Am I Emetophobic? The Emetophobia Quiz

Emetophobia is an intense, uncontrollable fear of vomiting. It can severely affect people's lives (it does mine). Do you have this phobia? I hope not, but if you have any reason to be unsure, take my test now and find out. Because phobias are in your mind and are not reality, emetophobia can be controlled with the right thinking process, and can perhaps even be overcome entirely.

  • 1
    When others throw up, do you panic?
    When others throw up, do you panic?
  • 2
    Do you cry or want/try to run away when someone is ill?
  • 3
    Do you panic when someone coughs?

  • 4
    Do you feel really shaky and sweaty when someone else vomits?
  • 5
    When someone else vomits, you...
  • 6
    It's flu season and you have to go to school. You...

  • 7
    You hear someone in the bathroom at night. Your first thought is...
  • 8
    You eat pizza and throw up that same night. You...
  • 9
    You realize you had a little too much bacon at breakfast. Your first thought is...
  • 10
    Does hearing the words sick, ill, barf, vomit, and puke make you uneasy?

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5 days ago
I tried to get my answer I answered correctly and then when I sit there test it says you're not that but when I go back it is completely complete Do wrong thing I Test it on It says I'm not panicking but I'm actually doing it I'm panicking every time I'm not like in throwing up I try I scream I wanna run and everything I wanna know why It sets it's wrong And while nothing wundefinedhy dossican police rejected a friend finding I answered I answered everything scared of freaking out and liked that and it comes out and I'm not figuring out everything not freaking out and I'm now freaking out but I fart I didn't Wash this Sorry if my English are bad I have a text problem So maybe it will come out very bad but I don't like this at all United fixtures I try so many times now like 100 × exit but it Didn't work please help me what should I do well now I will take another test cause this one clearly doesn't work
29 days ago
And the worst part is when people think emetophobia is the same as eating disorders
29 days ago
its actually so annoying, having emetophobia. no body understands how much we have to hold back our emotions because what we are feeling is an "overreaction". my friends make fun of me having this phobia, and will constantly make those noises in front of me just to get my reaction. it is absolutely irritating. because of my emetophobia, i cant take medicinal syrup or dissolevable tablets, medically-wise, and there are several foods that i can say that i haven't eaten again after someone actually thr*w up, was close to, or if i felt the tiniest bit nauseous. it frustrating because i can't participate in any all-you-can-eat buffets because i stop eating as soon as i dont feel hungry anymore, nothing more.
i'm so glad that i'm not the only one, and my heart goes out to all the other emetophobes in the world
29 days ago
I went on a camp one time and EVERYONE got food poisoning, including myself. This wasn't the start of my emetophobia, but boy that was the longest night of my life, stayed up till 4am crying and panicking outside until one of the camp instructors literally had to drag me back to bed.
Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like none of my friends parents get severe motion sickness except for those who have emetophobia >:(
78 days ago
Hey guess what? I do have emetophobia and I know that. I took the quiz and it said "You probably just feel sympathy for the ones who throw up" I hate this person.
111 days ago
emetophobia has haunted me pretty much my whole life !!!! since i was 3 that’s when it started i was in headstart and a boy was behind me in line and he threw up and the tiniest little bit got on my shoes and i freaked and everytime my mom tried to make me wear them i refused to i panic so bad whenever i see someone vomit and it always replay in my head than it got really bad the start of 2021 i was at a new years party and the adults were getting drunk and my cousin was illegal to drink so she drunk a lot and she sat next to me on the couch but i didn’t think nothing of it she was like sleep then out of nowhere she throws up right next to me and my younger cousin has a weak stomach and she had food in her hand then she threw up while my cousin was still throwing up ! i sat in the other room by myself then had to get out bc that were some people were sleeping ( it was a hotel btw) so i layed down on the pull out couch with my other younger cousins and all i did was cry shake and repeatedly called my dad to come get me but he wasn’t able too he felt so bad and was trying to calm me down and it was like 4am so my mom was sleep and i didn’t sleep the whole day both of my aunts were throwing up and had bad hangovers and it was just a lot lol but that triggered my phobia even more bc now if i see someone drinking alcohol im scared they will throw up or when someone is drunk . it affects me really bad bc im scared to eat certain foods if i threw something up i will never eat it again i check the exasperation date on everything when my stomach hurts i take pesto bismol everytime bc im so scared i will vomit i have the worse anxiety when it comes to that
121 days ago
to all people reading this - youre not alone and we’ll get through this
145 days ago
Hi I thought I was the only person afraid thank god I’m not I’m so scared I’m going into first year I know no one and I’m so scared of going on the bus I hate having it I usually cry when someone is sick but if I don’t I can’t stop thinking about it it just annoys me soooo much 😭
So yeah I’m going on a holiday and I’m afraid if someone gets travel sickness
Ok if you read this thank you bye ❤️
149 days ago
I can't believe that I'm not the only person who is scared to throw up!!! I haven't thrown up in 5 years and even if I feel like throwing up I just cantttttt
160 days ago
Is it normal to avoid a lot of food I haven’t had chocolate in 5 years and I only have a certain amount of food a day
167 days ago
OHHHH myyyyy gosh you guys can not know how frickin happy i am to find out im not the only person like this and that its a real PHOBIA!!
195 days ago
Omg 😱 So many people in my class are sick. Like half of the class. (I haven’t seen one at school vomit yet but I think it’sa stomach bug☹️☹️☹️☹️) I am literally so scared. I told the teacher I have a stomach ache today so I could go home. My mom picked me up and I cried. I freaking don’t want to get sick. Especially if I vomit. ☹️☹️☹️☹️ I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow. I will wear a mask. Also I was just on vacation and all I could think about was throwing up. It ruined the vacation. I always wash my hands and stay away from people. I’m a germaphobe. HELP MEE
197 days ago
