Am I Sick? Quiz💉

We all get sick from time to time, but are you wondering whether you should tough it out at school/work or just take the day off to take care of yourself? Take this short 'Am I getting sick?' quiz to find out. (I am not a medical professional, only good at biology.)

Editor's note: This quiz was made pre-Covid-19. If you have any of the symptoms of this highly communicable and potentially deadly viral disease, immediately take appropriate precautions such as wearing a mask, thoroughly and regularly washing your hands, and isolating yourself if you can. Get full information on symptoms and more from the US Centers for Disease Control at ml; or the World Health Organization at onavirus-2019. Be safe!

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    How long have you been sick?
    How long have you been sick?

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449 days ago
If you wanna remake this you could ask about stuff like Chills, Fatigue, Dizziness, Stomachaches, etc.
461 days ago
Just generally fatigued and dizzy
467 days ago
i am wheezing and coughing g all week and I can't breathe and my body hurts anytime I cough, and guess what? i still have to go to school because i have a test. im just glad it's friday.
471 days ago
I got "Sick as a dog!". :(
471 days ago
I got "Sick as a dog!".
492 days ago
i have a stupid cold and i had it for 3 day now im so 👮 tierd of it!!
509 days ago
You could also ask about chills. Chills😘and are possible to get without a fever. its my least favorite part. even if you dont have a fever... you will never be safe from unending chills TwT
565 days ago
Back ache Right hand side absolutely no energy or strength. This is day 22 help
565 days ago
Back ache absolutely no energy or strength. It's been 22 days. It's getting worse. Help!
566 days ago
I threw up all over my bff Christy at school. Now I am known as the fifth grade puke girl. HELP!!!
570 days ago
I’m sick as a dog… I hate this 😒
577 days ago
I am sick and it says I am a sick girl/boy.
577 days ago
I feel sick and I got sick girl/boy
598 days ago
OMG Kiki it wasn't ur fault. I have fever of 104.3 now and I threw up again.
598 days ago
i am sooo sick... i threw up on my bff Alli and she is sick now
600 days ago
I feel like I have a fever and I feel really lightheaded and I feel like I’m going to throw up and I can’t get up to go to the bathroom because I broke my ankle and I feel like I’m going to vomit so do you have any advice for where I can throw up
600 days ago
I am been feeling sick because I have gotten Starbucks 4 times this week and my dad makes me one at home so I have really had 5 pink drinks this week and right now I’m supposed to be asleep but I feel like I’m going to throw up and I have a broken ankle so I can’t get up to go to the bathroom to throw up and I don’t have a bucket so I’m probably going to throw up on my carpet and Wich I have done before
643 days ago
I just puked up my macaroni n cheese 2 times
660 days ago
ummm i - i - this is accurate-ish.... Nice effort!
667 days ago
I have a runny nose..... and my head hurts i-i-i m c-c-cold.... I feel like i wanna throw up.....