Do You Have an Eating Disorder? Quiz

In our society, eating disorders are an epidemic. I'm suffering from anorexia myself, and I know that as soon as the problem is recognized, it's at least one step made down the long road to recovery. If you suspect you have a problem yourself, be it anorexia, bulimia, overeating disorder or just issues about food that could pull you into one of these fatal traps, take my test to find out for sure.

  • 1
    Someone gives you a box of cookies. What do you do?
    Someone gives you a box of cookies. What do you do?
  • 2
    How many times a day do you weigh yourself?
    How many times a day do you weigh yourself?
  • 3
    You see a picture in a magazine of a very thin model. What is your reaction?
    You see a picture in a magazine of a very thin model. What is your reaction?

  • 4
    You eat a full meal. How do you feel afterward?
    You eat a full meal. How do you feel afterward?
  • 5
    You've starved all day. How do you feel?
  • 6
    How do you feel about mirrors?
    How do you feel about mirrors?

  • 7
    Someone comes to you and says they think you have a problem. What do you do?
    Someone comes to you and says they think you have a problem. What do you do?
  • 8
    What do you think of throwing up after meals?
    What do you think of throwing up after meals?
  • 9
    Do you see a link between these two words?
  • 10
    What do others think of your body?
    What do others think of your body?

  • 11
    You crawl into bed at night. How are you feeling?
  • 12
    Your friend picks up the same eating habits as you. How do you feel?
    Your friend picks up the same eating habits as you. How do you feel?
  • 13
    You're at a friend's house and her mom offers to make you dinner and you haven't eaten. What do you say and do?
  • 14
    What do you have to see after you eat something?
    What do you have to see after you eat something?
  • 15
    Do you think you have an eating disorder?
    Do you think you have an eating disorder?

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1440 days ago
If anyone feels like they are struggling with an eating disorder or even just starting to PLEASE GET HELP. Life is so much better without an eating disorder taking over. You matter! ❤️

Side Note: This quiz didn’t fully test for bulimia.
(I have it) Bulimia does not only include purging through vomiting. the actual definition is -eating a lot(binging) and then using ways to lose weight or make up for it after such as restriction, self induced vomiting, excessive or compulsive exercise, laxatives, or diet pills.
Also you don’t have to be under or over weight or constantly use symptoms to have an eating disorder and to deserve help!
1474 days ago
I knew I had Anorexia. To be honest, I'm called Fat everyday at school. I'm an 11 year old 6th grader, and I found out even if I was 13 I'd still be overweight by 4 pounds...I also am FORCED to eat or else I'll get yelled at, and when I do eat, I burst out in tears and start calling myself "Fat" a one supports me with this besides my crush / Best Friend. He always tells me "I love you Vivi" when I'm the one calling myself Fat and he says I'm "pretty" just the way I am. Then that same day I'm told "I wish you were never born", or "Commit suicide". Welp, I'm too dramatic here ; - ; weird
1505 days ago
Hi! I'm not sure I have anorexia but I feel fat because well my brother and my little sister say I'm fat and I don't feel comfortable when they say that.I'm nine years old and I'm a girl that go's to 4th grade I don't try to puke(throw up)but I feel a lil fat.lately I've gotten school lunch but I refused to eat it and it was pizza.I bring snacks but I end up throwing it out or giving it to my bffs. I have been through some though times and this boy (not my boyfriend)well hurt my feelings and done a lot of stupid family sometimes depress me especially my siblings but not my big sis she support me a the way my name is Giselle 💙
1516 days ago
for roughly a month ive been restricting calories and i cant stop now. ive lost 15 pounds and my mom is worried but i cant help it? i feel like its too soon to say i have an ed despite the test results but i def think im getting there :(
1524 days ago
Hi, I'm 13 years old and latley - the past year or two - I have noticed that I haven't been eating as much. I feel fat even though everyone says I'm skinny. And I do starve myself, but I don't fast because I'm worried about my weight, I just fast because I don't want to eat/don't have an appite. I'm not sure if it's because I just feel gross afterwards or what but I don't want to say anything to anyone because I'm afraid I'll go back to the local mental hospital. I don't know what to do...


A Depressed Person~~
1529 days ago
I just want to be skinny. A few months ago I was overweight and then I ended up losing all the weight and now I just want to keep losing weight. I don’t eat breakfast or lunch and try my best not to eat dinner. I plan to stop once I’ve reached my goal weight. I’m 12 years old, 5 feet and 110 pounds. I’m so fat and I would do anything get to get skinny.
1533 days ago
Hey everyone i just wanted to say that u r all beautiful & 2 not worry what others think of your body. i'm 12 and weigh 120 lbs & i sometimes think i'm too fat but i know i'm really not. if u're constantly thinking u're fat go to a docter