I have been struggling with emetophobia since grade 3 when on my birthday I was having a sleepover with some friends and I have a summer birthday, so we had all drove out to my summer cottage and we’re staying for two nights, so the first day was fine, but on the full day we had there at the start of the day my friend totally gorged out on the crepes my dad made for breakfast, and then later in the day she didn’t participate in some of the activities like surfing, saying she was tired. Before this I had never felt any sutra in way towards v*m*t. So at dinner we’re just sitting down and she was sitting right next to me and suddenly something splatted on the floor and I looked over and I thought she had spilt her drink and then a realized she had thrown up and I full on sprinted out of the restaurant and on to the beach, and then avoided her for the rest of the trip, she was sick one more time after this on the trip in the bathroom of the cottage. Ever since then I have had a crippling fear of v*m*t, but only other people getting sick, I am unfazed if I get sick, but other people v*m*ting sends me spiralling. This has been very dissabilitating, this happened in gr 3 and I am now in gr 6. I have to skip some field trips, like the annual camping trip because the drive is so long someone always gets carsick. This last year I reeeaaalllyy wanted to go to the camping trip, and they said the drive was only 45 minutes and it should be fine so I went. There was terrible traffic, someone got sick, and I cried in front of my whole grade and attempted to open the window and climb out. I hate emetophobia it has affected my life so much. My brother will get carsick in a car ride and I will go crazy because he is right next to me and he tries to purposely p*ke on me because he knows I hates it and he hates me. A couple of times this has happened and it has made my phobia even worse. The worst thing is my parents and teachers don’t understand at all, while I was in the bus on the way to when that girl was sick, my teacher came to me and said “you need to be mindful of others and calm down because this is an over reaction and now we can have to deal with you while we should be dealing with the girl who is actually physically sick, yours is a mental” and when I’m in the car with my brother my parents will stay something like “oh🕊it up, sure it’ll stink if he v*m*ts but it won’t kill you, this is a overreaction you need to get over yourself, this is really going to hold you back in life” like, I’m having a full on panic atack, you could at least try to understand
This phobia has haunted me and I really hope some people understand
203 days ago
Please read this! It's my story. Sorry that it's so long lol!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that you are very strong. I remember taking this quiz about two years ago and getting slightly emetophobic as a result. I was upset because I knew for a fact that this response was not credible. I really do feel that this quiz lacks a good amount of questions, even though a lot of them were relatable. My emetophobia is a very specific case; I am not afraid of thr*wing up. I am only terrified of others doing it. I am not entirely sure how this even happened in the first place, to be honest, but I do have some sort of theory. I was in Spain with my family and my sister's best friend, who my parents love deeply. Let's say her name was Ramona. At this time, I was about 8-9 years old and had zero feelings toward v**it. It was breakfast and my dad made a banana smoothie and offered it to her. Willingly, she drank it and left to the bathroom before we left. She casually emerged out of the bathroom and had told us that she thr*w up. By the way, I am censoring the word in case it bothers any of you. Anyways, I was surprised because she looked fine to me but otherwise not really affected besides feeling sympathetic for her. A while later we were driving to the place we wanted to visit and my parents stopped the car. My older sister, younger sister, and I were sitting on the third row of the car while she was on the second. She got out of the car with my mom and stood outside. I still remember to this day what shoes she was wearing and her outfit. She just stood there with my mom in front of her and I was really confused. Then, all of a sudden, she got sick again. I quickly turned away along with my sisters after looking through the window. We all made a sound of disgust and I was very uncomfortable. However, I was fine being in the same car as her for the most part after that, especially when she had said she was feeling better. It happened to her a few more times throughout the day and I wondered why we were not back home yet if she was so sick. I started feeling a bit nauseous myself, and so did my mother. After lunch, I got sick in the car and we had to pull up for me to get myself together. My mom also got sick when we stopped outside. Turns out the family got a stomach virus. My younger sister and mother got sick along with me, and Ramona had gotten better. My sister had gotten sick all over the bed we shared so I slept on the couch and she came later after taking a quick shower. I was annoyed at her because I wanted to be alone. Once the trip was over and we were all fine, we had flown back home and it took ten hours to get there. I have severe motion sickness so I had gotten sick again after the flight back to Florida, my home. I was used to this so it did not affect me or surprise me. That may be why I only get uneasy when others get sick, not necessarily me. I hate thr*wing up but not as much as I hate seeing it. Sometimes I literally feel paranoid and like I am an outcast for such a strange fear. Anyways, I got back home and did not feel like I had any problems with "sick". We then had a movie night as a family and there was a scene of a girl getting sick. I was beyond unsettled and cried into the pillow of the couch. I was shaking and did not want to continue the movie. I can't even look at the cover of that movie anymore. I guess that's when my emetophobia really clicked in. Whenever someone got sick or even said they felt nauseous, had a stomach or headache, or when they coughed, when they were sick earlier, when their family was sick, really anything, I would begin shaking and avoid them as much as possible. The fear is absolutely crippling and I can't avoid it at any cost. I just hate when people say they have a phobia as a joke because they really don't know ANYTHING about how it feels. I shake, cry, scream, curse, sob, and run as far as I can whenever someone gets ill. I hate the sound, the visual, the smell, everything. Fast forward to when I turned twelve, I had already known the name of the phobia and practically diagnosed myself with it as I had more than enough evidence. I developed anorexia nervosa because of my self consciousness and how insecure I was about my body. I starved myself and ate nothing while working out like crazy. I would hide food and constantly lie to the point that I had dropped 25 pounds. It was incredibly unhealthy and I spent a whole month in the hospital with a tube up my nose. There was a lot more than that but I really don't want to make this very long or get into specifics. I got sent to a residential treatment center and a lot of kids had bulimia as well. This is when they make themselves sick to get rid of the food they eat. Terrible, I know. I had to experience almost half a year there watching people go through that. It was HELL. I wanted to escape and had thought about it everyday. I am fine now and in recovery. I just feel like I have so many problems, I despise it. If I see people stop walking in front of me somewhere I freak out because I think they will be sick. Even a position they make or a bus ride freaks me out like crazy. I hate this life. I also have OCD along with the emetophobia. I always tell people I have the phobia so they are not too surprised when I am in action being afraid.

