Am I Skinny, Curvy, Chubby Or Obese?

It can be hard to tell where you try this quiz! Be very honest or it won't be accurate. And if you don't get the result you wanted, please don't feel bad! Even small changes in diet and exercise can yield major results over time. You'll see!

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yay i love my results

50% skinny
50% curvy
0% fat
0% obese

just remember, if you didnt like your results, you can always change. i believe in you!
8 days ago
I got extremely obese and I'm bedbound one min I gotta get some extra large chips also I weigh235 kg
8 days ago
I loved my results!!
10 days ago
@Charli I’m pansexual lol but yeah I have more of a pear shape I guess
10 days ago
@Annie thank you so much, you really helped. Good luck with your recovery too btw :)
14 days ago
uhm whatz wro with u wacko bro
14 days ago
hayy everyody!!! i love my resault's im so thin and light yayy
14 days ago
[respond to chairita] great resuls!!!!
14 days ago
i loe to play with my belly im fat and chubby
14 days ago
i didn't rlly read what i got lol im thin tho im not worried anymore!
17 days ago
I'm 67% curvy and 33% skinny. So pretty good results!!!
24 days ago
@Ava it’s good if ur heterosexual most boys like”hourglass “ shapes like thick thighs and smaller waist
29 days ago
i am turning 12 in ten days and i like my results for this test.
34 days ago
@Annie, congratulations with your recovery! 😊 keep going!
36 days ago
Also, most girls around this age gain about 10 pounds a year. I know it might sound scary, but it's mostly for bones, curves, and all that stuff. I'm going through it right now too, and I'm fine (some of the time), you can do this! This isn't just for @Ava either, it's for everyone who's struggling with an eating disorder right now, good luck! (Also, I apologize for the many comments in the chat, I did not expect to write so much)
36 days ago
Sorry! I accidentally sent it twice!!!
36 days ago
@Ava I totally get how you feel. I'm 12 and anorexic as well, a few months ago I was much skinnier than I am now, and I constantly feel that I'm fat. (even though I'm told I am at a healthy weight) I'm not allowed to know how much I weigh, but I think it's in-between 114-120 -I'm 5'5". I used to weigh about 85 pounds. I've been in recovery for about 6 months now, and I've found there are many advantages to recovery. For instance, I'm a lot happier than I was, and I spend way more time with my friends now. I'm nicer, and I can MOSTLY eat what I want (my eating disorder is still definitely there). My relationships are much better with others -I was not a very nice person when I was at my lowest weight. All I can say is that there are going to be some VERY hard days, and easier ones too, and sometimes you just have to push through anorexia's thoughts. One thing that helps is labeling your eating disorder -I know it might feel a little weird at first, but it works. It's a lot easier to tell someone else to 😻 rather than something in your head. I had so many heart problems when I was at my thinnest, I could have died if I kept on loosing weight. Anorexia is no joke. Remember, choose recovery. Good luck!
37 days ago
i am 12 and i am healthy and skinny i am very happy about the results i would definitely recommend this quiz❤
39 days ago
tw: eating disorders—- bruh this quiz is bull. as long as you are healthy you are perfect. if being 5’4 and 160 pounds is good for you then so be it. if being 131 pounds and 5’7’ then so be it. no matter your age. it’s so sad seeing 12 year olds with anorexia. you guys are 12. your body’s are growing and they are bound to change. you’re going to gain muscle and maybe curves. your bone mass is going to increase. it’s okay to be insecure. everyone is in something. stop worrying about weight and looks and start worrying abt things that matter like the rest of your life. if you’re worried nobody will date you or you have no friends trust me it won’t last long. someone will come along and love you for you. again you guys are so so young. i used to be like you. i wasted part of my life thinking about how i wanted other people to see me and i forgot to be happy. i know it’s hard right now and i know it 🌻but please don’t let an eating disorder control you. oh btw girls, gays and theys don’t let the male beauty standard get in the way of being yourself. dress how you want and how you are comfortable. be your own beauty standard.
39 days ago
I’m 12 yo and 148cm and about 75 pounds. I’ve been anorexic for a a year and a few months now. I used to be very skinny but I’m going back to the normal weight. I don’t want to. I keep trying to eat nothing but I KEEP gaining weight. My doctor says it’s cuz I’m growing tho :( I just look so big though, like my thighs are huge, and knowing that I’m normal weight again makes it worse.