Somatoform Disorders in a nutshell

Question 1:Somatoform disorders are illnesses that cannot be fully explained by:
organic conditions
psychological conditions
medical history
Miss Cleo

Question 2:Victims of a Somatoform Disorder usually seek treatment from all of the following except:
internal medicine physicians
family physicians

Question 3:All of the following are Somatoform Disorders except:
Somatization Disorder
Conversion Disorder
Pain Disorder
Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder

Question 4:People with Somatization Disorder often do not complain about which of the following:
cardiovascular pain
lower back pain
gastrointestinal pain
pulmonary symptoms
neurological symptoms

Question 5:One of the main symptoms of Conversion Disorder is:
loss of organ functioning
splitting headaches
loss of feeling or function in limbs
loss of the ability to taste
enjoying 80's music

Question 6:Glove anesthesia is typical of which disorder?
Somatization Disorder
Conversion Disorder
Pain Disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder

Question 7:Hypochondriasis occurs when a person is preoccupied with:
his or her appearance
the order and neatness of things
his or her health as well as contracting a disease
apprehension and anxiety
his or her emotional distress

Question 8:Hypochondriacs frequently:
praise their physicians for a job well done
underinterpret signs of illness
date schizophrenic people
have other psychological disorders
seek and appreciate help from psychologists

Question 9:People with Somatoform Disorders are frequently all of the following except:
very emotional

Question 10:The Sick Role usually lets people do all of the following except:
avoid confronting life's challenges
receive attention from others
provide an excuse for failing
perpetuate complaints of physical illness
focus their attention on other, more needy people

This Quiz has been designed by Erin Laura Carolyn Erin.