Am I anorexic or becoming anorexic

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Have you started to eat less or just stopped eating any food whatsoever, or maybe you have noticed patterns of change in a friend or family member . Take this quiz to find out if you are anorexic or not . This shouldn't be taken lightly. If you have anorexia it's not a joke . Go see a professional or talk to an adult

  • 1
    How many meals do you eat in a day?
  • 2
    Do you feel self conscious about your body
  • 3
    Do you feel bad when you eat something unhealthy

  • 4
    Do you want to lose weight
  • 5
    You you think about what you have eaten or what you are going to eat during the day
  • 6
    Have you ever skipped meals

  • 7
    Have your family complained about your eating habits
  • 8
    How many times do you weigh yourself in a month
  • 9
    Have you ever gone a day without eating
  • 10
    Do you come up with excuses not to eat

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154 days ago
I don’t know, I think I have bulimia. My mom always buys fast food but I never eat it. I have skipped meals almost every day especially at school. Every time I eat anything unhealthy I purge or take laxatives, maybe starve the next week. But what ever I do I keep gaining weight. I’m normal but heavier than all my friends. But taller. I hate myself for it. I’ve asked ppl if I’m fat and they all say no but I just can’t stop thinking I am.
210 days ago
i may be becoming anorexic i’m not sure. im trying to starve myself but it’s not working. i at least skip breakfast and lunch on days that i try. ppl tell me im not fat but i look at myself and i can’t imagine how i look not fat. i need to lose weight right now and i literally can’t diet so um yeah im actually going to skip all meals today or tmrw even tho i usually skip breakfast
259 days ago
I'm pretty sure I'm anorexic....
386 days ago
You could become anorexic. Start to eat a bit more and make sure it is healthy what you are eating . If you choose to continue to do this you could eventually become anorexic
Not tryna be rude or anything but I’m literally overweight for my age, and bulimic.
488 days ago
@Scarlett its okay to want to be skinnier. But people try to starve themselves to get skinnier and that hurts them and people die from it.
488 days ago
Being skinny is fine its 100% fine it's being anorexic that's bad. But it's under no circumstances oksy to shame anorexia they cant help it. We need to encourage them they're beautiful, amazing, and great the way they are and get them help.
709 days ago
OK so people might get mad at me but its ur body so if u want to be skinnier as long as u r healthy nobody should shame u for it
747 days ago
@Crystal - I know its hard but you need help and should talk to someone, an adult you trust. I'm here for you, too.
@CoolCat - I'm sorry that happened to you. You are spreading the right message, though.
747 days ago
If you want to diet to lose weight, please don't do it. Especially if you are a preteen/teenager. It can mess up your growth and it can eventually lead to anorexia. Please don't do it. I almost became anorexic because i wanted to lose weight. I maintained a weight of 102- 103 lbs but I always wanted to go lower. If you are always thinking about losing more weight while being normal weight/ underweight, please seek help.
769 days ago
I am actually becoming underweight but all I see is fat on my body. The quiz said I'm anorexic and I think I'm actually becoming anorexic. I'm beginning to eat less and less, and my family keeps persuading me to eat breakfast and lunch, but I always refuse. For snacks I eat light crackers and water. I have way more water than crackers though. I'm super scared, I've heard what happens when you become anorexic, like losing hair or, becoming infertile, etc,etc. It scares me, but I hate my body so much to the point where I wanna die. My friends always say I'm skinny, but I know they are saying that to make me feel better. I can't go to my parents for help, because they would never believe me. They'd wait till they notice I'm severely underweight and take me to a physician. I hate my body so much, but I don't wanna be anorexic..
803 days ago
@Trinity - Don't be afraid to get help! It doesn't have to be from an adult if you're scared... it can be a friend or a cousin or something. I doubt your parents will be pissed off, they're more likely to be sad and afraid. And if you want to lose weight, try a healthier way than starving. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but you could die. Good luck! I'm always here to talk if you need to.

