I won’t watch it fullstop.

Also, my brother (the same one in the last comment) had a severe stomach bug (he had to go to the hospital after *u know* for 20 HOURS STRAIGHT. The bathroom is next door to my bedroom, so I could hear EVERYTHING. This was about a year ago, and I didn’t go into that bathroom for 7 months! Whenever one of us is sick in my family, a Tupperware goes next to our beds so that if we r sick we r sick into the Tupperware and we don’t have to keep on getting up to the bathroom and worry about being sick on the way there... I don’t use that Tupperware any other time, and I make sure that whenever my Mum is getting one of us a drink if one of us r sick, I make sure it is a mug, that has only one design, so I know not to use it in the future.

When I am sick also, I am always sick at night, which is horrific, cause it’s when I am in bed, but when I am sick, I get sleep paralysis, meaning I can’t move any muscle or anything in bed. So I’m stuck there, not able to do anything. Not even able to scream. HELL. But when suddenly I calm downing, I go to my parents bedroom and sleep there for the next week whilst the germs are completely cleaned. I won’t go in there for a week as well, and my bed covers are completely thrown out because I do t want to use them again. The clothes that I wear when I have been sick, I never wear again, so they get thrown out as I’m too afraid, that if I wear them, I will be sick again🥺🙄

Please comment some tips for other people to use as it rly is a life saver xx
68 days ago
I’ve had this since I was 6 and I’m pretty sure I’ve got one of the worst cases. I have to go to therapy, and a hypnotist. Whenever someone coughs, I start to panic, will they be sick, r they carrying around a cold, have they got a stomach bug?! If ever this happens I will scream, ball my eyes out, start picking out bits of my skull and rubbing it raw, biting off most of my nails, and rubbing my hands until they r completely cracked. One time I got an ear infection from pressing my fingers so deep into my ears so that I couldn’t hear the noise. I’m from New Zealand but I live in London. All of my family live in NZ and I fly there every Christmas. My brother gets SEVERELY sick on these flights and I, being the smallest have to sit next to him. ITS HELL. One time, we were on the flight there. Just my Mum and my two brothers. My dad wasn’t on this flight, so my Mum was looking after my brother and an air hostess had to calm me down!! It was literally hell. Also, what didn’t help was that my brother ate sushi before. The sushi was bad and he got food poisoning from it. Which made everything worse. I’d say he was sick about 15-16 times. I had to go to the back of the plane away from him so that I couldn’t hear it. Also, in September, I was coming home from school on the school minibus. Before we got on, a girl was sick. She was sick away from me so I couldn’t hear it (which was good) but when we got on the bus, there were only two seats left. Both at the back. It was me and her. The worst place to be. They didn’t even give her a SICK BAG. They didn’t even let her go to the front. On the way to the train station,The girl was looking down on her phone. 😻?! WHO DOES THAT AFTER BEING SICK?! Anyway, just as we were about to pull in, the girl stood up, with her hand over her mouth. She was sick. Violently all over my shoe, my skirt and my bag. She ran off the bus. I was screaming and everybody was piling off the bus in disgust. No one helped me apart from a girl in year 10. SHOUTOUT TO HER. Anyway I got off the bus all shaky and gagging cause I smelt and I couldn’t do anything. I saw the girl being sick in the corner. It was disgusting. Luckily I had my PE kit in my bag so I could change into it. When I got home, I washed my bag 12 times, I threw my skirt out, my shoes went in the bin and I had a shower twice and used 2 bottles of body wash. Absolute HELL. Now, when we I go on the minibus, I look at the number plate to make sure it isn’t the bus, and if it is, I will wait for the next one. Same if there is only spaces at the back of the bus. If ur wondering....

I have PTSD,OCD,Anxiety and emetophobia. My Mum and dad look after me well and well, let’s just say-my brothers tease me for it. They still don’t believe this phobia is a thing.