Anyways, keep fighting. Thank you for reading!💗
216 days ago
216 days ago
I have emetophobia. Badly. It was actually starting to get better because nobody was sick and I always felt fine. But now things couldn’t be worse. The flu is going around. I haven’t been going to school but my sister has. I have to go tomorrow my mom says so. Now it’s going around in my sisters class. I am absolutely terrified. I’m afraid to throw up. I don’t like going out to eat. I don’t have friends because I’m afraid I’ll get sick from them. I feel like my life is crumbling, I think I’m going to get the flu. Maybe you guys can imagine how scared I feel. Honestly I’d rather die than throw up, I hate to sound dramatic but this is how I feel. This is me and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.😕
228 days ago
I have emetophobia. It ruins my life because all day I keep thinking about vomit. It’s been 5 years since I’ve thrown up so I don’t remember what it feels like. When I get stomach aches I start panicking and shaking. My father makes me feel better cause he distracts me so I stop thinking about it. When people throw up I don’t want to be around them until a week after. When people feel nauseous I get away from them. I really need help. 😓😓😓😓😓
240 days ago
I’ve had emetophobia since I was 6? My emetophobia got even worse from school, there was this kid in my class that threw up twice and spit blood out once and this girl that always used to cough and it sounded like gagging, once I threw up when I was out with my mom but before I threw up my stomach was hurting then I threw up in a store while getting medicine for the stomachache. My dad used to get really drunk and throw up and I started to cry and panic and plug my ears or put my earphones in and listen to something and go under my cover, good thing he’s sober now but it scares me whenever he goes to the bathroom late at night, I sometimes think he’s gonna throw up or something. When I was 10 in September of 2020 I started to feel really nauseous after eating Mcdonald’s and I started to have a panic attack and I’m now 12 and I few nauseous 24/7 and have panic attacks because of it. Emetophobia has basically taken over my life, whenever my stomach starts to hurt I panic, whenever I eat too much of something I start to panic and think I’m going to get sick. I just want someone to listen to me and I want emetophobia out of my life, I’m scared to go to school because I’m afraid to see kids throwing up. I just want friends that can understand me and talk to me. anyone wants to be my friend ❤️‍🩹.
251 days ago
My sister had tonsilitis a few months back and now, even though I’m not religious I pray every single night and have OCD because of it. If i hear any noise from my sisters room I will plug my ears and curl up. I have an eating disorder from it. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of it or give the email of a the🍦 pls? It controls my life.
257 days ago
ive had emetophobia since i was 7 months old and now i am 9.. i would rather not know that i am about to do the thing then feel it as i start to panic... in school many peple have done it an i always am forced to look at it. atleast one of my teachers has it plus my freinds know what it is but they keep triggering me