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Do You Have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)? Test

This is a quiz to determine whether or not you might have MPD. The questions are fairly straightforward, and a conclusion is drawn at the end. (IMPORTANT: If this is a serious concern for you and not just idle curiosity, please consult a professional. This quiz should NOT be considered a substitute for a professional diagnosis.)

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    What mental health disorders have you been diagnosed with previously, if any?
    What mental health disorders have you been diagnosed with previously, if any?

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85 days ago
It said I have depression and anxiety and I do wow
253 days ago
I got 31% but I got like schizoaffective disorder thing
358 days ago
I got 62% MPD/DID. Hooray hooray 🥲
458 days ago
692 days ago
31% Hmmm... thought it would be more considering that i actualy have MPD
710 days ago
I don't have DID. I know this… all the symptoms fit, absolutely… except one:

No blackouts. I rember everything but I do have different personalities with distinct changes in them. I don't have control. They all are very different, have different backgrounds/names/ideas/thoughts/actions . They all feel differently about things. But… I just… I DON'T BLACKOUT. So therefore I don't think I have it. I'm just very confused. Also, totally not taking this seriously, I did research so.

Also, abou the blackout thing: I do forget parts of my life occasionally nowadays. Once I forgot two whole days. Not too long ago. But… y'know.
741 days ago
Well then 55%? not taking this as LITERALL diagnosis for obvious reasons but you know...
If this is what I get for a quiz with only 12 (I think) questions then 🦄.
853 days ago
I got only 31% even if i regularly loose control of my body and see myself say and do things i wouldn't do, frequently change my perception of gender/age/body in a very contradictory way, there's no questions about self-communication and such, lots of things are based on the past but i don't have enough memories to reply correctly to these ? If someone has DID they might litterally not remember about abuse because of it... I'm not sure it's a very universally functionning test.
901 days ago
At school, I'm a confident person with friends. At home, I get fired up super easily, and sometimes I have emotional breakdowns. Online, I'm the one that goes "UwU", but also I was attached to someone online who ended up leaving me. After that, I had another breakdown and I didn't talk to people nearly as much. Sometimes I end up daydreaming about stuff, like pretending I'm someone else. The test thing says I have a minor personality disorder or anxiety/non-clinical sadness. Oof.
919 days ago
Half of the question where not on there plus this is for adults
928 days ago
my mom has always preferred my sister over me, and all my life she's criticized the way i look and the clothes i wear (even tho im not even allowed to go shopping so how is it my fault??! im fifteen bro), which i believe is what led me to have a split personality disorder. im not sure which kind, but i definitely have lots of different moods and things. at school people see me as the shy girl with the high pitched voice; at home im seen as either the dramatic crybaby or the edgy/moody goth; at the rest of my families' houses im seen as the southern belle, and online im seen as the loud one with all the bright ideas.
1053 days ago
I-idk I’m gonna take a test to see if I’m getting ......... by my mom... idk
1110 days ago
Henlo 31% gorl here got a question! Okay so what if you have no memory of harming or hurting urself but it just appears there and you wonder how it got there
1123 days ago
Just no these questions are unnecessary!
1145 days ago
i have DID and i only got a 46% lmao. those with DID arent insane. DID is from childhood trauma before the age of 7, with OSDD-1 before the age of 9(or rarely, 11). thanks.
1162 days ago
I'm absolutely insane HAHAHhaHAhAhAHaHa
1183 days ago
Why can’t you chose more than one option
1216 days ago
i got a 77% i knew i was a crazy mistake :(
1234 days ago
HaahAHaHHAh iM cRaZY
1234 days ago
