Am I Fat, or Should I Gain Some weight?

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In this quiz, you will probably figure out if you are fat or if you should gain some. This is not too accurate because it was made by a 13 year old.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What is your gender?
  • 3
    How much do you weigh?

  • 4
    How much do you eat on a daily basis?
  • 5
    How much does your belly protrude?
  • 6
    Do you like the way you look?

  • 7
    How many stomach rolls do you have while sitting?
  • 8
    What kind of food would you eat for the rest of your life?
  • 9
    Do you plan on gaining weight?
  • 10
    Did you like the quiz (this will not effect your result)?

Comments (17)


7 days ago
You sound like my mom when she compares me to her. I got perfect, but I’m like 10+ pounds underweight. #notveryaccurate
49 days ago
I weigh. 978 pounds and 9 years old 4 foot 8
53 days ago
I weigh about 110 and I am 5 foot 7. It says that I am really under weight but who cares! I have the best boyfriend ever! He thinks I am perfect! I mean like who wants to be fat! They are the most vial thing and is a terrible thing to do with your life. Being skinny is amazing and people like it better. I am the most beautiful girl in my grade. I am skinny and perfect
72 days ago
135 days ago
Ok 😭 one day I might be a pro and be bed bound
135 days ago
Idk how to friend if thats a thing also I have been bored and checking if people have replyed to my message
135 days ago
I don't like sharing that stuff... Can you friend people on this cause I don't want everyone knowing and how did you reply so quick :0
135 days ago
Sure I play all video games and what is your user
135 days ago
Omg teach me how to play fortnite if you know how to?? I wanna be a pro and be fat
138 days ago
I am 22 years old and I weigh about 600 pounds and my dream is to become the fattest woman in the world 😁 I spend all my time eating junk food and playing video games all the I think I might be bed bound soon 😀 me and my boyfriend are in a feeder relationship and he loves the idea of me being the fattest woman in the world 🍔🍟🍩🍦🍧🍭🍬🍕🍫🍰 I have not been outside for a year now and I no plan in doing so I will never lose weight no matter what the doctor says! This quiz didn't relate to me at all it's only for lame skinny people don't take this quiz! It tells me to lose weight 😭
144 days ago
im 5 and im obese. i loooove being fat! its fun! yoy get to watch shows all day and it gigles. its so fun!
144 days ago
I’m thirteen yrs old and I hate the way I look. I want to be super skinny andsometimes I skip meals but other days I want a big belly. I think all size is cute. I want to be skinny like everyone else and fit In because most of the school is skinny, but I would love a bigger belly. The only problem with that is I would get bullied more and I would feel embarrassed around my mum and school peeps.

Someone please tell me what to do!!!
184 days ago
Im 12 and obese- I want to gain more I think being fat is fun, I love how it jiggles!! and to my result- i COULD lose some weight but i would rather gain :)
214 days ago
I weigh 95 pounds and I am 11 5 feet tall. Being fat is terrible
224 days ago
I weigh 200 pounds and I want to gain more weight I am only 12 and I love being fat!!!!
243 days ago
I’m 12 and I weigh about 135 to 140 pounds and I really like my weight and I’m trying to gain more to at least be 150 to 160
308 days ago