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Please read each statement and select a number 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 that best describes how much that experience has distressed or bothered you during the past month. There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too much time on any one statement. This assessment is not intended to be a diagnosis. The higher the score, the more likely it is you may have OCD (we aren't doctors so this isn't a guarantee). 0= Not at all 1= A little 2= Moderately 3= A lot 4= Extremely

  • 1
    I wash and clean obsessively
  • 2
    I check things more often than necessary
  • 3
    I repeatedly check doors, windows, drawers, etc.

  • 4
    I repeatedly check gas/water taps/light switches after turning them off
  • 5
    I collect things I don’t need
  • 6
    I have saved up so many things that they get in the way

  • 7
    After doing something carefully, I still have the impression I haven’t finished it
  • 8
    I feel that there are only good and bad numbers
  • 9
    I get upset if others have changed the way I have arranged my things
  • 10
    Before going to sleep I have to do certain things in a certain way

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31 days ago
i got “you have ocd. you should visit a doctor” and i know the person who made this isnt a doctor and cant diagnose me, but im pretty sure i have ocd. i told my mom my symptoms and she literally said “i have a friend who’s son has ocd and it sounds like what ur experiencing” and i had to go to counseling. but i never got diagnosed so i dont say i have ocd, i think i do tho.
39 days ago
I’m pretty sure I have depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and a tiny bit of ocd
101 days ago
I’m pretty sure I have depression it is so annoying 😩
116 days ago
It said I prob have OCD, just great. I already struggle with depression (maybe bipolar), anxiety, PTSD, social anxiety, & self-harm.
167 days ago
Hi ?? I do have ocd (pronouns she/her) and by what you said I think you have some form of OCD. OCD is like a spectrum, one persons ocd could be extreme, and another persons could only affect them when their colouring or something. I’d talk to a trusted adult.
270 days ago
If you are clinically diagnosed with OCD, could you please give me some advice? I feel like I have OCD, but I’m not sure if I’m maybe just making it up or not. I am a very Type A person and I love organizing, but the thing is I can’t focus unless things are a certain “way,” if that makes any sense. It’s hard to explain, but if things aren’t in a specific order or if I don’t do certain things a certain amount of times then I can’t focus and I am in a state of physical discomfort (ex: sweating, shaking, crying). I also have a lot of random intrusive thoughts that I just can’t shake, and my friend (who is clinically diagnosed with OCD) said that intrusive thoughts can be a big part of it. I’m really scared that I’m actually just getting in my head about this and I don’t have OCD, so if you could give any advice that’d help a lot 🙏
361 days ago
i bet you 100 dollars the person who made this quiz does not have ocd
402 days ago
There is more to OCD than just checking and cleaning, did you know that people who suffer with OCD have difficulty performing everyday things for instance answering when you get called on they think they have to stand and blink or something bad will happen. So don't stereotype people about it, help them and this quiz should be updated with better ideas is symptoms
453 days ago
Is OCD a bad thing? And is there anything you can do to help?
586 days ago
Apparently I have a good chance of having OCD
607 days ago
Also, Hoarding Disorder is no longer counted as part of OCD.
607 days ago
Ok people need to get this straight. OCD isn’t just cleaning or checking. It doesn’t only consist of washing your hands a lot. People with OCD experience unwanted thoughts (for example violent ones) that cause them a huge deal of distress. To get rid of those thoughts - called obsessions - they do compulsions. Compulsions or rituals are repetitive acts that one feels compelled to engage in. Maybe they think that if they do do the ritual then something bad will happen to someone they love. However compulsions only provide relief from the intrusive thoughts/obsessions for a short amount of time, and when the thoughts come back more compulsions are done. OCD is an ever going cycle of hell. Please don’t stereotype. It’s not just about organising or of something is out of place, goddammit.
615 days ago
Im sorry but there is so much more to ocd then checking things. Its intrusive thoughts that keep you up at night, feeling as if there is a voice in your head telling you to do random things because something good will hapen if you do or bad if you dont. or the next time the teacher says your name you have to blink and stand up or you will get a bad grade. things like that.
647 days ago
Guys please remember that there is so much more to OCD than just counting or hand washing. It’s a severe disorder with a dark side. Don’t joke about it, and support people who suffer from it.
780 days ago
lol, i took this test even tho I am diagnosed. the test was right...
940 days ago
WOW. I answered no. 4 on EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. Huh.
1122 days ago
I might be ocd I'm at least a borderline ocd extreme perfectionist
1193 days ago
I always have to have everything perfect.
1729 days ago
My Dad doesn't have OCD but he likes to collect antiques.
1729 days ago
My mom has OCD so it's likely i do too. My sister does too.