Am I anorexic? The Eating Disorder Quiz

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This quiz will help determine whether or not you have the eating disorder anorexia, PLEASE CONSULT A DOCTOR FOR A CORRECT/ TRUST-ABLE DIAGNOSIS.

  • 1
    How often do you eat a FULL meal?
    How often do you eat a FULL meal?
  • 2
    Do you check your weight 1 or more times a day?
    Do you check your weight 1 or more times a day?
  • 3
    Do you ever OVER-exercise?

  • 4
    Do you feel like your overweight or fat 24/7?
  • 5
    Are you considered UNDER weight?
  • 6
    Why are you taking this quiz?

  • 7
    Do other people say you are too skinny?
  • 8
    If someone said that they loved your body and you were perfect, would you believe them?
  • 9
    Do you have any other mental illnesses? {that you are aware of} ex. depression, anxiety, bulimia, insomnia, etc.
  • 10
    Do you intentionally starve yourself?

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90 days ago
My parents worry if I'm anorexic. the dotor always asks if I eat enough. To be honest, some of these answers couldn't answer truthfully because none of the options suited me. I don't think I have any ED, but I just needed to be sure. XD Tbh I do skip some meals a day like breakfast, but then I pass out or sicken or even sleep all day. I do wanna die, but starvation isn't my #1 option either LMAO XD
163 days ago
Hey, im a different person but also have anxiety, makes my life hard, and I am a few kilos underweight. immediately my brain went, YOU ARE ANOREXIC, BLAH BLAH BLAH, so I took this test. it said probably not. Relief. But I still am too thin, not wanting to eat. I try my best, but I have difficulty gaining. TO anybody out there, I feel you, I got you. JUS T DONT GIVE UP.
283 days ago
Hai guys, I'm here today to share my anorexia story
*deep breath*
It started when I transitioned.i was born female, but knew I wasn't either. I started being more ope until the day I wore a swimsuit to the pool. And that was when al, of my self love disappeared. Insults were tossed at me. I was suddenly aware of everything. I stopped eating. When I did it was maybe a cucumber. I hated myself. I was stumbling Round my house because I could barely walk. And then Something happened. My. best friend d in the entire world found me hiding in a bathroom , staring into the mirror. She took a picture of my on her phone and showed me. I was so small, it broke. Y heart. I decided to change it. And so I did. It took years and I'm still not comfortable with my body,, but I will always try. You deserve to be happy.
283 days ago
hai there :) I just took this quiz for um no reason ( seriously, anxiety, stoppit!) anyway I privately struggled with undiagnosed anorexia last year. Through a support system, I got through. I know it's not easy. I know it's so hard be cause it is hard. And I applaud anyone who is struggling because you are so brace. But please guys. Don't let food be the monster in Your closet because you are so much more. I really hope this helps someone as these words were the only things that got me they revocovery.
334 days ago
the only one i got 0% for was the "no ed" one. yikes.
i've struggled with on-off anorexia for almost 5 years now and the only thing stopping me from losing more is my height (i want to get to about 5'10, so about 3 inches to go - fingers crossed). i don't know why i haven't given up, i've probably stopped growing.
i really want to get help while i can, because by the time i reach my ideal height i just know it'll be too late and i'll be back to slowly killing myself. then it'll have gone too far to be fixed.
i just don't know where to go.
especially if you're young, if you're suffering from this, PLEASE try to get help. i promise you it will ruin (and maybe end) your life. i don't really like to scare people like that but this is such a serious situation.
i'm already sure it's too late for me.
563 days ago
Hey- so I’m 12 and I have wanna starve so bad but don’t know how to not caught- I can’t vomit idk why but I haven’t been eating breakfast and when school starts I plan to not eat lunch- is that okay- I want to be 80 pounds- the doctor told me my BMI is close to being underweight but not to much but I feel fat a f and im non-binary so im literally dying (born female) and im 4 11
659 days ago
well, im twelve, 4'10 and weigh 80. I dont eat breakfast, and sometimes only have a snack for lunch, and run three miles every night, I dont like my body, and im underweight. BUT MY LEGS AR FAT I THINK THEy ARE SO FAT!
763 days ago
I feel like I don’t know what to do anymore. I haven’t weighed myself in 4 months (I started starving myself 4 months ago too) but I am 5ft and I weighed 84 lbs (4 months ago) and i feel so fat, does anyone want to talk through the comments on this quiz? I just want someone to talk to
768 days ago
Don't worry, you aren't underweight anymore! :)
840 days ago
I’m 13, 5’4 and 93 lbs. I had gotten down to 90, but my dad made me gain some back. My BMI is 15.9
872 days ago
Hey y’all I’m healthy but I’m worried cause I’m 11 and I feel slightly fat ( I am a bit round, just on the tummy, a slight curve) so I’m not eating snacks in between meals and not tooooo much food ( like overboard, no way) I exercise after eating the helping of peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream I just ate. Please answer, tell if do you think I’m healthy
922 days ago
I'm so hard on myself. I'm in the healthy weight range for my height but the number looks so high to me when it really isn't. I jog everyday and workout with weights and I'm starting to feel lighter. I've lost about 6 pounds during quarantine which has made me very happy. I hope all of you are okay. Eating disorders are so hard to live wit
h. Please know that you are not alone
977 days ago
Actually 100% accurate lol which is a surprise - "It is definitely possible for you to have an ED but you most likely don't have one at the current time." yep - don't have one at the moment, pretty sure I had one pre-therapy.
1005 days ago
@Anika he might have been talking about when he was a baby.
1006 days ago
I'm 18 I it out of a Ed ward not to long ago I thought I was cure I'm 5 ft and way 60 pounds my mom doesn't know how bad it's gotten I feel bad I'm hidding it from her again
1022 days ago
i’m 13, 5’2 and like 160lbs...i’m not even CLOSE to being thin enough to be considered anorexic, but i still show all the uh yikes i guess!
1057 days ago
@Aiden, that was not a cool joke. I currently am hanging on too life at 68lbs people are sharing stories so that other people could listen not so you could say this, this is the kinda stuff that could Actually kill somebody.
1058 days ago
Im 12 and I'm 5'3. I weigh 80 pounds. People always say I'm skinny I honestly don't believe it. My friend asked me if I wanted to go swimming I said no she asked why and I said I was busy. I wasn't busy I just didn't want to show my body. I have been trying to get better but nothing is helping.
1059 days ago
I'm 14, 5'6 and about 119.6 lbs (last time I checked, like 20 minutes ago). I seriously hate my body. I just ate a bunch of food, probably from 800 to 1300 cals and I feel like🍦so I'm taking these tests and stuff. Later I'm going to exercise off 300, then even later another 300. Sleeping burns 55 calories an hour, so I'll try to get enough sleep. My fat*ss will probably be able to, cause the more food in you the better you sleep. Hopefully I don't gain but... you know... I'm definitely going to.
1079 days ago
I am 25 years old, my height is 5'5 and I weigh less than 99 pounds.