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289 days ago
i am 10 and i weigh 200lbs help
501 days ago
Hi i'm a obest pet cat i'm 706 ponds
869 days ago
I binge then purge only 1 girl knows cuz she saw as I threw up she asked if guess ok and I told her I throw up to lose weight i eat so no one worries then I'll throw it all back up i was hungry at first but over the past 5-6 days I've gotten used to it I guess..... My friends who I've told don't care they just say well u look ok I guess ur ok they never listen I don't eat breakfast or lunch but I still throw up I throw up at school at home at the boxing gym !!!! I'm scared!!! HELP !!!
1360 days ago
I starve myself, purge, exercise , take laxatives, eat in secret, and obsessively weigh myself