Am I Sick? Quiz💉

We all get sick from time to time, but are you wondering whether you should tough it out at school/work or just take the day off to take care of yourself? Take this short 'Am I getting sick?' quiz to find out. (I am not a medical professional, only good at biology.)

Editor's note: This quiz was made pre-Covid-19. If you have any of the symptoms of this highly communicable and potentially deadly viral disease, immediately take appropriate precautions such as wearing a mask, thoroughly and regularly washing your hands, and isolating yourself if you can. Get full information on symptoms and more from the US Centers for Disease Control at ml; or the World Health Organization at onavirus-2019. Be safe!

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    How long have you been sick?
    How long have you been sick?

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845 days ago
i feel kinda sick, my boogers randomly come out one of my nostrils + my throat feels really weird, maybe sore? idk but it’s a weird sensation. i’ve been like this for the past two days and i haven’t told my mom yetttt bc i thought it was normal and would be gone tomorrow. help
852 days ago
it says im not sick...... I have a runny blocked nose, a scratchy throat, achey all over, headache, stomach ache, and more tired than normal. Sure. Not sick!
870 days ago
It says I'm sick.... Well yay hopefully no school!!!
874 days ago
Just a sore throat and I usual feel a little sick along with a sore throat but I'm not sick :)

896 days ago
I did this' (im scared of needles) and I went to the hospital and they littraly gave like 6 in my butt and like 5 in my arm. They were big!!!!
906 days ago
I'm not sick
906 days ago
I'm not sick =)
906 days ago
906 days ago
I feel sick but I'm not sick =)
930 days ago
I fell sick but it said I was not sick and today is my birthday
931 days ago
I done the answers based on when I was sick and in hospital because of my asthma/possibly Coronavirus In December ( my birthday, I was off for 2 weeks of school and I never told anybody I was in hospital but some still found out 😞
944 days ago
I threw up once and felt fine an hour later and still feel fine now. This test didn’t help me decide if I should cancel my plans even though I feel 109%
957 days ago
971 days ago
I feel sick and it's hard to breathe and my heartbeat isn't steady maybe its because I am stressed. What will happen to me? I am worried.
983 days ago
I have a fever, i feel sick and occasionally throw up in my mouth, I have been sneezing for the past few months, and whenever i eat because i feel starving as soon as i take a bit I'm not hungry anymore, If im hungry enough then i will eat just about 4 forkfuls before im full, 5 minutes later im hungry again but when i eat I'm not hungry. Anyone have an idea whats going on? I also have a light headache but it may just be my stress 🤷‍♀️
991 days ago
I have a little headache and a huge fever.
1002 days ago
I feel a tiny bit better from yesterday but still ill
1002 days ago
I sware I'm so so ill I've just thrown up hhellpp
1002 days ago
My head really hurts so bad I can’t stop crying I also have an egg on my head because I hit my head really hard and I can’t go to The doctor because of coved 19
1011 days ago
I think I lied on the quiz. I might throw up