Are You a Maladaptive Daydreamer? Test

Maladaptive daydreaming (MADD), or excessive daydreaming, can result in distress, can replace human interaction and might interfere with normal functioning. The higher your score on this quiz, the more likely it is that you have MADD. (Note: MADD is not currently a diagnosable condition, so it's really up to you whether you believe you have it or not. I am NOT a professional.)

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    Do you daydream for at least four hours a day, whether idly or with full attention dedicated?
    Do you daydream for at least four hours a day, whether idly or with full attention dedicated?

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703 days ago
@Pie, I completely agree, its' actually surprising that everything you wrote just explained everything I've been thinking. I hope someone answers your question, as I had the same thought.
709 days ago
I came here because I heard on Instagram reels about it and I found out that I have MADD too.
712 days ago
i dont think i have it but i just daydream a lot lol

at night time is when i get really into it, i talk to people out loud and stuff, its probably just because its dark so its easy to get lost in my fantasies
719 days ago
Sooooo.... I’m not quite sure what this means... one of my friends said something about maladaptive daydreaming, and the description seemed to fit me, I’m just not sure if this is me and my dream to be a writer making up stories, or if it’s more serious than that, like maladaptive daydreaming.

I often times tell my family that I’m napping, and then I sit in my room alone and make up stories for my own characters, that I am currently extremely invested in. I thought that everyone did this, but apparently not. I’ve done it since I was little, and I can’t sleep without it. My parents would tell me to go to sleep, and I would say “but I have nothing to think about...” and they would look at me like I’m crazy and say “you don’t need to think about anything, just go to sleep.”

My family also gets in the way of it, so I will even volonteer to clean by myself, so they are not interfering. When I do it, I’m not quite aware of my surroundings until someone “wakes me up.”

Everyone always says that “I’m in lala land” or whatever, but does it go further than just a simple daydream?I find myself doing it during school and other important things, and it effects the things I’m doing (EX: I won’t be paying attention, and I fail an assignment). I would also rather be daydreaming than socializing, or doing something normal kids would enjoy, like sports.

This test says that I have MADD, but it’s just a test online. My question is, if this test (and other tests that I have taken) is correct, is it something that I need to have checked out and fixed? Is it a problem? I honestly really enjoy my “daydreaming time,” and I am emotionally attached to my characters, I don’t want to lose this, or get it “fixed” but if it is true, if I do maladaptive daydream, do I need to?
719 days ago
I came here because I saw a TikTok about MADD and it hit SO close to home, that I thought I’d do this test.

Yeah, I’m getting it checked out, I answered yes every time except when it came to other mental illnesses because I have no clue about any other mental illnesses that I might have. I thought I was an insomniac or something because of my sleep problems (and maybe I am, I dunno) but it could also be MADD cause I ‘tell myself stories’ to fall asleep easier.
I always thought it was normal, and that everyone did it, because when I spoke to my parents about my daydreaming (which I don’t just do at night), they said I just had a very creative mind, and that I should never change that. It does really disrupt my life sometimes, because I start daydreaming and then just don’t pay attention to anything, but if somebody offered me a way to get rid of it, I wouldn’t do it, because it’s really inspired me a lot, and I started writing because of it.

Anyway, great test and thank you very much!
730 days ago
I have autism and PTSD, i've done this my whole life. I can't cope without doing it
734 days ago
Gen Z taking this test be like •-•
744 days ago
I have had this sort of daydreaming ever since i was 4 or 5 and growing up I was already labelled weird for other mental illnesses of mine that i didn't know of, so i hid that I had this sort of daydreaming from everyone in my life because I didn't want the label of weird to turn into label of crazy. Recently a few of my friends on discord were talking about it and I finally understood what was wrong with me but to be sure i came to test it and it seems i really do have it. In the future if a way to get rid of it ever comes i won't try to because even though it causes little disturbances here and there in my life it has also been a source of inspiration to me for writing novels and making art
747 days ago
i heard of this term (MaDD) not so much ago. i thought my daydreaming proublem was a normal kind of daydreaming but when i researched about it more, i knew that i had it.
thank u so much for this quiz :)
it's keeping me away from my school works and studies,
makes it hard for me to have a social life,etc.
755 days ago
i have known that I have MaDD for quite a while. But is there something I can do to get rid of it. I actually love to have it, but I know its harmful for real life. And yes, I am struggling to get sleep at night.