Am I Emetophobic? The Emetophobia Quiz

Emetophobia is an intense, uncontrollable fear of vomiting. It can severely affect people's lives (it does mine). Do you have this phobia? I hope not, but if you have any reason to be unsure, take my test now and find out. Because phobias are in your mind and are not reality, emetophobia can be controlled with the right thinking process, and can perhaps even be overcome entirely.

  • 1
    When others throw up, do you panic?
    When others throw up, do you panic?
  • 2
    Do you cry or want/try to run away when someone is ill?
  • 3
    Do you panic when someone coughs?

  • 4
    Do you feel really shaky and sweaty when someone else vomits?
  • 5
    When someone else vomits, you...
  • 6
    It's flu season and you have to go to school. You...

  • 7
    You hear someone in the bathroom at night. Your first thought is...
  • 8
    You eat pizza and throw up that same night. You...
  • 9
    You realize you had a little too much bacon at breakfast. Your first thought is...
  • 10
    Does hearing the words sick, ill, barf, vomit, and puke make you uneasy?

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14 days ago
i have panic attacks when anyone thr@ws up. none of my friends know and it SUCKS. i'm just glad theres other people who are going thru this.
20 days ago
Can anyone relate to this- so when you see in class and someone is looking tired or smt like that your first thought is “they feel sick” and it happenes every single lesson.. even at gymnastics and everywhere I go.. anyone have any tips? :)
29 days ago
I don't get scared when I'm personally sick but I hate the feeling. When others are sick, I try to stay away just because I'm afraid of getting thrown up on. I love roller coasters but in the back of my mind I always worry that someone next to me or behind me will throw up on me. When I think about being thrown up on, I never know what I'd do in the situation. I may cry or pass out or maybe just run away. It scares me to think though, that at some point in my life I may get thrown up on. My stomach hurts a little even typing this.
48 days ago
I developed emetophobia when I was 7 years old, i hated eating before going to bed and never ate after dinner. Because of that I woke up multiple times each night starving but when I got up in the morning I never wanted to eat as I was scared of being sick. I never wanted to eat too much of anything even if I was starving. My parents even told me I'd have to go to hospital to get tube fed. That scared me even more. Never did I want to eat at New places. NEVER!! I was terrified of vom*t!ng and still am. I've tried so hard to get rid of my phobia and still am. Good luck to everyone else battling emetophobia!

