Are You a Maladaptive Daydreamer? Test

Maladaptive daydreaming (MADD), or excessive daydreaming, can result in distress, can replace human interaction and might interfere with normal functioning. The higher your score on this quiz, the more likely it is that you have MADD. (Note: MADD is not currently a diagnosable condition, so it's really up to you whether you believe you have it or not. I am NOT a professional.)

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    Do you daydream for at least four hours a day, whether idly or with full attention dedicated?
    Do you daydream for at least four hours a day, whether idly or with full attention dedicated?

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16 days ago
I literally have to think of the same scenario every night, continue the story from where I left off the previous night, and it helps me to go to sleep. I also daydream during the day when I get stressed. For some reason it helps and idk how to stop it. 💗, up until now I thought it was normal.
35 days ago
Two things-
1- if you do this you should go to t h e r a p y 🥲
2- MADD can lead to stuff like depression so be careful with how frequent you daydream😬
38 days ago
lol, i really thought this is normal and everyone did this too.... i didn't know this actually an illness lmaoo
41 days ago
I can't stop this habit, even everyone said it's not good for my health. But I think only this can make me heal my pain of my life that happens to me.
146 days ago
I just want the test results
147 days ago
Excessive daydreaming is not so bad if not problems with sleep😥
155 days ago
I always thought that I was the only one experiencing this. I've had this disorder since I was little I guess since elementary school . when I'm alone, especially in the bathroom and in my room, it's like making a filming set there.made me feel like one of the characters in the story. I'm not just silent and daydreaming. but I talk and act as if I really exist in that world. even I don't just play 1 character but all the characters there. I speak as if I were all the characters in my world. Talking, crying, laughing, and yes like we are communicating normally with someone and we are also characters in that world. Even when I was sitting in bed suddenly I started creating new stories and acting to do something that was in those stories (in the world I created). Besides that, I always feel like someone is watching me, such as from the air holes in my bathroom and room, or the air holes in the bedroom door and even later from my cell phone camera. I even closed it, because when I started to enter my world, I always thought that someone was watching me. it's a little scary in my opinion .. meaning the disturbance that I have. I used to think that it wouldn't matter, but now I'm 23 and it's pretty scary now.
171 days ago
We are born for fun and happiness, I do what I think makes me happy even if it is a strange disorder
180 days ago
I always thought I was alone with is weird because my life seems perfect, so it’s not like I daydreamed to cope with trauma. I always had a good life, but I was never really happy. I didn’t realize what I did was a problem until I didn’t want to do anything except daydream...I was just so unhappy with my life I wanted to pretend I wasn’t living it (if that makes any sense). I know how weird this sounds, but I would pretend to be my own characters which I added to books or movies. I thought it was normally but it really wasn’t...everyone daydreams, but I would literally look forward to times when I was alone so I could just imagine what it would be like to live a different life. I finally realized that I was so unhappy with myself and my life that I pretended to lead another one to feel happy. I know it can feel hopeless at times, but it does get better! It may sound cliche and stupid, but it is very true! I developed this problem when I was younger so the thing that truly got me through this was imagining my future. I came to the conclusion I had to live my truth so I could have one. Instead of pretending to be someone else, live your reality! I know this may sound harsh, but if anyone knows it’s me, don’t waste time wondering what could be! Your life isn’t over yet and there is always time to do the things you dream of!
184 days ago
I completely agree but it's not seen as a disorder or a problem it's seen as overly daydreaming with control over what happens and when it will stop and for me I can't really control either undefined
185 days ago
Hey I day dream a lot like for hours I am just to lazy to type this name so yea when I am in class I day dream a lot I mean a lot a lot and I just think it is unfair how we get in trouble for doing this they are like you are not paying attention it is annoying I just think it is unfair
187 days ago
Hi I think I have maladaptive daydreaming as I now keep on noticing I am daydreaming more about difrent people including me sometimes it's if I was in a movie sometimes it what if this happens to me and I am now getting concerned about how it's getting in the way of my life I can't think straight most of the time as I am either daydreaming or think about the dream and it's abit distressing do I have it ?
189 days ago
Wow i feel kind of crazy i thought that i was the only person but no I'm not, anyway
I love my characters i don't want them to leave they are more better from real humans :)
Maybe cuz I'm the person who control them but i feel happy anyway
In the same way i feel kind of weirdness cuz there's no one in my life doing anything of what i do i mean I'm the only person who dream and act , ext