@Courtney - if you really believe that you're fat and need to lose weight, do it a healthy way. Yes, you get energy from Diet Coke, but your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to be okay. No matter what you do need food. This probably isn't helpful, but you need to let your mind learn to trust your body. And you don't need to be skinny or diagnosed to be Anorexic. Lots of love, I hope you will be okay!

@HI - Yes, it's normal to not want help. But if you don't want help from an adult or a friend, YOU need to help yourself. And remember, if you ask for help, it doesn't make you weak. I know from experience its hard. But you can push through it! I believe in you! If you want my help I'd be glad to give it.

@FatGorl666 - I'm guessing you're 11-12 ('young girl about in my teens'), and I wanna say: No. 68 is not fat. Some people are just skinnier than others naturally. Please, try to help yourself! I got your back, I'll just say that I am around your age.

@not really - that sounds like it could lead into Anorexia or another eating disorder such as Bulimia or AFRID (Avoidant of Food Resistant Intake Disorder). Be careful, check out the symptoms of Anorexia to make sure you don't have it, and please, please, take care of yourself!

@Illusion - Same message to you that I did for @not really, and oh my gosh you are so so so so so SO loved. Don't be afraid to reach out. You are amazing :)

@Sunflower - Same message to you that I did for @not really and @Illusion. I do wanna add, though; I have gone through that myself, and I know, its hard and stressful and creates a lot of angst. But I know you can get through this. I will always make time to talk to you if you need it.

@HellYa - That's not right. Nobody should stop being your friend just because you have an eating disorder. If you're not already, you should ask for help. You are gorgeous!

@Nothing - I'm here if you need to talk, and I agree completely with your statement. :)

@Vicky - oh no! I will trust you if you say you are healthy, but if someone tells you you are not, you need to listen to them. I'm always here for you!

@Ivory - that's good! Keep trying, beautiful girl! Also I love your username!

@Anne - Uh oh! I'd listen to other people about you being skinny, because often, our perception of ourselves is skewed, especially about if we're skinny or fat. Good luck and have a wonderful day!

@CrystalWolf - Okay, but do it in a healthy way! I'm basically trying to tell you the exact same thing as @Nofacegirl.

Everyone else, stay safe and healthy! If you need to vent, I'm here!
919 days ago
I do not weigh myself I am forced to be weighed
962 days ago
It says that I'm anorexic (I only eat one meal a day). This is the 4th test that has told me this....but I'd rather not get help. Is this normal???
990 days ago
Wow the comments are depressing.....
1030 days ago
People say I’m skinny but all I see is fat and I wish they would stop lying and telling me to eat something because I get energy from Diet Coke and I don’t need food! My friends tell me I have anorexia but I haven’t been diagnosed and I’m not skinny.
1057 days ago
My freinds say I’m not fat but honestly I know I am and they are just trying to make me feel better and I know I am fat I try to starve myself but my parents don’t let me sometimes it really pisses me off bc I just wanna lose weight and they are not helping.😡
1057 days ago
Omg I got Anorexia and my friend is so worried and wants me to tell my parents but Ik they will be sooooo pissed off and I’m scared😶😟😭😰😱

Also I get why bc ibonly eat one meal a day...
1102 days ago
I'm a young girl about in my teens... I hate food... Everybody says I'm underweight. But I think 68 is fat. Today is Thanksgiving... How do I get out of this..
1107 days ago
'You are anorexic . Anorexia nervosa is not a joke . You need to get help as soon as possible . This may not be that accurate but try and get help'. Okay, sorry what? Sure, I check my calories, feel a bit bad and there is a lot of stres, my BMI is 15.9 (age 10). But in all honesty, t is pretty normal for our generation.
I don't eat as much as I used to before, today I only ate bread for dinner and had nothing after that.
1157 days ago
@CrystalWolf Please, I don’t want you to hurt yourself, I know, I have attempted to purge, I believe I’m fat, but I’m not, don’t do this, you are beautiful just the way you are!