Idk how else to describe my emetophobia lmao bye
56 days ago
It said I just felt a bit uncomfy around people being unwell , I think this is kinda underestimating peoples experiences , when my sister was unwelni ran in. My room and hid under the covers shaking for half an hour crying , idk when the phobia started I’ve had a few experiences but I fully panicked on all of them. Idk what else to put here but it’s nice to know that people do actually have this fear and that I’m not alone
56 days ago
My life with emetophobia: I’m WAY more scared of others being sick than myself. The sound is the worst bit! I struggle to think of career options that avoid situations where people throw up. There are at least ten locations that I refuse to go to due to sick-related experiences. It is on my mind 100% of the time, I’ve developed weird habits such as tying my hair up before I sleep. I sleep with headphones on and I remember every single throw-up involving event so vividly. I get scared when people cough, choke and I would rather leave someone to deal with their sickness themselves than get involved, even if their life depended on it. Flight is my response. It’s impossible to predict when it’ll happen. I see red towards the sick person, not just anger but absolute livid fury. I don’t worry about getting cheated on, hurt, not getting a good job, dying or literally anything else, I worry about the inevitable next time that I’ll come face to face with my mortal enemy, V****. My legs are shaking writing this. I wish I could swap with an arachnophobe. I don’t want the panic, terror, devastation, I’m petrified. I always plan an escape route, if I’m on a bus, in a car or even at a party. I genuinely believe that I would jump out of a moving vehicle to exit certain situations. Strangely, I recently found out that I’m completely normal in relation to my dog throwing up. My response was the same as anyone else. My dog was silent, odourless and so cute that I forgave him immediately. NO FEAR!!!!
56 days ago
All the articles about emetophobia include the ‘V word’ which I am petrified of! I want to learn about my condition but every time I see this word I feel really uncomfortable. Please don’t use this word in further articles on emetophobia.undefined
64 days ago
My emetephobia definitely stemmed from a. Holiday I went in when I was 8. I’d never liked being “ill” (let’s phrase is that way to not trigger anyone) because no one does. But when I was eight I got a really bad bug mixed with sun stroke and I was up all night being “ill” and it was really bad. It traumatised me. Due to this I panic whenever someone even says they feel ill or have a slight stomach ache. The only occasion I don’t panic is when my sister is ill because she gets ill on her period. It’s effected my day to day life. And it caused me to not eat a lot and become borderline anorexic as a child. Just know you aren’t alone
65 days ago
im so happy people can see what its like as welll because nobody i know of is an emet. i only ever told 4 people about and i wish my friends were emets too
77 days ago
It's great to see that people are also like me in this way. I am absolutely terrified of throwing up or throw up in any way. recently my friends found out that I am emetophobic, they didn't find out the severity they just found out that it scared me. So of course them thinking it was just mild, joked about throwing up and made gag noises and stuff all around me and it made me very uncomfortable and sometimes made it hard for me to breathe. They all said that if they were to be sick everyone point in my direction, so they would get it on me which the thought of that makes me tremble. If i see someone throw up or hear that they have thrown up, I try to stay as far away from them as possible. I recently went to an amusement park with friends, and I sat out on some of the rides due to my phobia, I didn't want to get sick or be seen sick, after we had left the park for lunch we came back in and there was a girl, throwing up into a tree. It took my breath away, I had a sharp pain in the bottom of my chest, I was shaking, I got dizzy, I was trying everything to get my mind away from it, it stills haunts me. I think my phobia started when I was about 7, I remember the book fair coming in and we had bought three books for our class, World's Most Dangerous Things, World's Scariest Things, and World's grossest things. I remember the boy who i sat next had been reading the grossest things one with me and he turned the page and arrived on "v*mit" and there were literal pictures, I felt so grossed out I felt like everything was spinning and then for the next year or so I could not take my mind off of that. I have so many stories and I've hurt some relationships with my emetophobia. so yeah lol
106 days ago
i dont eat a lot bc i feel sick and i get scared lolz also dont eat in public places or school
112 days ago
Reading these comments made me feel I'm not alone. I got emetophobia when I was around 11 years old and I'm still having a hard time going through it. My family often joke me about that and sometimes even scold me for not helping my siblings when they're sick. I can't even watch movies where there are people throwing up. I know they are fake but it just make me feel uncomfortable. If someone throw up I get panicked and I go away from that place so that I don't hear that. I hope we can overcome this soon.
158 days ago
yesterday wednesday i got sick i dont know how
161 days ago
I took this test and answered honestly, but it said I’m not emetophobic??! I know for a fact that I am.
166 days ago
When ever I hear somebody get sick let's call it I start to go under my blanket or cover my ears as quickly as possible And avoid eye contact from the sick person if someone in my house is sick I try and stay away from them for as long as I can
182 days ago
I get to the point idc who you are I’m running away shaking and crying somewhere you arent
189 days ago
I dont mind when people sneeze, cough or have diarrhea, but WHENEVER I HEAR SOME ONE SAY "i feel a bit sick" I cover my ears, close my eyes and panic and run away!
196 days ago
I had extreme emetophobia to the point where I developed an eating disorder. I am currently recovering and gained 15 pounds in the past 2 months. My panic attacks are EXTREMELY less frequent. I used to have 2-5 panic attack a day. Now, I have 1-2 each week. If I am in recovery from the worst, you can be in recovery too.
201 days ago
My emetophobia is pure heck. Whenever someone gets sick at school, I can’t move, I cover my eyes, and start shaking. It often sticks with me for about a week, then I move on. I’ve developed severe anxiety from it, and I just want it to stop.
238 days ago
i have emetophobia & it ruins me honestly. i’m 15 right now but it developed when i was like 8 or 9. i don’t remember exactly how it developed but i do remember being TERRIFIED of long car rides or like have motion sickness. there was this certain time where i went to the fair & i was scared of eating and then going on rides after so i didn’t eat (which was a stupid idea) *⚠️VO*IT WARNING⚠️* & i only drank liquids that day on a really hot summer day & when my family decided to eat, i started getting a really bad stomach ache but i didn’t eat anything so i tried eating a little bit & ended up thr*wing up the food ://. i was so embarrassed & terrified & that kinda increased my emetophobia a lot. i recently got these Upspring Stomach Settle candys (they’re for motion sickness, nausea, & upset stomach) they saved me! whenever you feel nauseas take one of these (they taste good too) you feel better in minutes! emetophobia is ruining my life but i know im not alone. im here for you all