How fat are you quiz?

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This test will see if you are fat! If you are having physical issues or overweight, come to this quiz to see if you really are!

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    How fat do you think you are?

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47 days ago
wha the actual hell are these stories
82 days ago
quarantine did not do that to you, you did that to yourself. Believe me, i have put on a few lbs during quarantine as well, but we need to blame ourselves, not quarantine. You should try exercising and once your at a normal weight, you should be around 80-110 lbs for your age. good luck.
124 days ago
Hi everyone I’m Theresa I’m 11 years old and I’m going to be telling you my story on how quarantine ruined my life :(. So before the pandemic I was a popular and pretty slim kid. It was normal for me to eat a small portion of food and exercise A LOT. However then this virus came around and we had to quarantine. Things weren’t that bad at first but then the days turned into months and so on. I began exercising less and eating more. Then summer hit and my mom wanted to bring me to my cousins house to see how they were doing during all this. Of course I said yes and tried to put on one of my old favorite outfits. However when I tried to put my jeans on my belly hung over the buttons. Not only that but the buttons on my shirt were barley holding together. I was freaked out and decided not to go. After my mom left I went straight to the scale to weigh myself. I used to be 72 LBS. But now I weighed 163 LBSI started looking more at my body and saw that I had small forming love handles, medium muffin top and a chubby/fat belly. I tried exercising but nothing worked. So I became partially depressed and just ate more and more. I told my mom about it and she just said that I wasn’t fat and I was just growing but I knew I was just getting bigger. After a while I got the courage to try on one of my old tight shirts and jeans. It was hard for me to fit it past my belly but it stayed on along with my old jeans. I eventually sat down and relaxed my belly and that’s when my Jean buttons burst off my legs and my shirt had 2 slight rips in them. School was coming up and I was nervous about it. My mom just told me even if I was a lil chubby I shouldn’t worry about being bullied but I still was. Within the first week of school I was being called names like fatty, hippo, ect. And my friends were kinda like you seem bigger than the last time we saw you. I now weigh 197 LBS. And am overweight for my age.
126 days ago
Hello everyone, i sit in bed and just eat all day so I might as well tell my story:

I was a pretty average weight until the age of 6, when I saw a video about a boy who weighed over 100 pounds at the age of 5 years old. I was determined to beat that quickly, and so I started eating. and eating. and eating. By the time I turned 7, I had gone from around 50 pounds to 120, and I just kept going and going. When I turned 12, I met this boy named Terry, and he has been my boyfriend for 3 years now (I'm 15). He loves to stuff me, and I love when he does. I had to be homeschooled because I weighed too much and it was hard for me to get around, but Terry tries to take me to the local buffet whenever he can. we're usual customers there.

I'm now 15 and almost 600 pounds, it has been an absolute dream for me and my sister wants to start getting bigger like me now :)
130 days ago
I got morbidly a beast! Very cool
131 days ago
Throughout my whole life I’ve always been somewhat on the heavy side. I started becoming a bit more overweight when I was 7. During that time I had just started 3rd grade and was 116 pounds! Since then I’ve gotten bullied and called some pretty harsh names due to my weight. I never really cared about my belly because I thought if that’s what my belly looked like after I ate 8 pieces of pizza I was fine with it. Now I’m 16 and weigh at a whopping 697 pounds! I’ve been gaining for almost 10 years now! My mother helped me when I began gaining however my dad didn’t really like the idea but we both ignored him. Not only did I gain weight but my mom went from 168 pounds to 269 pounds! When I first started high school most of the kids were skinny and none of the girls were attractive to me. However later on in the year I ended up getting some friends that were obese like me and a girlfriend. She was very skinny and fit at the beginning but wanted to gain like me. Every time she went to have dinner at my parents house my mom would try to stuff her. She liked it and soon enough she weighed 584 pounds! We both love gaining together and rubbbing each other’s bellies. Lots of people judge our weight and were known as that one obese couple in the school but we like having extra pounds on us. After all we get to eat whatever we please and just gain. So is it really that bad?
133 days ago
@Ashleigh you're actually at a good weight for your age
139 days ago
Hi, my name is Ashleigh and I 'm wondering if I am overweight. I am 12 years old, female, 5ft 3 inches and weigh 113lbs. I feel fat and am pretty self-conscious at school. Have a good day!
149 days ago
@Kenzie I wish you luck too and I sometimes post updates on my weight gain, and it does feel wonderful to be so fat, I'm glad there are people like us who even though we're already fat, we want to add onto it
152 days ago
Hi my names Kenzie and I got morbidly obese. I figured that and I’m not embarrassed about it at all. I currently weigh 579 pounds. Most people stare at me because I can’t fit in my own clothes. I’m fine with it though. My boyfriend helps me through it and also supports my goal of becoming even more fat and obese. I’m currently bed bound and am living the dream. My boyfriend stuffs me with more than 19 things in one sitting which sometimes isn’t even enough for me. He normally gets me McDonald’s with 7 big Mack’s, 4 sprite sodas, 4 large fries and more than 8 ice cream cones. Every day I’m sitting in my bed mostly naked and eating while he’s rubbing my chubby thighs, bloated belly and all my other rolls. My goal is to reach 800 pounds and possibly even more. My boyfriend agrees with me as well and enjoys watching me gain more and more. He and my sisters are also helping me gain. While my boyfriend is in school my sisters are stuffing me with 10+ meals. They also rub my rolls and are helping me gain weight. My biggest goal is to reach 1,000 pounds and keep gaining and getting heavier after that. Also @FatGirlAriel I agree with you. It feels amazing to be fat and have such a bloated belly. I’m glad there are people like you in the world like me who are fine and enjoy getting fat :). Best of luck to you!
219 days ago
227 days ago
@Random👮‍♂️ yeah, you're quite underweight :(
240 days ago
Am I underweight? I'm 11, 5'2, and I weigh (approximately) 75 pounds. I'm also female. :/
254 days ago
@Big Girl even though you probably won't see or respond to this cause it's been 56 days lol. It is amazing to be stuffed full, it's like the best thing ever to be huge 73 days ago I posted how I was 436 pounds and now I'm 518 because I've went through another quarantine for a month so I ate 24/7 as if I didn't Already and my stretch marks bled then and now they bleed so much but it feels so amazing having such a fat belly that I really don't care anymore
257 days ago
Oh, snap. Not skinny, although I run ALOT! My cheeks are chubby, My height? Not saying... So I'm normal weight. 73-78 lbs. 8 years old.((ered)
276 days ago
They said that I am underweight. BUT I AM FAT FOR MY AGE.
309 days ago
You are Morbidly obese,

It's very embarrassing I know, but you need to get to that hospital right now! You probably have become bed bound by now! Once you do get treated by the hospital, make sure to not get obese again!

Nah I'm not embarrassed, I love it when my boyfriend stuffs me
313 days ago
How dare you. I am not embarrassed i'm proud of it and nah I want to get fatter. So I can be bed bound, I am already house bound and need lots of help. My mom feeds me and I lie on my bed all day watching TV. Some people want to be morbidly obese so respect that.
314 days ago
I go skinny. I’m also underweight. And tall for my age. I might be ‘5 10” when I’m a adult at this rate.
322 days ago
it says i am a little bit skinny