Tip for if this happens to u or anything to do with this phobia. —put an ice cube 🧊 in ur mouth and😻on it until it melts. Promise u, it works. First of all, u will think, 😻, y do I have an Ice cube in ur mouth (TRUE) which will distract u, and also, it calms ur heart rate down, because u will be in flight mode.

Anyway, if u got this far, ty for reading and I hope ur alright :)
73 days ago
Even just doing this test marked me feel sick. I suffer very, very badly from emetophobia. If someone is even remotely close to being sick, I will start shaking and crying and panicking. I have had this ever since Grade 2 and it is awful. If someone vomits near me, I run, scream, burst into tears and am unable to breathe. The image will stay in my mind and I won’t recover for at least a month. Every night, when the lights are turned off, I start to feel sick and I worry and worry and worry. I’m afraid of eating too much and I monitor my eating very closely. I once threw up while watching the movie The Princess Switch and I can’t ever watch it again. If someone throws up in a movie, I cry and begin shaking and am unable to recover for a week. My worst nightmares include vomiting. If I feel even a little bit sick, I can’t breathe, move or speak.
Even writing this I feel sick, just reliving everything. My mother and sister understand how bad it is, but my father thinks I’m being ridiculous and he just doesn’t realise.
I want everyone to know how horrible this fear is and how much it affects my life. I hope no one else has it this bad, but if you do, I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will hope that you can get over this and all the people in the comments that have emetophobia like me: I know how you feel. And I hope that things get better for you and that you can overcome this.