btw venus... i can totally relate i mean i don't have depression or anything but people bully me 2 & my parents don't care. i'll be here if u need to chat.
1543 days ago
As to be also dealing with DEPRESSION with one person to help me, life 💗for me. Maybe having anorexia, homework, stress to become the perfect student, depressing thoughts, bullying (by the people I trusted), I remember I told my mom about me getting bullied and she yells "WHO CARES, YOU NEED TO FOCUS AND YOUR SCHOOLWORK!", I'm thankful one adult doesn't hate me, my teacher. She's the best teacher ever and DOESN'T put stress on me for homework. I can tell her ALL my problems and she won't tell my mom.
1543 days ago
I am thankful for the results, but how can I eat so much then starve myself and be mostly anorexic? I haven't told my friends, so umm.., how do I tell them I starve myself after eating food? Should I trust them? They bully me, and hurt me besides 1 *I barely see her* and my crush. Should I tell my crush? He's really emotional and easy to hurt, but he also likes me so that'll add to it. I don't know what to do! Help me please!
1558 days ago
Same, Grace. Our height and weight is the same. My ED is not valid bcs the body i live in
1562 days ago
I'm not anorexic ! I'm so fat and gross! I'm 5"1 and I weigh 101 pounds ugh.
1571 days ago
I already knew. I talk to my friends about diets like the all liquid diet and they freak out so all I have to do it convince them that I'm just practicing acting it's way to easy.
1572 days ago
I was diagnosed already with anorexia but I am just trying to loose weight, I'm fine , I've got it under control
1594 days ago
I am anorexic, I did have binge eating disorder and I am currently obese. I just developed it, I ate 300 calories today and no more, but that is too much. Now I feel guilty, tried to make myself throw up, I refused to throw up for so long even when I was sick. Now I can't even do it when I try. I don't know what to do if my mom asks many calories I have eaten or my weight, she can't know and I wont stop. Anyone know how to avoid my mom's questions?
1598 days ago
This said I most likely have Anorexia Nervosa (which I do) I’m 5’9 and 133 pounds which according to my BMI (19.4) that I’m a normal weight. Normal isn’t good enough for me though so I starve myself and I’m not gonna lie I’ve made myself throw up a few times. Every time I look in the mirror all I see is fat and I’m so depressed but can’t stop not eating .😕
1605 days ago
i’m almost 14 and i’m 4’9 or 4’10. i was 164.4 pounds. my sister says i have anorexia. i take adderal XR because of my ADHD. it has helped me lose weight. i don’t eat because i’m scared of getting fat. i’m now 138.8 (last time i weighed myself). i lose that much in 2 months. i’m so fat. i’m discusting. i hate my self. starving is a pleasure for me. the pain i get hurts but it’s all worth it. i have really bad periods. they are really heavy and last long. i take quizzes and look at symptoms, i fit the description of ana. i don’t have it. i’m not suffering. i’m happy. i feel good starving. i don’t have anorexia. it makes me mad at people. i don’t care what happens i wanna be thin okay. i don’t have anorexia. i don’t have anorexia. i don’t have anorexia. i don’t have anorexia.
1619 days ago
I am 12 years old and 5.4 feet tall. I have been suffering from anorexia since I was 9 years old.
For the past year I have suffered from suicidal actions and thoughts. I see my sociologist twice a week and nothing seems to be getting better. My family and friends around me have suffered with me. I've lost friends and I' ve lost the connection with my own mother and sister. Last year I had to leave Palmer Catholic Academy because I would act on my suicidal part of me. I would starve myself and make my dearest friends cry. You don't want to be in the same path as I am in. You all gave so much to live for. If your family, friends, or even councilors do not believe you. Call a child's safety number and get help. You do not want to loose life long friends or have to switch into 6 schools for each and every year.
Believe that YOU CAN AND WILL BE BETTER!!!!!!
1631 days ago
Im worried now this quiz says i have one
1643 days ago
recently my family life isn’t as perfect as it used to be and there is not much i can do so i’ve used cheer (competition) as a way to cope with my stress and terrible anxiety i have, but join high school cheer i’ve been getting thinner and thinner and my mom started noticing and now my best friends mom too saying how thin i’m getting, you look skinnier than before, oh my you’re tiny cheer is doing you good, i’ve alwa been little i was a month early when i was born skinny bones is what they’d call me in sixth grade i was only 75-80 pounds never on the growth chart going to my physical for tryouts i was 110 and i’m about to be 13 i think ive dropped back to 98 you can see my rib cage my collar bones and my hip bones but my thighs are still large i’ve fallen into 200-300 sit ups a night and i’ve never really ate much in my life but my mom has absolutely realized i’m eating less only about 1200 calories a day i’ve only just started looking into it but i think i have an ed or am working my way to one
1648 days ago
I've lost a lot of weight due to my possible eating disorder which developed only recently(started around February) I've lost around 50 pounds in 7 months(I'm 89 lbs currently and 5 ft 4) but I'm still not satisfied and I keep thinking I'm fat coz I often retain water which makes me look puffier some days than others and even if I weigh less I still think I'm fatter than other girls around me and I just don't get it (btw I'm 15 and a female)