Eeeeek I got a 38 hahaha not that I care I mean why should I? who cares If i have it or not I have to keep it hidden if they find out there treat me dffently I hate geting treated diffently then everyone else. I dont need help I'm not like those weird people IM not weird or am I? Probely Who cares??? I dont I need to be strong . I'm not stupied.Or am I? I guess I am. cause today my sister yelled at me calling me stupied and stuff just cause I did not want my mom to do my hair I mean Its my hair and and all whats she got to do with it and stuff. The thing is that she said my hair would bacome rachet as 💋 just like my other sister's hair(we are triplets) and stuff. But the wrost thing about it is that my mom was right there and she did not even to anything about it she was not even talking at all and just looking at me as she was stared calling me all these names and stuff like that but I just yelled out she is over reating she than conitued to say things like this as my mom was in the middle of doing my hair soon it stared to get to me and I stared shakeing and pulling at my hair and tears stared to roll down my eyes but the funny thing is that when I got to much I fell down laughing my head off like crazy and what happend next made the tears stared rolling down faster then ever my mom slapped me and yelled at me to get up so she could finsh my hair. SHE DID NOT EVEN SAY ANYTHING TO MY SISTER WHO WAS STILL SAYING ALL THOSE BAD THINGS ABOUT ME!!! oh and for some odd resson whever I cry I start to smile this not even a sad smile a smile full of glee and creepyness it also happed when are car rammed into a fence and my shoders rammed into the seat in front of me. It is a very odd thing sometimes. When I stared to break down my sister said "exacly" and went off into the room when my mother finshed my hair I went into the bathroom and stared my self in the mirroe I thought of something sad and that same smile came on my face even my eyes seemed to be with that smile it made me look creepy and odd at the same time then tears ran down my face then stopped and then again then stopped then I just sat and played with stuff in the bathroom then after what seemed like 30 min I looked at my sleaf in the mirrow again then stared crying stop and again again. then when I was looking better I wnt out again and I stared playing with my little sister but then my mom said wharever u stared laughing and crying that mixire of whatever that thing was I cruse that out of the name of crise I was so mad but the really creppy thing was that same smile reapred on my face and that there was my baby sister bear on the chair just looking at me Im not even kidding It was like it was stareing right at me!! but I was a little how should I say this mad at the time I mean crazy mad and piked up the bear up and went back in the bathroom and stared saying how the bear only cares about me and I am no one and the bear is my only frend who can carry part of my brokenees with it and I named him mister bear and cryed again stoped and cryed again and again. whenI was feelng better I went out when mt mom was in her room and drank some juice. then took mr brear with me inside my sister room and I was still angry about it but I also did not want to go back into the bathroom so when I went inside the room my GOD DAMED sister (the one who just stayed in the room with her phone playing games/we shear beds)was in my spot just laying there and who actly heard me walk in!! just stayed there of couse I pushed her head and told her to move it was not even a hard one just a jentle push BUT NOOOO she hit me back and stared movng saying like I did not have to push her and suff OH COME ONNN do you people no how much I told her to not lay on my side let me tell her I was so mad I aclally had the idea to get some water and put it on my side so she can not sleep there anymore but the bad thing is that neather can I and no hell way will I be slepping on the floor. so she push me back no gentle at all but a full blown slap and then we stared to argeue at that point in my head I felt like I was forgoted. no at all seemed like me and all of them would just wamt me to go some where else. then she kicked me I really was going to hit her back but what stoped me she said that I have nothing to be mad about. I HAVE NOTHING TO BE MAD ABOUT THE HEAK NOTHING AT ALL oh cooomme ONN but I haled back and got on bed I could not go to sleep so I stared to feel like I need to feel needed and stuff like that so I went to look up multiple peronalitys cause at home im am cool and normal at school Its like I am that girl who has a high voice and wants everyone to be frends with her and shy.I HATE IT to tell the truth today I am left with no pride at all and is curently going crazy tallking to Mr.bear about all my promblems. Im even crazy telling this all to some random wepsite I found oh and some side infor I am 13 well amost I mean im in the middle now im 14 the first part was when I was 13 but now its 1:39 time its nov 3 in now 14 such a good start to a birthday dont you agreee????