Thank you.
78 days ago
Well i was on a plane going to Spain . It was a tense jounrey seeingvthat seeing dudes in the Wesley next time me were severely drunk. We thought that they would postpone our flight but sadly they didnt.. As were landing one of them threw up everywhere 😭 Im terrified of alcohol claustrophobic spaces and planes . Im not surprised that i have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder either . I feel so trapped😩
83 days ago
Ok, is it just me, or is it that once in a while I get sick 😵 and then after about a year, I'm not so scared anymore. But then I get sick 😵 and I'm so terrified that most nights I would cry and shake and sleep with my mom.
98 days ago
okayyy istg i've had this phobia since i was really little. Even to the point where I banned any sort of synonyms for.. that word. if someone says their stomach hurts or they feel sick, i start to panic which in turn makes me feel sick. its terrible because im so afraid of them doing it that it makes me start to think i will too, which scares me even more bc whats worse than them doing it is me. i dont like people gagging, coughing or any sort of related sound because it reminds me of it. im not sure if ive ever had a panic attack over it but i usually start to freak out, my heart races fast and my body feels super weak..yeah idk i hate this and i wish i was so affected by it
106 days ago
I've had this phobia since I was 5 years old. I'm currently 14 and it all started with my phone having her occasional migraines she would throw up. The sound terrifies me to the point I'll start crying, shaking, sweating, humming, talking loudly, running, escaping, grabbing my headphones, leaving, etc. My family makes fun of me of it and tells me to stop being a baby. It's been getting worse as time passes. I'm grateful I have a basement to run to so I can hide from the noise. My heart races whenever I hear throw up and I am always cautious to go to a public restroom or hospital just in case someone is throwing up. I haven't thrown up in 8 years due to a strict diet and picky food choices. I am sad that this might ruin my future relationships because what if my lover or children starts throwing up I can't help them. I would only run away. This feels like a curse and it's been affecting me once it takes place. If someone to throw up in my house, I won't visit that bathroom area until someone cleans it or a couple of other people used it to guarantee safety and familiarity. The smell, color, and sight disgusts me the most.
109 days ago
Omg i have this phobia for sure, evertime i see or hear anybody vomit i panick, start shivering and my legs start feeling week with my whole body. The feeling is terrible and i cant support vomiting myself so i hold it in, once i was in the car with my little cousin and he felt sick after eating Mc Donalds and he kept whining and i starting yelling ad begging my aunt to let me out of the car cause i was way too afraid. I hope i overcome this fear cause my friends always tease me about it
109 days ago
i have had this phobia for only two years but it started when my brother was sick and then i got sick right after! i used to have to cover my ears with my pillows at night and i would have a panic attack when i heard just the slightest noise.. i spoke to a the😍 about it to manage the anxiety around it, and tbh im a little bit better but i still panic if i feel sick or someone else feels sick. but the thing that 😍is when i have a panic attack, i feel so nauseated and then i get even more scared. i cry when my DOG throws up! i hate this and yeah i said everything yes on this quiz
109 days ago
and also i watched a yt video like back 2017 and that's the time I realized it's called Emetophobia. This day I still panic and cry so When someone is throwing up I immediately ran to my room, get my earphones and listen to music while crying too and it's help a lil..I read some comments here and there's literally children here:< it's just so sad that we have to deal with this in our whole life.. so sorry baby it's okay you're not alone. Stay strong ilyall💜💜😭
109 days ago
I thought I was just over reacting when I was a kid and I remember when I was kinder& I ate coconut shake,ice tea,chocolate sticks and etc then when we got home I feel sick and I go downstairs and say to my mom that I need water!!! I not feeling well then after a min i-...*yk what I mean*my mom clean it up and I was just cryingggg that's when it start like I don't wanna throw up again. It's been 8yrs I think.. when the last time I did that. But through out the years there's so many experiences like that my dad get food poison and I heard it in the middle of the night and I just kept crying!!to school,tv,movies I close my eyes and ears. I ignore people like 2-3 weeks not talking them coz they threw up;< I always remember what I ate and felt sick oh uh NEVER eating it again bruh. I hate aircon of vehicles because I have sensitive nose and it triggers me so much overthinking I might get dizzy and threw-.. I kept this secret to my family coz they make fun of me and ask y am i underweight. I literally shakes and panick when sum1 is..yk and I'm only 15 rn and still Idk if I'll have kids in future coz yk they get sick too and pregancy,if my future husband will understand it.?I might just get rich and live alone lmao UGHHH this gives me so much anxiety thank you if u read this whole sht let's be friends sc:gab_zurita25 God bless us all
125 days ago
I'm having pizza tonight and this makes me not wanna eat it
127 days ago
oh also forgot to mention 2 things, I check expiring dates honestly every day of my 🕊 life! and also ty for waiting through my long story. Stay strong.. (also if you live in the city and see a bag with goo dripping out of it, its probably puke and you should stay away, I have seen many of them and almost have panic attacks in public seeing those bags with vomit in them.)
127 days ago
Okay so I have this phobia and this quiz made me wanna die, when I was younger I had huge anxiety, and still do. But, back then it was terrible. I remember I had anxiety about nausea, and then my anxiety caused more nausea and it led to where I could not sleep all night long, thinking I would vomit. I remember yelling to my mom "I would rather die then throwing up, get me to a hospital!! I need medication!! or PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME I'LL DIE!!" I still say that to my friends and everyone in my household. Its terrible... I remember one day someone t-t-threw up, it even makes me shiver thinking about that word. anyways someone got sick in class and I was sitting right net to the trashcan. They ran to me and puked in the garbage and I cryed and cryed until they let me go home because I could not focus. I just couldn't stop crying and crying the teachers said I looked more sick and disturbed then the kid who actually threw up did. Another time at home my sister caught the stomach bug so I moved to my grandmas for a week, oh and my sister threw up in my parent's and her room so I never went into my parents bedroom for about 6 months, or their bathroom for a year... I never went in my sisters room for like 2 years after that, no joke. Anyways those are some stories that have legit scarred me for life.
153 days ago
I have this fear. When I was little my grandma had liver and breast cancer, So she used to throw up so I ran down stairs to hide for about an hour or when they tell me to come up. I havent told anyone about my fear, But this is honestly the worst because my family throws up often because they drink, and the covid 19 outbreak has just made my anxiety get worst.