Autism test

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Do you think that you have autism? Then your in the right place!

  • 1
    Why are you taking this test?
  • 2
    Do you hate loud noises?
  • 3
    Do you hate it when people touch you?

  • 4
  • 5
    Do you get bullied?
  • 6
    Are people rude to you but they actually don't mean it?

  • 7
    When you were little, did you say to yourself "why am I weird, why can't I be like everyone else?"?
  • 8
    By the way how old are you?
  • 9
    What is your favourite part of day?(random)?
  • 10
    Do you have the exact same morning routine every single day?

  • 11
    Have you ever done something that happened on your favourite TV show?
  • 12
    Do you hate bright lights?
  • 13
    Is anyone in your family autistic?
  • 14
    Lastly, how many people live in your house?

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66 days ago
yes i have autism, and i have been diagnozed… sry for bad english, im german
169 days ago
Lol I'm still waiting for my results ( real life )
234 days ago
Hi, yes i am not FULLY diagnosed but the lucky part is that because i hate walking and sometimes get upset if we have to walk ALL the way to some place from the car park, i can actually go into the disabled because autism is a disability! Oh and i get cared about a lot too :)
Also there was this one time i told my brother “ugh i think he’s just forced to play with us” because my NOTFULLYDIAGNOSEDBRAIN thought our child-hood friend who’s our upstairs neighbour (we live in a flat btw/ apartment btw) took so long to come back from this park. Later we saw him again!....with other people probably his friends...I was so upset and i said to my brother “he betrayed us” but the next day i was like oh shoot- I regret what I said he’s really nice to us!! But the thing that worried me is that my brother, he isn’t much of a secret keeper. So I thought he might tell this boy what I said and he’d hate me!! But then i told my friend (that goes to his gran’s and surprisingly she lives downstairs from us in our flat so we can play with him)
“What did my brother say to ‘him’ (i’m not revealing names for privacy) PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING!!” he responded with “No, all he said is that your autistic” THANK GOSH! HE GOT MY AUTISTIC BRAIN REALLY WORRIED! also sorry for the long long chat oh well, BYE ✨
371 days ago
Boop, ask to get tested. I have Autism. I hate loud noises, I'm always bullied and I'm too quiet. I'm having family problems because of my Autism. I have so many other things wrong with me because of Autism but I'm kinda busy.
471 days ago
how do I tell my parents about autism and diagnosis? I'm kinda scared they're not going to believe me
488 days ago
i probably need a the😍
490 days ago
Hi I'm Crazymadison and I care a lot about everyone on this website! So I would like to share this with you:

It's something that I wrote. It's got links to helplines and websites to raise awareness and to help you. It includes helplines for lots of things including suicide, abuse, PTSD, and racism. It won't take too long!

Also please could you share the links to anyone who needs them. I know that there are lots of people struggling so I want to help as much as I can!
491 days ago
I have autism and I got autistic lol
574 days ago
I have autism?! The😻s used to think so when I was younger, but then I was diagnosed with anxiety and selective mutism
578 days ago
Oh and for some reason it censored the word, yeah this website is weird.
578 days ago
"You definitely have autism and also have been diagnosed with it, so why do you even take this test?" Lol I wasn't diagnosed. And everyone don't believe such stupid test, if u wanna know go to the the🐤 idk
597 days ago
I definetlyhave autism? I wasn’t diagnosed