I know that I'm different i don't play or chat or doing another things with real humans i have my life my dreams just me and my people
So after reading comments i understand that
WE ARE DIFFERENT and it's nice
Yah not crazy
And that's enough
192 days ago
I have found myself writing detailed scripts regarding my daydreams. For example, today i spent 1 1/2 hours writing a resume for one of the characters.
203 days ago
when i daydream usually music triggers me and i pace around my room and imagine myself doing stuff and scenarios i could never do in real life and with friends, i dont even have irl. i mean i do have friends but i dont really like them a lot. this started last year when i was very lonley but it wasn't excessive now i cant stop and i told my mom and she said its normal to day dream but she doesnt understand how it is. i feel so sad all the time i think the reason i started is because my mom was being too oppersive and controlling with religion, and i felt alone and lonley and i got into self harm and i told my cousin about it. then i heard her talking to her friend and she was like "my cousin is even more 🦄 up then me she walks around her room and day dreams all day" at the time it didnt hurt but the more i thought about it the more i realize how alone. i am now im crying this is the first time im telling this to someone. i think im being sensitive. sorrhy for the vent lol. also my birthday was 4 days ago nerdsss ahahahha
218 days ago
For me it's not like normal daydreaming, when u look at the ceiling and "imagine myself away". No for me it's more like i see thee charatcters ive made in front of me and we talk, cuddle, and they're just there. I never dream about "scenes" in my head, i act it out, and actually talk to them and i guess im also the one who decideds their respons then... and it hurt so 🐬 bad when one of the chara ters iw as closest too died.. i dont think ive ever cried that much. And I even go home on my school breaks(i live 5 min away) to be able to go into my room and see them again since i cant do t in school because people are going to think im crazy... and i feel like if i stay in school or an enviroment where there's lots of people and/or where i cant talk to Matthew, his name is, my main character, I go nuts and get really stressed and need to get out of that enviroment and back home where i can be at peace.
228 days ago
As my first comment says sometimes I wake up early or middle of the night just to daydream or go to my bedroom and tell my mom that I'm going to sleep but in reality I'm just going to lay at my bed staring at my ceiling while daydreaming and it last for hours. It's like I don't want to stop it but I know it's not good, I have a whole new life in my daydreams.
228 days ago
I never really thought about it I mean my daydreaming, at first it started when my dad left us And I never really noticed that I daydream alot and as I grew older I realized something is wrong because everything triggers it even when I'm just eating, walking or even doing nothing and the worst part is its is repetitive the dreams are like a fictional character which is me like the better me like all of wat I want in real life I put it in my dreams. I often zone out like for example in the middle of talking to someone then the next minute I stare at nothing and my mind is playing scenarios after scenarios that sometimes it hard to snap out of it. It's like a stress reliever for me like if the situation that I'm in real life is stressing for me, my mind is automatically daydreaming about the same character of me and as you know while I'm writing this my mind is daydreaming whilst I'm writing this. Weird right? Haha for me it's normal.
228 days ago
wow. ive always thought i was alone when i did this. i was only aware since last year, ive been doing this for more than 3 years now. the questions shocked me so much because it always was triggered by music, but ive daydreamed so much to the point i can do it with no triggers. but growing up, (as i am still young) - ive been through so much stuff and i realized ive been using it to cope by making myself feel better in so many ways. also, i'm neurodivergent and my hyperfixations play SUCH a big role. also, this sounds insane but ig not anymore since there are people like me but;; ive been daydreaming about this SPECIFIC theme for about 3 years now. it brings me so much euphoria and i cant control it, but at the same time it feels nice. since even if it affects my daily life im aware and i do my best to keep everything balanced. also.. is it actually true you cant get diagnosed by this yet? it seems like theres barely any articles about this or even that google thing where it shows whats it about. ps. thanks to that random person that mentioned this on a post i saw, i had a weird feeling i had it. and look at me now LMFAO.
230 days ago
undefined hey I need to vent so here I am ; I don’t even know when I started daydreaming but as a child, I was kinda lonely (my mother was always busy and my brother was already a teenager) so I played by myself. I kept imagining people or fictional characters around me and talking to them but I am aware that they’re not real. I stopped doing it when I grew up but now I’m 16 and I started this again. Sometimes I feel really ashamed of it and I stop because it’s crazy and insane but I can’t help it, it just feels so good to not be alone and with “people” that actually understand me (as they come from me lmao)