Do you know ADHD? Quiz

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How well do you know ADHD, this quiz will test your knowledge of ADHD and it’s symptoms, etc.

  • 1
    All kids with adhd are hyper
  • 2
    Most people with ADHD have a co-existing disorder, such as; ODD, OCD, autism, learning difficulty’s and/or Tic disorders and Tourette’s
  • 3
    ADHD individuals are more likely to have an addictive nature

  • 4
    People with ADHD can be more creative, sensitive and funny than any other students or individual without ADHD
  • 5
    People with ADHD are able to produce more work ( if interested in the subject or activity)
  • 6
    Someone with ADHD are more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder or mood disorder

  • 7
    ADHD is a spectrum
  • 8
    ADHD is more common in boys than girls
  • 9
    People with ADHD can have great long term memory but difficulties with short term memory for example, misplacing keys, shoes, etc
  • 10
    Focusing with ADHD can take as much energy as doing push ups

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350 days ago
If your struggling to tell your parents to get tested write them a letter a put it somewhere they’ll see it.
350 days ago
I got 9/10 and I have it.
441 days ago
@SuicideGirl I am going to list some resources that you can use if you feel comfortable doing so. Remember, you are a person who deserves love, respect and happiness no matter what anyone else may think. Be safe. X

If you live in the UK:
Childline: 08001111 (free, confidential and won’t show up on your phone bills)
CAMHS: NHS service to support children and young people with mental health issues
Mind: a charity with an immediate help centre on the webpage aimed at everyone.

I’m so sorry but I couldn’t find any resources for the US (I don’t live there), but if you need help, I highly recommend a google search to find help and support.

It’s ok to feel down sometimes, and if you are struggling there are people who would love to hear from you. You are worthy of support. X
457 days ago
I'm 14 y/o and I have ADHD, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, I self-harm and I'm suicidal. I've been depressed for 2 or 3 years, suicidal for about 1 year and been self-harming for a couple months.
I'm very sorry for all the people struggling in life.

*Virtual hug 🫂 🤗
534 days ago
i got 9/10 and it said you ethirer googled the ansers or lived with adhd or have it and this is so ture cuz i have it and live with someone else who has it and @a person same
571 days ago
@A person same
577 days ago
I have ADHD, SPD, and some skin thing that I can't even pronounce, I just did it off my own experience. Some things that I do that others night want o try: I use fidgets a lot during classes. It helps so, so much. I also keep a little notebook with me where I write down ideas and random thoughts that pop ihto my head, which also helps focus. I am always late for school because I get so into something, maybe a book or a video or something, and losee track of time. Yeah, this is not pleasant. Why do people fake it?
706 days ago
im pretty sure i have adhd school is so hard i cant concentrate
716 days ago
I have adhd. I just answered about my experience
729 days ago
I have ADHD and it is super difficult to focus on school. I always end up thinking about my life at home and then i'm out of it and I block out everything anyone says to me. Luckily all of my core teachers have ADHD too so they understand when I tell them about how I loose focus and how I get distracted easily. I feel like I can only focus on what i'm supposed to do for school after I do what I want to do at home. Its really tough, and I turn in everything late for school and I do all assignments on the last day possible. If I have a question I have to search up the answer before doing homework, and every day before school I spend 10 minutes on Youtube and on different websites, doing my own thing when i'm supposed to be getting ready for school. And to add to all that, there is a boy in my math class who harasses me every single day. I want to punch his stupid little head off. He hits me with his notebook and kicks me until I get bruised and he has physically and emotionally scarred me. He is slowly killing me. So I cannot pay attention in math and I feel so lonely and lost. I want to make cheer team but why would anyone want me on the team. They would probably whisper about me behind my back anyways. I just want to be.. normal.
751 days ago
Hi! I’m somebody who has ADHD and it’s really really tough :/
one of the things that I struggle with most of focusing on school because i can never get my assignments done and always want to fidget. If you have ADHD I recommend you buy a few fidgets for thing like doing homework and during class (try to get ones that don’t make lots of noise) And if you have trouble keeping up with assignments try keeping a special notebook with you when you go to school! You can bring out your notebook in every class and write down each assignment that you have to do for each class. If you forget that’s okay!!:) After school if you still haven’t completed some of your assignments you can get out your notebook and start completing the assignments that you can from home. I know with ADHD it’s really hard to find motivation so with my notebook I usually try to make it look pretty which helps me get started. That’s just one of the strategies I use but you can use whatever works for you! Try to find a little bag of trick you can use! If you think you have ADHD but you’re not sure try asking your parents by saying something like “Hey, I’ve been noticing that I have quite a few symptoms of ADHD and it’s really been bothering me lately. I want to find out if I have ADHD or not because it’s really been bugging me.” And hopefully it goes well. Remember! ADHD is a chemical imbalance in your brain so I suggest that you do something like go to behavioral therapy or get medication (only if you are diagnosed and feel comfortable with it). I hope this helps!
793 days ago
I have anxiety and ADHD. Not to mention suffering from slight depression and OCD.

Like bruh why can’t I be normal.
And for those fakers out there:

It’s not cool to have a mental illness. It is a pain in the *muffin* to handle it.
903 days ago
I’m literally 13 my sister who is 8 literally 8 has ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Binge Eating Disorder, and ADD I only have ADHD it’s a family thing, well and anxiety which I have but she is 8 and has way more mental health issues- GET FIDGETS FROM AMAZON I PROMISE YOU
993 days ago
I'm 13 and I have ADHD, OCD, anxiety, ODD, SPD and dermatillomamia as diagnosed things and probably other undiagnosed things. The thing that has saved me is fidgets. I have been collecting since I was 5. Even though they are popular now I used them before they were popular.
1033 days ago
I am almost 13 and I have most probaly ADHD, OCD, ODD and of course my good friend, Anxiety. Sooo... My life is crazy cos I'm always fidgeting and talking and being down right annoying, which tbh us just kinda sad cos I ALWAYS get into to trouble for talking in class.
1042 days ago
@your name I feel like that too, I think I have adhd but I don’t know how to tell my parents I want to get tested
1086 days ago
Also does anyone else ever feel like they can't get away from everything, you get what I mean? Like everything is too much and you just want to exist in a blank space for a little bit? I'm wondering if that's an ADHD thing or just me.
1086 days ago
Ok it's not actually more common in boys it's just diagnosed more because boys are more likely to have hyperactive symptoms and this is coming from a girl who's mostly just inattentive symptoms but is always tapping.
1091 days ago
I have ADHD and just answered with my symptoms and stuff