Am I Sick? Quiz💉

We all get sick from time to time, but are you wondering whether you should tough it out at school/work or just take the day off to take care of yourself? Take this short 'Am I getting sick?' quiz to find out. (I am not a medical professional, only good at biology.)

Editor's note: This quiz was made pre-Covid-19. If you have any of the symptoms of this highly communicable and potentially deadly viral disease, immediately take appropriate precautions such as wearing a mask, thoroughly and regularly washing your hands, and isolating yourself if you can. Get full information on symptoms and more from the US Centers for Disease Control at ml; or the World Health Organization at onavirus-2019. Be safe!

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    How long have you been sick?
    How long have you been sick?

Comments (93)


6 days ago
I am a little sick. My tonsils are touching and one's bleeding a little and i can barely breathe. How is that a little sick??
13 days ago
I have diabetes now and I have a terrible headache
71 days ago
I think that I've broke records rn on having bigest headache of all time.. also slaughterhouse is harder than acheron.
79 days ago
So I fainted in math class and like I was bleeding and they picked me up and I went to the nurse. I woke up in a hospital and I was very bloody, sweaty and crying! So they were like we need to run tests I am so scared!! I need help and I am shaking right now and I think I am abt to faint help!!
79 days ago
I am so sic I can’t even stand
79 days ago
Omg I cannot stop throwing up me and my toilet are now one
89 days ago
I feel shakey And I can't stop crying and I can't walk and it said I'm not sick
94 days ago
I just fainted yesterday during English class and vomited 6 times I feel so sick and I am having a headache
108 days ago
I have been sick for like a month and I got call an ambulance so I was like umm uh oh and like an hour after I took this quiz and I passed out and went to the ER and turns out I have type 1 diabetes and cancer, so yeah
116 days ago
beeen throwing up for 2 days
123 days ago
What is lozenges ?
123 days ago
What is lozenges lozenges .
220 days ago
Im a girl and ive been having breast pains. I dont have my period anytime soon and theres a little blood in my underwear. Ive been losing sleep and gettin g dizzy
282 days ago
I feel sick and I got sick girl/boy
306 days ago
I want to throw up! I'm dizzy. My dad has covid! It has not been three months of me not having covid. I think I have scarlet fever because it is the same feeling. It is rare to have it this many times.
310 days ago
It is now official. I am sick... I hate being sick 😔
317 days ago
I have to be depressed AND beal with being sick...jfc
345 days ago
i throw 1000000000000 times HELP
352 days ago
I'm a little bit sick. I puked in my toilet about 2 times. We are now one.
358 days ago
I think I may be getting sick. I hate being sick though (who doesn't)! My little brother may be sick too but we'll see